SMS Reservation at Queenspark Hotel Malacca

Beside Monsoon, Malaysia now are in the School Holiday Season. A season that have been long awaited by the school Children. For teachers, please leave them alone, school home work must be stop until January 2010. And as usual Melaka will be the favorite spot for Schools outside the State . This is because it got physically many subjects written in the Textbooks. Just don’t bring the textbook along and have a fun time here. Scouting for a place to sleep? Here is one affordable new place to consider – Queenspark Hotel.

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International Tap Dance at Holiday Inn Melaka

It’s not originally from here and the dance are from Europe. Indian dancers also we can see using heel to tapping it’s movement. Local culture is maybe the cause of no traditional dance here that tapping heel tip. Local folklore said that if you tapping the heel excessively you’ll get a very ‘hard’ digestive problem. Want to know more about this kind of dance movement? Book your ticket in the end of this December at Holiday Inn for Crazy with feet show.

Crazy feet is the largest and most famous tap dance formation in Switzerland with International Acclaim. Having appeared in over 50 television shows on German, Austrian and Swiss Television. The specialty of choreographer and soloist Angelo Borer is the usual choice of music to which he has choreograph different tap dance productions. So you think tapping with feet can’t do modern music? You’ve got to buy the tickets because they can do ABBA, Samba, Rossini, Tchaikovsky, Vanessa Mai, Carmen and the newest production the world famous Sirtaki ‘Zorbas dance’ . Wow I also don’t know what I’m writing.

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Come and get holiday package at MITS 2009

Melaka International Tourism Show (MITS) 2009 will be coming soon on 4th – 6th December 2009 at MITC, Ayer Keroh, Melaka. MITS 2009 comprises a wide cross-section of industry members from the state agencies and members of the private sector representing the entire spectrum of the Malaysian tourism industry. MITS 2009 will feature highlights such as exhibitions, holiday bargains, cultural performances, artists’ appearances, local handicraft demonstrations as well as fun-filled events and activities including games and prizes to give away.

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Y.E.S! It’s Shopping Time

The most anticipated annual event both by local and tourist has arrived – Malaysia Year End Sale 2009. Started from 21st November 2009 to 3rd January 2010, shoppers will enjoy sale carnival that will take place simultaneously nationwide for 44 days, bringing shoppers a line up of retail therapy, great dining experiences and fun entertainment. Can’t denied it, shopping have become everyone favorite and can be among the fastest stress relievers. In 2008, shopping were 2nd major component after Accommodation in Malaysia tourism industry with 8.4% increase from 2007.

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Nasi Lemak Antarabangsa @ Dataran Pahlawan

If we direct translate it, it will be International Fat Rice. Sound a little bit awkward but that for real with fat highlighted. Nasi or Rice are main Malaysian menu. Nasi lemak is rice that cooked with coconut milk and Nasi Lemak is like Malaysian official breakfast menu. It’s heavy, high with carb and to make it worst, the side dishes like boiled egg, ground nuts, fried chicken, dried anchovies and shrimp. Doctors not recommended. But as usual most food that can kill are people favorite like the famous fast food chain.

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Melaka Duck Tour

Duck Tour finally in operation. Because of limited ride, Phone reservations are highly recomended. Boarding Details are :

Operation Hours : 9am-6pm
Tour Operation : 45-60mins
Duck Capacity : 34 Duckies
Admission : RM38/ Adult
RM22/ Child (3-12years)

During peak season there will be additional times available. But during heavy rain the duck will not go into the water. Booking for groups are available. The ticket kiosk is conveniently located at Menara Taming Sari. You know where to find it. So for those who want to explore the historical Melaka by land or sea, without ever living the seat browse here for the route. Or contact:

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Water Playground @ Crocodile

Remember the old days when our parents will bring us at the beach to play with water. At that time nearest beach was the favorite spot for all water activity. Every weekend beach will always crowded with people from all ages. Maybe at that time swimming pools were for the pro. Now the trend is shift. More and more small scale theme park are build for the public and focuses for the children. Parents are more likely to go this theme park to bring their child as it is more safer than the beaches. And for that ,Melaka Crocodile farm tap into this new market – The water playground.

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