Big Water Screen Will be setup at the ‘Eye’

Soon we will seeing things at the sea…

Soon Malacca people will be seeing things, imaginary things at the Straits of Melaka. A big dragon floating at the sea level, giant tiger running above water or sea living floating above in a spectacular move. All this will be possible with the Water Screen Projection Technology. The Water Screen will be located near the Eye on Malaysia. After this night at the Straits of Malacca will be glowing!. Can’t wait to see it!

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X-Mas National Bash at Portuguese Square!

Christmas atmosphere at Ujung Pasir – Portuguese Square…

Portuguese Square will flood again! Not with the rain although it is a Monsoon Season but will flood with people all over Malaysia. On this coming 27th December, Melaka will be hosting National Christmas Celebration 2008. Malaysia Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak are expected to attend this celebration with an estimate of 20,000 visitors will come.

Many activities and performances will be held and there must be one from the Portuguese community themselves – the Famous Branyo. A celebration will not complete without feast, variety of Melaka and Portuguese dishes awaits. And lastly a big celebration fireworks!

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Kampong Jawa – we use to shop here…

Some of the early Malay Shoplot…

Before we had Jusco, Mahkota Parade, Tesco and Carrefour in Malacca, when I was small, Kampong Jawa is the famous spot for shopping at reasonable price. We can get almost everything here from clothing,shoes,specialty food,groceries,get a hair cut and furniture. Although the name is ‘Kampung Jawa’ or Java Village in English, there is no real kampung here only old shop houses and no Java ethnic really live here. The population is 90% Chinese and mainly traders.

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Poco-Poco Police and Horsemen to Protect the Malacca Tourist

The cha-cha Malacca police women..

Malacca has its own tourist special police force, men and women. The police – men are great at riding a horse and the police women can dance – cha-cha. They will greet you with smile at all famous Melaka tourist spot especially at Banda Hilir. Their presence everywhere in the street making tourist feel safe and making the snatch thief thinking twice.

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Weekend @ MITS 08′

From Friday to Sunday, my home is at Melaka International Trade Center because my unit is directly involve with the Melaka International Tourism Show. This year event is bit a bit smaller scale than last year in terms of the booth and the pavilion. Now is the time that everyone talking about cost effective. Focus more on the delivery and the content not spending lavishly anymore on window dressing. 3 days event is so gruelling but if you work in the tourism industry you must get used of it. And who says working with the government is so relax and zero stress!.

Some of Saturday highlights:-

Our Showcase booth..

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Fortaleza de Malacca

The fortress during Portuguese period from 1511-1641

Malacca once have a port first build by the Portuguese for controling all the main South East Asia trading routes to China after an army lead by Alfonso de Albuquerque defeated Malacca Sultan army in 1511. He not wait for any longer, fear for other European power will invaded this strategic location, Alfonso de Albuquerque with his troop build a fortress that was called A Famosa. In Portuguese it is Called Fortaleza de Malacca. In the early days of the fortress, about 500 soldiers were left as garrison. Demolish by British in 1806, the only visible ruins now are the A Famosa gate. Other new found building are Santiago Bastion (2003) and part of the Middelsburgh Bastion (2006).

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