Terrorism affect Tourism…

Global scenarios that affect tourist arrival in Malaysia.. There is a new trend

The Officials

In any Melaka State Government event, apart from the officials VIP’s, we also

‘Eye on Malaysia’ Versus ‘Singapore Flyers’

The result will be ‘Singapore Flyers’ is the tallest, but we still doing

Latte & Donut

Enjoying a Coffe Latte at Big Apple during tea time. Few place in

Weekend at Banda Hilir and Matta Fair 08

Searching for a spot… Weekend at Banda Hilir as usual, crowded. With new building coming soon such as hotel and commercial lots, you can imagine the jammed pack traffic when

Duck Tours Wuu Wuu..

“Quack Your Way Around Melaka Historic City” Amphibian will hit Malacca road this holiday season. You conDucktors can’t wait to torn our your tickets this Decembers. Forget the your bus

Croc File…

I can say that this park has the largest collection of crocodile in this country. They have all local crocodile species with additional friends from America, Mexico, India and Thailand.