A nite in the museum

If luck is on you maybe you could bumped into Alfonso d Albuquerque…

Sleep over at the museum is not new in the tourism industry. Many country that have historical building have created a package for visitors to spend night at the museum. This is like an educational activities and people especially student / kids can lean more about history. The important part is this kind of activities will create psychological effect like the museum is haunted or dream about pirates. Sleeping with friends in a place like 200 years old building sure will make the environment more happenings and the sleep will go to number 10 or you might not sleep at all . One example of famous museum with a sleepover package is the American Museum of Natural History. They have night activities just with flash light going through the museum that are full with preserved wild animal and dinosaurs.

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Airport & Passport… (Where Are You Now?) recently doing a survey on travelers about their experience using various airport around the world. The Reuters report doesn’t state about Malaysia but our neighboring country Singapore Changi voted as the shortest queues. As we aspect, country that have tight security at the airport are country which has Veto Power at United Nation that is U.S(JFK New York/Los Angeles International) and London (Heathrow ). With the best security passenger also will experience longer passport control queues. Airport like in Bangkok, Amsterdam and Rome are vice versa when it comes to security check.

Chek out here the reports about The best and worst airports.

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Mamas Got a Brand new Baag!

EEE PC in a Box

Last week we all went to the most largest IT store in Malaysia that is Low Yat Plaza. I want to buy a smaller laptop for personal use since I am always mobile. Our old Acer a bit bulky. Actually we can buy all the ICT products here at our place in Melaka but going to Plaza Low Yat was just to enjoy the IT bargaining atmosphere there. Look, psychologically even at our town have one cheap sale IT store, we still insist going to the big IT Mall. The window shopping, updated products, the crowd and the bargaining make it more interesting.

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Le Tour de Langkawi Melaka Route

Pic Le tour by razak latif.

International Cyling event, Le tour de Langkawi recently having their stage 3 at Melaka from 11 to 12 February. Melaka stage 3 was dominated by Mattia Gavazzi (pic in front) from team Diquigiovanni Androni. Stage 3 Melaka ended at Jalan Hang Tuah. Mattia Gavazzi is now the leading racer in Le Tour de Langkawi. For more reports and updates, visit official website here.

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We Beat the Target!

Melaka A Famosa Panoramic view by Jan.

While Many of neighboring country falling their target for 2008, Melaka shoot to beat the targeted 6.8 million tourist arrival for 2008. Melaka had incoming 7.2 million tourist last year with 84% of it from domestic visitors or 6 million and remaining 14% or 1.2 million from foreign tourist. Thanks to Singaporeans people for spending at Melaka and they were largest foreign visitors came to Melaka making 19.3% of the Pie. China, while so far away compared to Indonesia, is the 2nd with 17% followed by Indonesia (9.4%) , Hong Kong (4.4%) and Saudi Arabia (4.3%).

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More Villages – This time it’s Arabian!

One thing Melaka have in common with the Arabs Nation —> The Sun shine almost everyday in a year. But one thing Melaka have and Arabs nation don’t have despite both get the hot sun, Melaka have plenty of water. When there are plenty of water, then there will be many trees. when there are many trees there will be many flowers, when there are many flowers there will be many fruits, when there are many fruits there will be plenty of food for us to eat…and the when list will continue…

That’s why one Arab investor is interested to invest in Melaka bringing all at the Arabs compound here at Melaka in a form of cultural village. Arab Village may not suit well in London but sound suitable here in Melaka. Read the news article from Bernama:

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