Muay Thai @ Dataran Pahlawan Melaka

It’s rare here in Melaka, a Muay Thai wrestling. They will fight here at Dataran Pahlawan Bandar Hilir. Well now a fight even also being brought to a shopping Mall. It could attract the crowd as the unique sport like Muay Thai usually played at eastern side of Malaysia. So Bandar Hilir will be crowded this Saturday as they will be PIKOM PC Fair at Mahkota Parade and also MATTA Fair in Dataran Pahlawan. Be careful in high traffic area because now the air is full of flu. I think 10 people I met today 5 of them will atchoo! and atchoo. Bring mask if unsure of your health..

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Monkey Business at Melaka Tropical Fruit Farm

Monkey with the Instructor, caution the monkey are still wild animal..

Before this Melaka Tropical Fuit Farm at Sungai Udang only have variety of local fruit. Now come the monkey. This monkey is no ordinary because it go to college. The college where this monkey study the art of plucking fruit systematically from a tree. Of course they have instructor. So for those who want to know more about how monkey plucking in this case a coconut with its instructor please visit Melaka Tropical Fruit Farm: The Scheduled is below:

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Ramadhan Promotion

Puteri Resort – Ramadhan Buffet Promotion!!!

Ramadhan Promotion
Come and celebrate the holy month with Puteri Resort, Ayer Keroh & at same time, join us to sample variety of buka puasa feast, kampung style. Main daily star attraction of a succulent whole roasted lamb guarantee to have you asking for more!! Savor also our other mouth-watering and tantalizing appetiziers of ulam-ulam, ‘kampong’ style main dish and then take your time to devour a variety of tradisional malay kuih. Washed down with the best teh-tarik in Melaka!!

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Melaka International Bowling Centre (MIBC)

On 1st Ogos 2009, 10am our lovely Melaka Chief Minister, YAB Datuk Seri Mohd Ali Rustam will launch the new Melaka International Bowling Centre (MIBC) which is located at MITC, Ayer Keroh, Melaka. This MIBC with 52 lanes,the cost to build about RM15 million would be the biggest bowling centre in Malaysia after Megalanes Bowling Centre in Penang which has 50 lanes. The two-storey centre with a 10,401-square metre area was expected to be completed by July 31 next year and this building the bowling centre was part of the state’s preparations to host Malaysia Games 2010. Let’s try & enjoy the excitement!!

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Eye Talian Cooking Class at Olio Renaissance Melaka

Now you can make your own pasta like the Italian. No need to go to Milan or Fiorenze, just at our home town for only RM90++ per person. Read this Message from Olio, For Favor!

24hb July 2009
10.30am – 12.30pm
Olio Italian Restaurant, Renaissance Melaka Hotel
Jalan Bendahara,
Melaka, Malaysia


Tel: 6062848888

Master basic culinary skills at Renaissance Cooking Class, a course specially crafted for eager beginners who have a keen interest in Italian or Chinese cuisines.

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Malacca 2nd Planetarium is Now Open

The Dome..

Melaka now have 2nd Planetarium, more planetarium in other state. It is situated at 4ha main Melaka International Trade Center (MITC) Roundabout. The Planetarium has 20 high technology equipment for public to see. The different from Al-Khawarizmi Planetarium in Tanjung bidara is Al-Khawarizmi is really used to setup the Islamic calendar by State Islamic Agency. Just opposite the Planetarium is Melaka bowling complex that also already completed. This two are just near my office, will update photo soon. Read this from the star online:

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Holiday Inn Melaka Pampers the Ladies

It’s look like Holiday want to forget the Mars People out there and start to welcome more people from Venus. Recently on 10th July, They have announced that it has become the first hotel in Melaka to offer a comfortable decorated room especially for ladies only. So that for how good the market for Ladies. Why? Means women really used hotel facilities to enjoy themselves…and Men only used the hotel room for sleeping. So for Men enough with bed and pillow, they don’t care about any extra facilities at the room.

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