Malacca 2nd Planetarium is Now Open

The Dome..

Melaka now have 2nd Planetarium, more planetarium in other state. It is situated at 4ha main Melaka International Trade Center (MITC) Roundabout. The Planetarium has 20 high technology equipment for public to see. The different from Al-Khawarizmi Planetarium in Tanjung bidara is Al-Khawarizmi is really used to setup the Islamic calendar by State Islamic Agency. Just opposite the Planetarium is Melaka bowling complex that also already completed. This two are just near my office, will update photo soon. Read this from the star online:

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Holiday Inn Melaka Pampers the Ladies

It’s look like Holiday want to forget the Mars People out there and start to welcome more people from Venus. Recently on 10th July, They have announced that it has become the first hotel in Melaka to offer a comfortable decorated room especially for ladies only. So that for how good the market for Ladies. Why? Means women really used hotel facilities to enjoy themselves…and Men only used the hotel room for sleeping. So for Men enough with bed and pillow, they don’t care about any extra facilities at the room.

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Eye “Spy” Historical Hunt

Message from Mss Lee Lee from Eye On Malaysia:

“Greetings from Eye On Malaysia, Menara Taming Sari, Melaka River Cruise and Straits Meridian Hotel. Come discover Historical Melaka in a whole new, different and unique way by participating in our version of “Treasure Hunt”, except it’s on-foot !!! (aka walk hunt).
It combines sight seeing, recreation and at the same time meeting a variety of objectives, namely :
i. fun (rides on the Eye & Tower)
ii. educational (history)
iii. leisurely (sight seeing)
iv. general knowledge (learn & walk journey)
v. team building (+ rebonding – resourcefulness is KEY)
vi. & excercise ( 5km the most)
The treasures???? for example ……’We were once defending the fort, now there’s only 6 of us left. What am I?’ – answer…CANNONS.

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A 3-2-1 Formation

The formation is not on soccer field but in tourism field. Recently Tourism Malaysia finalizing a tourism plan package to to promote Malacca city, Penang’s George Town and Borobudur. Why it’s called 3-2-1? Read the article by Martin Carvalho, a Malaccan The Star Reporter:

Tourism Malaysia to work with Indonesian counterparts to promote Malacca

MALACCA: Tourism Malaysia is finalising plans with their counterparts from Jogjakrata, Indonesia to introduce a special tour package to promote Malacca city, Penang’s George Town and Borobudur.
The World Heritage 3-2-1 Package was a follow-up on the idea mooted by Tourism Minister Datuk Seri Ng Yen Yen during her visit to Indonesia last month, said state Tourism, Culture and Heritage Committee chairman Datuk Seet Har Cheow.

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1st Anniversary Celebration for Malacca World Heritage City

Melaka World Heritage City 1 year celebration…

It’s a year now since Malacca got the recognition from UNESCO. Feels like a blink of an eye. Like yesterday. So people..just read the poster and everyone invited to the anniversary. To bad the State reserve for public holiday are already occupied. Just to many celebration eh? See you there and be the world heritage friends!

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Melaka Batek House

Batek producing is actually not Melaka. It’s from the east cost of Malaysia that are Terengganu and Kelantan. The currently opened Melaka Batik House at Melaka International Trade Center is brought to you by Noor Arfa, The reputable name in Malaysia Batik Industry. Nor Arfa already have 15 batik outlet Nation Wide. Melaka Batek House will try to bring the batik production live from its parent at Nor Arfa Craft Complex at Kuala Terengganu. That means hand batik printing like tjanting and wax block printing. So this Melaka Batek House is aim to be a Batek Centre in West coast not to mention to take the share of tourist in Melaka as Tourism is Melaka cup of tea.

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Now many hotel are creating new and creative package to attract occupant. Like Naza Hotel Melaka with it Sleepover at the Museum. Now come Mahkota Parade with Exploraquest. Exploraquest is sort like a team building or outdoor challenge. Team building or outdoor package are common package offered by any hotel but Exploraquest package by Mahkota Hotel is utilizing all the Melaka Heritage Route, the UNESCO Heritage route.

Some of the activities sound interesting like “ENTRAPMENT” where you and your team will play as a crack rescue team. The Challenge is to rescue a hostage. The problem is you will up against some bunch of world class kidnap team. Other package is more like a typical team buildings and treasure hunt. For more complete itinerary about this Exploraquest, click here.

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