Melaka & Georgetown Historic Cities of the Malacca Straits

Watch Video about how Melaka and Georgetown get the Inscription from UNESCO as one of the World Heritage City…

Melaka & Georgetown Historic Cities of the Malacca Straits Part 1.

Melaka & Georgetown Historic Cities of the Malacca Straits Video Part 2.
Melaka & Georgetown Historic Cities of the Malacca Straits Video Part 3.

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Think Malaysian, Think Shopping Spree!

People go Shopping at Malaysian Mega Sale
Last Sunday picture at Dataran Pahlawan Megamall Melaka, people rush for Mega Sale Carnival…

While all the people in America, Europe and Japan are thinking about cutting daily expenses, open saving account and think about more reliable job in this global financial crisis, the Malaysian seem to get along well with the current problem. Thanks to the Malaysian, the nation economy came to breath again and retailer can smile to the ears when Malaysian Mega Sale Carnival came again. To date, MasterCard revealed that members spent about US$1.18 billion (RM4.13 billion) in just 59 days!. That for a credit card sales, I think the cash sales will be the same amount…

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Eat and Sing at the Jetty…

LOOK! that why it’s called the Jetty (pic from flickr by jasondgreat).

This Jetty never meant for boats or ship to dock. The name Jetty because it is physically looked like a Jetty and it is extended far toward the sea, the Straits of Melaka. The Jetty is a complex that house fine restaurants and Karaoke lounge. Nicely situated between Mahkota Hotel and Holiday Inn. The Jetty now starting to be a famous nightspot for Melakans to eat and to get amusement. You can choose to enjoy your food at the outdoor area and the wind from the straits will be quite strong. If the wind get you sneezing sit inside the the Bali Cafe will be good too.

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A Taboo you should think when travel abroad – Not Malaysia

You will not hope this kind of thing happen in the middle of a vacation…

Usually a country where tourism will be their important source of nation GDP, people will appreciate it and welcome all tourist that come to their country with open hand. Here in Melaka, we do various of tourist friendly campaign to educate the community about hospitality. Tourism players like hotelier, taxi driver, beca (trishaw) owner and small businesses are advice to be nice with tourist and don’t overcharged for their service. The newest campaign was the smile campaign. Tourism Malaysia also doing serious effort on promoting Malaysian Hospitality and making foreigners feel Malaysia is the prefect place for a 2nd home.

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Children Swimming Aids

Swim-Swim on the way!

As usual weekend will be the best time to bring our children for a short trip or vacation. Ask your children between playground and water, most of them will choose water instead of land. When we go for water trip, a theme park will be the best option. In Melaka, the best place to go for a swim with your family is AFamosa Water World. The park offer variety of water playing field that will let your child forget eating the whole day and they will end up sleeping in the car while going home. Usually the theme park don’t put any requirement of age for children to use all the theme park features as long as their parents are there. We can seem even babies also in the water with their parents. Safety first! Lets take a look the available swimming aid available in the market for your children:-

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Happy New Year…Here is the 2009 COE!

It’s 2009! Just remember we are getting older..Me? I got few personal projects to do like enhancing this blog reading experience and maybe integrate some e-mall that contains all local and Melaka products. But subject to how busy I am in 2009. Well, here is the Melaka Calendar of Event 2009:-

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A Sneak into DMDI Shoppe…

Pewter Items…

A DMDI Shoppe is a shop which is showcase all the small medium products from the 13 DMDI countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei, Singapore, Thailand, China, Philippines, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Madagascar, United Kingdom & Australia. DMDI Shoppe is Located at Dataran Pahlawan Melaka Megamall, Banda Hilir Melaka. It be will open to public in the end of January 2009. This shop open everyday from 10am – 10pm. You can find a special local made products from this 13 countries such as handicraft, pewter, batik & songket, accessory and others.

The shoppe exhibit hand made item from DMDI country

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