Vote Malaysia for World Travel Awards 2009

Twelve Malaysian travel companies, including tourism board, nominated for World Travel Awards 2009. Word Travel Awards is like an Oscar of the global tourism & travel industry, describe by International Herald Tribune. The list twelve Malaysian companies in the finals for the World category, range from airlines to resorts and hotels :

World’s Leading Airline – Malaysia Airlines
World’s Leading Business Class – Malaysia Airlines
World’s Leading Airport Hotel – Pan Pacific Kuala Lumpur
World’s Leading Casino Resort – Genting Highlands Resort
World’s Leading City Hotel – Hilton Kuala Lumpur
World’s Leading Design Hotel – Hilton Kuala Lumpur
World’s Leading Destination Marketing Campaign – Malaysia, Truly Asia
World’s Leading Eco-Lodge – Sukau Rainforest Lodge, Sukau (Sabah)
World’s Leading Family Resort – Genting Highlands
World’s Leading Green Resort – Kudat Riviera, Borneo (Sabah)
World’s Leading Tourist Board – Tourism Malaysia
World’s Leading Travel Commercial – Malaysia – Tourism Malaysia

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Finding The Hard Evidence

The Heritage Department still doing the excavation around Fredrick Hendrick Bastion. But no new bones finding after the last finding of Malacca earliest inhabitant. Actually it is part of the big fort. When the British destroyed all the mighty structure in 1806-1807, now they must find the other remains of the brick deep down. Imagine if the British did not bombarded the Fortress, maybe it will be added into the world list like the Great Wall. Read about Once was lost now found, an interesting article about the ruins and old HSBC bank.

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Ramadhan Feast @ Renaissance Melaka

RMH Buffet Setting..

For buffet hunter out there, still not to late for scouting the best authentic food around. When it’s come to special culinary setting with the touch ala Iron Chef, Renaissance Melaka is the best place in town. With mix expertise of Chinese, Peranakan, Italian and Western since 2 decade ago, RMH is quite established here. For the elaborate menu, read the press release below:

MELAKA, August 2009 – In this fasting month, a good buka puasa (breaking of fast) dinner together is a good way of strengthening ties. Renaissance Melaka Hotel celebrates the holy month of Ramadhan festivities that promise to delight everyone.

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Villa Istana Melaka

Villa Istana Melaka, Where Dreams Come True….

Where is the place call Villa Istana that everybody are talking about? Can’t see it from the main road. So at the first traffic light after the Toll exit, go towards Melaka International Trade Center about half a Kilometer you will find a junction to the right, the Place called Taman Tasik Utama, you will find the hidden ‘Istana’.

Villa Istana is an all Suite hotel offering 5 exquisite suites. The Suites are distinguished by their elegant atmosphere, extravagant spaciousness and luxurious traditional decor.

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What’s in September.

This year Malaysia celebrate nation 52nd Independence with 1 Malaysian spirit. Although the Influenza H1N1 still be the major worried among Malaysian, the celebration still going on with smaller scale and safety measures included. The most important thing is the country is in peace and all community can stay together in harmony. Till now, all major race can work together to catalyst Malaysian development. Melaka is one example of how multi-racial community live in peace and harmony and every races has adopted others culture in theirs. So you can see elements like firecrackers and lamp in Malay culture, an element in Chinese and Indian practise. Also we can find many Malay dishes in Chinese and Indian wedding not to mention the Babas and Chetty community.

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The Fast and the Feast.

bazaar ramadan

Now the Muslim are on the fasting mode and as an Islamic country tourist should see lest people eating outside at day time. So it is not the right time to visit Malaysia? Then the answer is this the very best time. Fasting month only occur only once a year and for Malaysia it is a very special month. The difference is it has tremendous amount of food bazaar like no other month. Just go to any state in Malaysia the situation is the same.

Come here and ask for Bazaar Ramadan and people will point you more than one spot to go. In Melaka, every main Road, Town and Resedential will have this kind of bazaar. Just go out from the Melaka Sentral Terminal you will find a Ramadan Bazaar nearby.You will lost in the sea of food at the bazaar. To many to choose from traditional dishes, grilled, barbecued, yummy desert and wonderfully creative mix of thirst quencher. Only in Malaysia you will find many sorts of drinks and most of it you can find it easily in the fasting month.

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