Kampong Jawa – we use to shop here…

Some of the early Malay Shoplot… Before we had Jusco, Mahkota Parade, Tesco

Poco-Poco Police and Horsemen to Protect the Malacca Tourist

The cha-cha Malacca police women.. Malacca has its own tourist special police force,

Weekend @ MITS 08′

From Friday to Sunday, my home is at Melaka International Trade Center because

MITS 2008 Schedule Programmed…

Click To download the 3 days Melaka International Tourism Show schedule..

Fortaleza de Malacca

The fortress during Portuguese period from 1511-1641 Malacca once have a port first build by the Portuguese for controling all the main South East Asia trading routes to China after

Terrorism affect Tourism…

Global scenarios that affect tourist arrival in Malaysia.. There is a new trend now that Terrorist tend to strike on famous tourism places. Latest is at Taj Mahal Hotel, Mumbai

The Officials

In any Melaka State Government event, apart from the officials VIP’s, we also got the officials drinks. An effort from the Melaka State Government to promote Melaka SME’s products. The