A Taboo you should think when travel abroad – Not Malaysia

You will not hope this kind of thing happen in the middle of

Children Swimming Aids

Swim-Swim on the way! As usual weekend will be the best time to

Happy New Year…Here is the 2009 COE!

It’s 2009! Just remember we are getting older..Me? I got few personal projects

A Sneak into DMDI Shoppe…

Pewter Items… A DMDI Shoppe is a shop which is showcase all the

Give your gift to the World!

  — asmaliana

Miss Tourism City Tour & X’mas Open House

On 27th December, Miss Tourism International 2008 finalist were having a tour throughout the historic city of Melaka. Starting from all the historical place at Banda Hilir such as A

Prevent Theft While Traveling…

Talking about securing our life while outside from home is not easy this day, because Spiderman and Superman only exist in movies we just can call help from the local