The Cycling GM…

Connie look your boss is cycling to work, so Connie when you will

Babies in Car…Safety First!

Baby Rayn like to seat at the lap… When traveling for a short

Melaka World Heritage Conference 2009

Melaka State Government in collaboration with The Oxford Center for Leadership, Akademi Pelancongan

Raised Travel levies may affect Indonesian to Malacca

For Health tourism, Indonesian is the largest Market for Melaka. Until October 2008,

Melaka & Georgetown Historic Cities of the Malacca Straits

Watch Video about how Melaka and Georgetown get the Inscription from UNESCO as one of the World Heritage City… Melaka & Georgetown Historic Cities of the Malacca Straits Part 1.

Think Malaysian, Think Shopping Spree!

Last Sunday picture at Dataran Pahlawan Megamall Melaka, people rush for Mega Sale Carnival… While all the people in America, Europe and Japan are thinking about cutting daily expenses, open

Eat and Sing at the Jetty…

LOOK! that why it’s called the Jetty (pic from flickr by jasondgreat). This Jetty never meant for boats or ship to dock. The name Jetty because it is physically looked