Holiday Bites from Holiday Inn

Holiday inn Melaka once again invite you to get together, mingle, catch up and enjoy a sumptuous spread of gastronomic delights with your loved ones. Guys at Holiday inn are in festive mood right now at essence kitchen with their Christmas Eve dinner start at 24th.

Order Event for 24th Dec:
4pm-5pm : Tea tim with santa
5pm-6pm : Christollen made by your kids
6pm-7pm : Meet the ‘Holiday inn Melaka’ Carollers
7pm-7.15pm : Lighting up Christmas tree by GM, Mr. Christoph Voegeli.
7.30pm : Dine with GM at Sirocco Restaurant

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Malaysia-China Layang-Layang Festival 2009

Kite Fliers’ Melaka Association Choose the 1st day of 2009 for their kite festival that will be held at Dataran Pahlawan. 50 kite fliers including 16 from China will enter this event to show their skill at the event. Melaka State CM, Datuk Seri Mohd Ali Rustam is expected to officiate the festival at 11am. The festival actually start at 10am and end at 3.00. As 1 Jan 2009 is a public holiday, come and bring your children to learn more about kites and actually there are different type of kite and some of them are extra huge!.

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Buckle Out!

No more fancy buckle or you get knuckle! Airport security now tightened until your belt buckles also get untie. So if you want board a flight make sure that your teenagers doest wear those big belt buckles because the Airport Security officer will seize it. The rational behind it is that large iron buckle could be turn into a weapon.

Because of lot of happen these days, we can easily see a global paranoia. Although we know our teenagers could not be a terrorist..ah common officers! But they don’t!

Here is the source from the star online newspaper:-

Air travellers losing their belts
KUCHING: More and more people boarding aircraft at the Kuching International Airport are having to hold their pants up with their hands.

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Miss Tourism International 2008

Year End Pageant

This year, Melaka has chosen as one of the venue for this beauty pageant. On this coming 26th – 27th December 2008, D’Touch Promotion Sdn. Bhd. supported by Melaka State Government once again will help to organize this group of beauties from more than 45 countries around the world for a heritage tour. Remember my posting about Miss Tourism International Queen Malaysia 2007 and Miss Earth 2008?

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Malacca Dutch period circa 1744…

View of Malacca Fort from the Straits of Malacca during Dutch period circa 1744…

We have no official Dutch Settlement here in Malacca like the Portuguese Settlement even though the Dutch was the longest European power that ruled Malacca – 183 years. If Portuguese Admiral Afonso de Albuquerque was famous because his effort to win Malacca for Portuguese, Admiral Cornelis Matelief de Jonge was among the important figure to defeat Portuguese from Malacca. In the early 17th century, the Dutch East India Company / VOC (Verenigde Oostindische Compagnie) began the campaign to destroy Portuguese power in the East. After they take control the strong fort – Fortaleza de Malacca, they restored and extended the existing fortification. They also change the Portuguese name for the fort such as Bastion Santiago in Portuguese period to Bastion Wilhemus during their presence.

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National Yacht Championship 08′ @ Pantai Puteri

Battle of the wind…

From this 17th to 21st December Malacca will host a National Yacht Championship at Pantai Puteri. This event supported by KFC-MYA-Milo/MSN will be held 7 days along with Beach Fiesta. Organize by Malaysia Yacht Association and Melaka Yacht Association (PPLM) will be officiate by Melaka Chief Minister, Datuk Seri Mohd Ali Rustam. The beach fiesta with 200 business stall along the beach road are started early from 15th Dec.

Pantai Puteri will not be this calm on 17th to 21st!

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Community Clinic…

Old skool numbering system…

I think It’s from British, the system I mean. I like to go to the community clinic when it’s come to my baby immunization routine. From my first child to the second. In fact, when I was a kid, I usually accompanying my mother to the community clinic for routine checkup of my baby brother / sister . Now it turn me to go checkup with my own baby. The system has not change since I was a kid. The community will usually have 2 nurses that can be a midwife and specialize in mother and baby care.

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