Malacca 2nd Planetarium is Now Open

The Dome.. Melaka now have 2nd Planetarium, more planetarium in other state. It

Holiday Inn Melaka Pampers the Ladies

It’s look like Holiday want to forget the Mars People out there and

Eye “Spy” Historical Hunt

Message from Mss Lee Lee from Eye On Malaysia: “Greetings from Eye On

A 3-2-1 Formation

The formation is not on soccer field but in tourism field. Recently Tourism

1st Anniversary Celebration for Malacca World Heritage City

Melaka World Heritage City 1 year celebration… It’s a year now since Malacca got the recognition from UNESCO. Feels like a blink of an eye. Like yesterday. So people..just read

Melaka Batek House

Batek producing is actually not Melaka. It’s from the east cost of Malaysia that are Terengganu and Kelantan. The currently opened Melaka Batik House at Melaka International Trade Center is


Now many hotel are creating new and creative package to attract occupant. Like Naza Hotel Melaka with it Sleepover at the Museum. Now come Mahkota Parade with Exploraquest. Exploraquest is