Melaka Sultanate Ship will be bring back to life…

Artist impression about the ship, source melakahariini.

Now Melaka have Flor De la Mar Ship Replica at Dataran Sungai Melaka. Soon it will be accompanied by another replica from 15th century – the ‘King Ship’ (Kapal Raja Melaka). Just few meters away from Flor De La Mar and at the riverside. Now this area is called ‘Dataran Sungai Melaka’. It said that the ship architecture would be like in Mansur Shah Sultanate era that rule Melaka 600 years ago.

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Batu Berandam International Airport Official Opening 5/05/09

An opening ceremony for the completion of Batu Berendam Airport will be held on 5th May 2009 Tuesday. The ceremony will be officiated by Y.A.B Datuk Seri Mohd. Ali bin Mohd. Rustam, Chief Minister of Melaka.

Time : 9.00 AM
Place : Melaka Main Airport Terminal Batu Berendam.

All are invited to the ceremony.

*UPDATED – Pic of the New Airport*

Batu Berendam Airport Main Entrance…

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swine flu strain by pig

When Pig Sneeze

Now you might experience a bit long ques at all airport around the world. They begin screening all passenger from abroad especially from the swine flu origin country – Mexico. Just slight addition in your body heat, you will be quarantine and can’t go anywhere within the airport. The airport will be like one nation main face mask. Only cleans get the way. The gadget used to screening passenger are added more , much more then previous screening measures to screen the Al-Qaeda suspects.

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Bungalow for retreat now at Mystery Island…

Made out of wood…

Remember the Mysterious great Island? Local said that there will never be a successful project in the Island because the ‘Things’ guard the Island… But that is another folklore story you will find in every part of the world. Now a local company is offering unique bungalow for those who want to get out from city hustle and bustle but not so far from town. Project Yield bungalow at Pulau Besar Melaka is a suitable place.

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Melaka Tourism Street Carnival 2009 – MTSC 2009

MTSC 2009 (Click the pic to enlarge poster)

The Drift, the Band, the dance, the karaoke, the x-treem games, the muscle and all the street hype are are back at Hang Tuah Mall. This year the days are cut into 3 compared to 5 last year. Although the event period is shorten, it still jammed packed with activities with more than 20 event over the 3 days. For those who want to cheer up at the street with MTSC 2009, feel free to call office Now!.

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Treat by a Princess…

Remember the Resort Just after the toll exit? Well this one is just after that resort…. Puteri Resort. Puteri is a Malay Word for Princess and in English the resort will be Princess Resort. They sure have picked the right choice for naming the place as it is nestled among luscious greenery and views of small forest reserved at the back of it. But it is still not to far from town and comfortable distance from many Ayer Keroh interesting places like the Zoo.

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