Fruit Fiesta 2009

July is the best time to enjoy the local fruit such as durian, rambutan, mangosteen, manggo, bananas and others in this fruit season. In Melaka, we organised the Fruit Fiesta 2009 at Taboh Naning on 4-5 July 2009, from 8.00am – 10.00pm. The opening ceremony on 4th July 2009, 2pm by our Melaka Chief Minister. Come & lets makan-makan for free!!!

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Venezuelan Week In Melaka / Malaysia!!!

Have you been to Venezuela? If the answer is not yet…you still have a good opportunity to learn the Venezuelan cultural & heritage…just at Taming Sari Tower, Melaka. This event specially brought by Embassy of The Bolivarian Republic of Venezeula to Melaka. The official launching will be held on 28th June 2009 (Sunday), 8.00pm at Taming Sari Tower by Melaka Chief Minister, YAB Datuk Seri Hj Mohd Ali Bin Rustam. You also invited to join the salsa dancing class, try the Venezuelan food (foc for the food testing), enjoy the movie & photograph & tourist poster exhibition. Dont miss the chance & lets celebrate together. See u there!!!

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The Abdul Company Malacca

The Abdul Company…

Syarikat Abdul is synonym with Jonker Street. Since its establishment in 1920s, now this company has already making its name in for Antique hunter all over Malaysia and from other countries. It is a family business not are at the 3rd generation. So we can consider the company itself is antique. The Abdul shop have 2 premises at Jonker Street.

All the antique items are not only local but also come from many countries around the world like Japan, China, Germany, British and India. Some of the stuff also are not available in its homeland. So what kind of antique here? Diversified from kitchenware to a Old Samurai Sword. Talking about the sword, it has very long history, who knows how many head beheaded by it. It got Wall clock, table top clock and Grandfather clock,Dome lamp, Chandelier, Dutch Lamp. Old nyonya item like Nyonya Belts and Nyonya Food Baskets. This family heirloom things like the nyonya items could reach thousand of $$ because it hard to find nowadays.

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Dutch descendants of Malacca

Remember Pirates of the Caribbean?

Although the Dutch colony stay longer than the Portuguese in Malacca and many of the building remains are Dutch, there is no specific Dutch Village here like the Portuguese Village at Ujung Pasir. So when the Dutch defeated the Portuguese, they build the Stadhuys Complex, Church and Residential at Hereen Street that still available till today but where are the Dutch Descendants here at Malacca?

Now the Branyo and Farapeira are among Melaka folk dance although the Origin is from Portugal. But I never heard about Dutch culture anywhere here. Well actually the Dutch descendants are exist in this country and they are consider the minority within the minority. They are scattered all over the country and not only centered in Malacca. They maybe the smallest group of Eurasians in Malaysia but the they are descendants of the VOC or Dutch East India Company pioneers who ruled Malacca in 1641 for 16 decades.

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Tomb of the Epic Warrior

Hang Kasturi Mausoleum…

Every civilization have their own Epic Warrior and Melaka have one thick book about a group of warrior that bring Malacca Empire to Glory in 15th Century. The famous story was about five brothers who got great martial art skills and lead by sharp minded Hang Tuah who once saved Sultan Prime Minister from being killed by a group of pirate that runs amok in Malacca town that day. From then, this five brave men taken by Melaka Sultan to work under him. As for the Sharp minded Hang Tuah, Malacca Sultan appointed him as an Admiral. Hang Tuah, as Sultan’s constant aide, accompanying the king to all official visit or voyage to other country and manage to defeat all who want to fight him. As a warriors tale, it also have magic and mystic influence. Like Hang Tuah have a Malay dagger that can make him untouchable by any iron.

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Melaka River is Ready for 500,000 this year…

The old and historic Melaka River will make a new history in this millennium with San Antonio River as a Benchmark. The river also will receive new add on that will be nation largest aquarium coming soon. Read the article below from the Star Online:

Tuesday June 2, 2009
Malacca River clean and ready for tourists

MALACCA: The rehabilitated Malacca River is set to become a major tourist attraction, with its river cruise activities capable of attracting 500,000 visitors this year.

Chief Minister Datuk Seri Mohd Ali Rustam said the state would continue to promote the river as a tourist product, including starting a water taxi service by the end of the year.
“Based on ticket sales last year, some 350,000 visitors took the Malacca River cruise for their sightseeing.

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Cafe’ Botanikal @ Melaka Botanical Garden

Being only about 3 Kilometers from my office, I have been to this cafe few times. Located at Malacca Botanical Garden, only a walk away from Melaka Zoo and The Croc Farm. Pleasant surrounding from the Recreational Forest just behind it will make your appetite blooming. All menu are available from Malay, Chinese to Western, the experience chef will prepared for you. From Sambal(Chillies Paste),Fish Head Curry, Assam Pedas (Famous Malakkan Menu), Chinese ‘Char’ to Grilled Steak and Nyonya Cendol all you can eat.

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