Melaka Hotel Business is Uptrend…

Although world economic is under pressure by the recession storm, there are still many companies interested in opening new hotel in Melaka. The census about tourist arrival in Melaka make them confident in developing new hotels here. You may heard about Seychelles, a paradise island that its main source of nation revenue is tourism – goes bankrupt. Yes, Seychelles now is a bankrupt country. With its heavy reliant on tourist arrival, drops of it make all the tour operator suffers. Read about ‘Paradise goes bankrupt‘ article.

Thanks to 12 Tourism Sub-Sector that Melaka are focusing at, tourist can enjoy diversified experience of holiday here. To focus on just one core products for example Heritage only will make it hard for tour operators making an interesting package to lure visitors. Its true that Seychelles maybe have among the most beautiful resort and coastal area in the world, but because it’s focus on island paradise playground for celebrities, royalty and the ultra-wealthy people, the cost of holiday there will be ultra high. Now the richest cutting their holiday budget and companies stop giving their directors expensive holiday retreat, it will be disastrous for such expensive resort.

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Tony Agreed in Principle Yo!

So for those asking when will the leading South East Asia Low Cost Carrier Air Asia will landed at Batu Berendam Airport . News below from the Star online will give you the hint.

Friday April 3, 2009
Malacca-AirAsia talks


MALACCA: The Malacca government is set to hold talks with AirAsia in the next two weeks to look at the possibility of the low-cost carrier using the extended Batu Berendam Airport by December.
Chief Minister Datuk Seri Mohd Ali Rustam said the RM131mil project to upgrade the airport was almost completed with operations scheduled to begin in mid April.

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Melaka City Council

6th Anniversary Celebration of the City of Historic Melaka

April is the month for the State of Melaka. Since 6 years ago, people of Melaka will enjoy a Public Holiday every 15th of April to celebrate the Anniversary of the City of Historic Melaka. 2009 mark the 6th year of the Anniversary. Favorite event at the Celebration will be the 12th Archipelago Drums Fiesta International Invitation that been recognize at South East Asia and gaining the International attention.

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A Car Maker Hotel

Naza Sport Car

Everyone know what is Naza here. Think of Naza then we will have in mind various type of car from small and cheap Naza Sutera to the Super Expensive Gallardo. All we can get at Naza World. Naza is one of the succesful local car maker and dealer in Malaysia. Apart from all the Brabuses, ferraris and Lambos, they also have their own brand that is Naza range of car. Another succesful local car maker are Proton and Perodua. IF we look at their success stories in Selling Cars, there are one thing, Proton and Perodua don’t have….A Hotel.

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Sir Elton John Tribute Show live @ Melaka

Don’t ask me who the guy is because I just heard his name last week when Equatorial Melaka hotel produce the poster promoting this concert. This year Secretaries week at Melaka sure will be different with Sir Elton John Clone in town. His not made in China, he’s Australian but born in Denmark. Details about the live concert is below:

Venue : Equatorial Melaka Grand Ballroom
Date : 1st May 2009
Time : 7.30pm to 11.30pm

Ticket price are from RM288 to RM388. Bird that come early to the hole will get a 10% discount for registration from 1st to 21st March(upss! think the posting is late). Tickets inclusive of a sumptuous 8-course Chinese Dinner.

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Melaka Tourism atmosphere remain positive…

Melaka now emphasizing more on developing new Tourism Infrastructure. This strategy are plan to remain competitive in the industry. To be competitive means a package of diversified sectors on tourism products but in the same time preserving the age old history. So apart from promoting the UNESCO historical world heritage site, Melaka also have to follow current market trend such as the tendency of society especially with large family to go vacation at place with many fun facilities for their children. So Melaka must develop a suitable theme park to cater such needs.

Enhancing service and facilities for specific target country also will be helpful because they will feel comfortable and like to come again. For example the Arabs like to come here just because the weather and the halal food surrounding. But they tend to find dining place that serve food that have the equality with their culture. We can take advantage of this clannish style tourist by creating a place similar to hometown.

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Resort Just After the Toll Exit

Usually drivers will just hit the pedal hard and the car quickly hit 120km/h towards Melaka Town after the Ayer Keroh Toll Exit. After that they will seek available hotel left in town without ever notice they have past one resort just few meter from the toll booth. That is why INB Resort always will have the last available room in peak season. About INB Resort, the name of the resort will make you think that it is a large compound full with chalet like any famous resort you know. Actually INB Resort is a small place, like a mini resort with a 3 star amenities.

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