Fortaleza de Malacca

The fortress during Portuguese period from 1511-1641

Malacca once have a port first build by the Portuguese for controling all the main South East Asia trading routes to China after an army lead by Alfonso de Albuquerque defeated Malacca Sultan army in 1511. He not wait for any longer, fear for other European power will invaded this strategic location, Alfonso de Albuquerque with his troop build a fortress that was called A Famosa. In Portuguese it is Called Fortaleza de Malacca. In the early days of the fortress, about 500 soldiers were left as garrison. Demolish by British in 1806, the only visible ruins now are the A Famosa gate. Other new found building are Santiago Bastion (2003) and part of the Middelsburgh Bastion (2006).

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Terrorism affect Tourism…

Global scenarios that affect tourist arrival in Malaysia..

There is a new trend now that Terrorist tend to strike on famous tourism places. Latest is at Taj Mahal Hotel, Mumbai India. We know that terrorism is the most big threat to the industry since 9/11 tragedy. Before that, among famous Island in the world, Bali has been bombed by terrorist. Now every continent have their own terrorist threat from America to Africa, up to the Arab country, India and South East Asia region.

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The Officials

In any Melaka State Government event, apart from the officials VIP’s, we also got the officials drinks. An effort from the Melaka State Government to promote Melaka SME’s products. The products are ‘Misai Kucing Tea’ and ‘Melaka Delight Manggo Juice‘. Misai Kucing Tea if pronounce in English is ‘Cat Beard Tea’. A local herb that it’s flower is similar to the cat beard known to have specials nutrients to cure high blood pressure, diabetes and joint pain. Usually we also bring this lovely lady below in officials occasion and they are happy to show you the Melaka Move…

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‘Eye on Malaysia’ Versus ‘Singapore Flyers’

The result will be ‘Singapore Flyers’ is the tallest, but we still doing some marketing at Singapore to attract them to sit in the Eye on Malaysia @ Melaka and experience it. It is not just about tallest or lowest, but to be at that place. No matter how tall the wheel is, people want to see the view, bird eye view. From Singapore Flyers you can see Straits of Tebrau Johor, the metropolitan city and small island scattered at the approx. 40km distance. Where as riding on Eye on Malaysia, you can see the heritage city, the winding Melaka River, the busy strait of Melaka and are the atmosphere is clear enough we can see Neighboring Indonesia Island.

The flyers…

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Weekend at Banda Hilir and Matta Fair 08

Searching for a spot…

Weekend at Banda Hilir as usual, crowded. With new building coming soon such as hotel and commercial lots, you can imagine the jammed pack traffic when all are in place. But State government already have a plan to divert the traffic jammed near future with proposed new public transport like aero rail. I am a bit late that Sunday to the MATTA fair Melaka chapter organized at Dataran Pahlawan Megamall concourse area, so zero parking available. The nearest parking space available is at the Equatorial hotel basement parking. With no 2nd thought we straight away to the Equatorial.

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