Melaka Batek House

Batek producing is actually not Melaka. It’s from the east cost of Malaysia


Now many hotel are creating new and creative package to attract occupant. Like

Fruit Fiesta 2009

July is the best time to enjoy the local fruit such as durian,

Venezuelan Week In Melaka / Malaysia!!!

Have you been to Venezuela? If the answer is not yet…you still have

The Abdul Company Malacca

The Abdul Company… Syarikat Abdul is synonym with Jonker Street. Since its establishment in 1920s, now this company has already making its name in for Antique hunter all over Malaysia

Dutch descendants of Malacca

Remember Pirates of the Caribbean? Although the Dutch colony stay longer than the Portuguese in Malacca and many of the building remains are Dutch, there is no specific Dutch Village

Tomb of the Epic Warrior

Hang Kasturi Mausoleum… Every civilization have their own Epic Warrior and Melaka have one thick book about a group of warrior that bring Malacca Empire to Glory in 15th Century.