A Car Maker Hotel

Everyone know what is Naza here. Think of Naza then we will have

Sir Elton John Tribute Show live @ Melaka

Don’t ask me who the guy is because I just heard his name

Melaka Tourism atmosphere remain positive…

Melaka now emphasizing more on developing new Tourism Infrastructure. This strategy are plan

Resort Just After the Toll Exit

Usually drivers will just hit the pedal hard and the car quickly hit

Colours of Malaysia…Melaka Style

March is the time for Colors of Malaysia. This event is held every year as country’s premier cultural event that are fill with spectacular traditional performances, colorful parades as well

Boeing & Airbus at Batu Berendam another 6 month…

CM said that State Government loan for the Airport was approved by the Federal Government and work now can be done. Read the news from Bernama below: Melaka Airport Runway

What off for Food this March?

For foodie that like enjoy good food every month, the recession might make you think twice on spending such unreasonable price just for food. As wise man said We not