Miss Tourism City Tour & X’mas Open House

On 27th December, Miss Tourism International 2008 finalist were having a tour throughout the historic city of Melaka. Starting from all the historical place at Banda Hilir such as A Famosa, Stadhuys, Memorial of Independence, Melaka Sultanate Palace and dine Melaka traditional food. They were all lovely and friendly. But don’t be hurt if they don’t eat what you have served to them because you know, their body is their important asset in this career and final is around the corner.

Even all of them are more than 170cm tall average, actually they are all younger than me! hahaha. Malaysian should consider a new diet to be taller in the future not just to compete in Miss World pageant but more height will be useful if Malaysian want to get gold medal in Olympics. After their last appearance at Portuguese Settlement for the X’mas open house invitation, they were going straight back to their main venue for Miss Tourism International 2008 at Sunway Pyramid.

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Prevent Theft While Traveling…

Talking about securing our life while outside from home is not easy this day, because Spiderman and Superman only exist in movies we just can call help from the local police but they need time to arrive at your scene. So better ready an umbrella before heavy rain. It will be hard if you are a women. Because apart from thief steal your belonging, they will do some thing ‘not nice’ to you. Read this article about Theft While Traveling.

Or you also can consider this City Safe Secure Hand Bag at Amazon, let the snatch thief just bite their finger !

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Do we need a travel insurance?

Have you check with your insurance agent if your insurance policies cover for International Emergency Assistant? This will come in handy if you going to travel personally. It will be different when you traveling with a company or a government trip that will be a lot safer. Usually I will travel with a government group, so it will be less to think about the personal safety. I never think about travel insurance till I read about MATTA (Malaysian Association of Tour & Travel Agents) stating the important of travel insurance.

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A day with the ‘International Missus’…

Today I’m busy assisting these group of Miss Tourism International 2008. They will appear in public in X’Mas open house at Portuguese Settlement. Well here are some selected pics!

They have arrived at Melaka, yeah I know..It’s hot here, but an extra vitamin E for the skin should be okaylah…

Dinner at Mayor office, they just eat fruits! It hard to be them….

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Up!… More than 6.8mil tourist arrival this year

Jammed pack with tourist!..

Melaka won’t stop promoting although the count down to 2009 are just few days ahead. From early December to the end, the state government with ‘Jom Ke Melaka’ (Come! Let’s Go to Melaka) programmed aim to boost domestic tourist arrival. ‘Jom Ke Melaka’ is a road show starting from Ipoh, Kota Bharu, Labuan, Kuala Terengganu and Seremban target to updated the domestic tourist about latest Melaka tourism products. Also this week, starting from 22nd until 24th Dec, The 9th Convention of Malay & Islamic World – ‘Dunia Melayu Dunia Islam (DMDI)’ also taken place at Holiday Inn. For this convention I’m the secretary for the Tourism Bureau, DMDI. More than 1200 participant came from over 13 countries such as Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, Brunei, Cape Town and Madagascar.

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