Buckle Out!

No more fancy buckle or you get knuckle! Airport security now tightened until

Miss Tourism International 2008

Year End Pageant This year, Melaka has chosen as one of the venue

Malacca Dutch period circa 1744…

View of Malacca Fort from the Straits of Malacca during Dutch period circa

National Yacht Championship 08′ @ Pantai Puteri

Battle of the wind… From this 17th to 21st December Malacca will host

Community Clinic…

Old skool numbering system… I think It’s from British, the system I mean. I like to go to the community clinic when it’s come to my baby immunization routine. From

Big Water Screen Will be setup at the ‘Eye’

Soon we will seeing things at the sea… Soon Malacca people will be seeing things, imaginary things at the Straits of Melaka. A big dragon floating at the sea level,

X-Mas National Bash at Portuguese Square!

Christmas atmosphere at Ujung Pasir – Portuguese Square… Portuguese Square will flood again! Not with the rain although it is a Monsoon Season but will flood with people all over