National Yacht Championship 08′ @ Pantai Puteri

Battle of the wind… From this 17th to 21st December Malacca will host

Community Clinic…

Old skool numbering system… I think It’s from British, the system I mean.

Big Water Screen Will be setup at the ‘Eye’

Soon we will seeing things at the sea… Soon Malacca people will be

X-Mas National Bash at Portuguese Square!

Christmas atmosphere at Ujung Pasir – Portuguese Square… Portuguese Square will flood again!

Kampong Jawa – we use to shop here…

Some of the early Malay Shoplot… Before we had Jusco, Mahkota Parade, Tesco and Carrefour in Malacca, when I was small, Kampong Jawa is the famous spot for shopping at

Poco-Poco Police and Horsemen to Protect the Malacca Tourist

The cha-cha Malacca police women.. Malacca has its own tourist special police force, men and women. The police – men are great at riding a horse and the police women

Weekend @ MITS 08′

From Friday to Sunday, my home is at Melaka International Trade Center because my unit is directly involve with the Melaka International Tourism Show. This year event is bit a