Melaka Tourism Award 2009

Recently the Melaka State Government in association with Melaka Tourism Association has successfully

45th Qubica AMF Bowling Bowling World Cup Melaka 2009

45th Qubica AMF Bowling World Cup will be held at Melaka Internetional Bowling

Books About Melaka

Need to find information and guide about Melaka in hardcover? No need to

Malaysia top 10 on Lonely Planet..

It’s time to visit Malaysia! But it’s rainy season here and you got

Bridges of Malacca River

Bridges of the World,Charles S. Whitney…Best Price $11.88 Bridges and River are historic. Rivers are god architecture and Bridges are human needs to go on with life. We need the

Malacca Water Taxi…

Taxi please!!! and the yellow vehicle will stop to fetch you. But this time it is a boat. Now we have new experience along the river to the straits of

Melaka Old House

One of the Authentic Melaka House at Masjid Tanah. Wooden house are like a nostalgic Icon here, now people don’t want to build a wooden architecture anymore as their present