Prosperous CNY 2009 Event at Mahkota Parade

Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Again, Chinese New Year 2009 is approaching and according to the Chinese calendar its’ Bullish this year. Suitable to start a Business. When CNY come, Mahkota Parade will be the most light up Shopping Complex in Melaka with loads of event for the the whole CNY weekend. Starting from 9 January to 15 February 2009, many Chinese Cultural performance and demonstrations such as Chinese Acrobatics Show,Light a Lantern Charity Campaign, CNY Calligraphy Competition and Kung Fu martial art show will be held at Mahkota Parade.

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Firefly eyes Malacca routes

There will be more option ahead for Malaccans to fly cheap with Firefly eying Malacca routes and they also have proposed Malacca – Singapore too. That’s great, no traffic jam at Jay Bee interchange anymore just fly over it. Well, now all Malaysian can fly since the Air Asia low cost phenomenon hit the country 7 years ago. Since everybody are used to Air Asia even for just a short meeting in Penang, Firefly is rather new. I also don’t remember seeing this Turbo Propelled engine air craft at the Low Cost terminal.

Here’s the excerpt from Business Times Online:

Firefly eyes Ipoh, Malacca routes
By Marina Emmanuel

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Newton Food Court – Halal Section

Halal Section of Newton…

I can say Malaysia is eating heaven. If you are a foodie or enjoy eating, please come to Malaysia and you will impress by the variety of food from around the world. Okay just put aside local Malay food for a while. You want Japanese? Balinese? Singapore Koay Teow? Arab Bread, French Toast, Various Indian Province curry, all type of Chinese, Korean Station and not to mention western food. The best thing about Malaysia is you can get all the food with ‘Halal’ certificate. This are among the reason why the Arabs like to spend a long vacation here in Malaysia.

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Babies in Car…Safety First!

Baby Rayn like to seat at the lap…

When traveling for a short trip with car, you can’t resist to bring the baby along because of the fun part playing with the babies while your partner is driving. Usually people will use the baby buckle seat only when driving alone. With the husband or partner driving, putting babies on the lap will be the option. Now Malaysian government have already imposing the back seat belt regulation with a $300 summons, they are now eying new strict regulation for baby safety in car.

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Melaka World Heritage Conference 2009

Melaka State Government in collaboration with The Oxford Center for Leadership, Akademi Pelancongan Melaka and Techno Trend Global will organize a Conference of Melaka World Heritage. The details is below:

Theme: Heritage Conservation and Sustainable Tourism Development
Venue : Avillion Legacy Melaka Hotel
Date : 23 – 24 February 2009

Why is the conference held in Melaka?:

The World Heritage Conference: Heritage Conservation and Sustainable Development will be held in the city of Melaka. Listed by UNESCO as one of the prominent World Heritage Sites, Melaka is popular for its historical attractions, multicultural mix, arts, daily life and most notably its food. The initial prosperity of Melaka attracted Malay and Chinese settlers in the past and was it later influenced by European colonization during the 1500’s. As a result, many of its remaining Dutch and Portuguese inspired historical structures exist in Melaka till today.

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Raised Travel levies may affect Indonesian to Malacca

For Health tourism, Indonesian is the largest Market for Melaka. Until October 2008, more than 89,000 tourist from Indonesia has visited Melaka. Many Indonesian prefer Melaka for seeking medical service at various private Hospital such as Putra Specialist, Mahkota Medical and Pantai Hospital. Last year until the month of October 2008, 59,803 foreign patient come to Melaka for medical attention. From the 59,803 foreign patient, 56,828 are from Indonesia itself. The most favorite hospital for this Indonesian is Mahkota Medical Center with more than 40,000 Indonesian patient use their service until October last year.

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