Since 1983 As baba and nyonya is famous for their Kebaya fashion, they

Miss Nyonya Kebaya International Pageant 2008

Ladies in full set Kebaya… The hunt is on…again. Calling for all ladies

Visit to Le’s Copaque…

Kak Ros, Upin & Ipin and Mei Li Yesterday after finished meeting at

Traveling In the midst of economic crisis

Everyone in the world know what is happen to economy now. The world

Come to Melaka this holiday season!

Malaysia school holiday season is coming and as usual Melaka will jammed pack with vehicles from all over Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand. The worst traffic will be at Melaka main

SDSI Showcase 2008 Closed…

SDSI 2008 or One District One Industry showcase was finally closed on Sunday 9th November late afternoon. This year mark the 3rd year of the Showcase and it was every

Melaka Delite

As I said from the previous post, Melaka State government official drink is mango. The Melaka state government has named this variety of mango – Melaka Delite. Melaka Delite juice