Melaka Tourism atmosphere remain positive…

Melaka now emphasizing more on developing new Tourism Infrastructure. This strategy are plan to remain competitive in the industry. To be competitive means a package of diversified sectors on tourism products but in the same time preserving the age old history. So apart from promoting the UNESCO historical world heritage site, Melaka also have to follow current market trend such as the tendency of society especially with large family to go vacation at place with many fun facilities for their children. So Melaka must develop a suitable theme park to cater such needs.

Enhancing service and facilities for specific target country also will be helpful because they will feel comfortable and like to come again. For example the Arabs like to come here just because the weather and the halal food surrounding. But they tend to find dining place that serve food that have the equality with their culture. We can take advantage of this clannish style tourist by creating a place similar to hometown.

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Resort Just After the Toll Exit

Usually drivers will just hit the pedal hard and the car quickly hit 120km/h towards Melaka Town after the Ayer Keroh Toll Exit. After that they will seek available hotel left in town without ever notice they have past one resort just few meter from the toll booth. That is why INB Resort always will have the last available room in peak season. About INB Resort, the name of the resort will make you think that it is a large compound full with chalet like any famous resort you know. Actually INB Resort is a small place, like a mini resort with a 3 star amenities.

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Color of Malaysia

Colours of Malaysia…Melaka Style

Color of Malaysia

March is the time for Colors of Malaysia. This event is held every year as country‚Äôs premier cultural event that are fill with spectacular traditional performances, colorful parades as well as exquisite arts and crafts. Every state in Malaysia will organize event with their own colors and of course Melaka have it too!. The main thing about Colors of Malaysia is the food fiesta. This month you can make food marathon throughout the country. Enjoy Malaysia’s mouth watering delicacies that you can get only on occasion like Eid Fitr, Wedding Ceremony or Fasting month. Now is time to taste Lemang Periuk Kera dan Opor Daging (Pahang), Kek Lapis (Sarawak), Nasi Kerabu (Kelantan), Nasi Dagang (Terengganu) and much more. At Melaka the food parade is held at Jalan Kota Bandar Hilir. About 70,000 visitors are targeted to flooded this area to enjoy the food variety. The date will be from 12 March till 15 March 2009.

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Boeing & Airbus at Batu Berendam another 6 month…

CM said that State Government loan for the Airport was approved by the Federal Government and work now can be done. Read the news from Bernama below:

Melaka Airport Runway Extension To Complete By September
KUALA LUMPUR, March 10 (Bernama) — Work to extend the runway of the Melaka International Airport in Batu Berendam is expected to be completed in another six months.

Chief Minister Datuk Seri Mohd Ali Rustam said a loan of RM65 million meant for the extension of the runway was approved by the federal government early last month.

“The runway will be extended by 400 metres from the current 1,800 metres. Upon completion, the Melaka International Airport will be able to cater for bigger aircraft like Boeing and Airbus, ” he told reporters after witnessing the signing of a term loan agreement worth RM50 million between Bank Pembangunan Malaysia Berhad and Casa Del Rio Sdn Bhd to build a hotel, a boutique and an apartment in Melaka, here today.

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What off for Food this March?

For foodie that like enjoy good food every month, the recession might make you think twice on spending such unreasonable price just for food. As wise man said We not Live Just To Eat. Well…. a dinner with a discount will sure bring a relief. So what’s for Lunch?

There is one Good Restaurant that offers a 25% discount and the good things its available for 25days. Starting from 6th to 30thMarch, dine at essence of kitchen and Sirocco Holiday Inn Melaka. Check em’ out here.

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Melaka Fashion City…

Famous fashion city in the world are dominated by these famous five : New York, Rome, Paris, Milan and London. For generation, everyone from other countries dream to go to this place as many exclusive brand comes from this famous five . Fashion will be all time favorite industry as the world evolve since the pre-historic . Human crave for beauty will make new fashion to be obsolete in any time…. and fashion will be the manifesto of humanity…putting an idea into the human skin and making them more Vogue as in the fashion term.

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Melaka World Heritage City

Melaka in year 2010?

Melaka World Heritage City

This year 2009, is a big challenged for Melaka because we have less than 300 days to become developed state in year 2010. For tourism sector, definitely going to be the major contribution to Melaka economies after the manufacturing sector. In this economic crisis, most of the tourist destination have already set their tourist arrivals target lower for 2009. But, in Melaka we are different. We stilll confident to set high target with increasing about 2.78% compared last year (2008). So, this year we are targeting 7.4 million tourists come to Melaka compared 7.2 millions last year.

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