Spas and Wellness Industry, next in Tourism Attraction

Health & Beauty From the Rainforest: Malaysian Traditions of Ramuan (Hardcover)

Tourism is about something that is not available at our place but available at others and we go there to visit it, as a tourist. When the country already have unique asset like age old history or oldest rain forest for example, the task is only to maintain and promote it. But if we live on a very small Island or in a desert, to attract tourist we can build the infrastructure like Them Park or provide services like traditional massage. When building or providing something that is not exist before, just must be creative and unique to attract people to come and see. People all around the world dream to go to Disney Land and they must go to either U.S, Hong Kong or Japan to see it. Soon we can go to Universal Studios at Singapore.

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TIS THE SEASON TO BE MERRY @ Renaissance Melaka

Renaissance Hotel Melaka Chef de Mission.

Hear Ye! Hear Ye!, Don’t wait for Santa to be Merry as Renaissance Melaka Hotel will make you jolly good in this Christmas and New Year . So let see what they got for all:


MELAKA, December 2009 – As we enter into the festive season, we would like to invite you and your family, friends, colleagues and everybody to have an enchanting Christmas celebration and welcome 2010 with a bang at this award-winning Renaissance Melaka Hotel.

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Stamp Week 2009 at Dataran Pahlawan

Postage stamp collector is a hobby we hardly sees this day. 20 years back where postage system is at the peak era, many of the school children have their own stamp album at home. Because of the hobby, they will hunt for used envelope and next thing you know was you’ll get envelope with no stamp. In those day, many shop also sells used postage stamp including from other countries. Well that was those days. Now I hardly found kids with stamp album but I do found many kids with Sony PSP.

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Come ‘Kaburi Yu..!’ at Jasin Hot Springs

Kolam Air Panas Bemban.

Although Malaysia have no present active volcanic activities like Japan or in the History, Malaysia also have Onsen or Hot Spring. Melaka have 3 Hot Spring and among favorite are Jasin Hot Spring. Other two are Gadek and Cerana Putih at Alor Gajah district. In Japan Onsen maybe are like part of their life but here the hot spring more on healing purpose only. Jasin is one of the 3 Melaka District. While many of the tourism spot is in Melaka Town, Jasin are more on Agriculture and Recreation / Eco Tourism.

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Probiotic for Travelers

Yakult Drink(

Yakult Drink

The common problems we encounter when traveling is digestive problem. As we must eat, new experience at other places make us want to try many different of food. It will be useless if we go to the Arab Country but still eat what we eat everyday at home . So if we are in Arab, must eat for example the Camel base dishes or the Arab Bread. Usually our stomach will give the sign of shock when the food is not suitable or because of some bacteria in the food. Diarrhea will make your day a bad day.

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SMS Reservation at Queenspark Hotel Malacca

Beside Monsoon, Malaysia now are in the School Holiday Season. A season that have been long awaited by the school Children. For teachers, please leave them alone, school home work must be stop until January 2010. And as usual Melaka will be the favorite spot for Schools outside the State . This is because it got physically many subjects written in the Textbooks. Just don’t bring the textbook along and have a fun time here. Scouting for a place to sleep? Here is one affordable new place to consider – Queenspark Hotel.

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International Tap Dance at Holiday Inn Melaka

It’s not originally from here and the dance are from Europe. Indian dancers also we can see using heel to tapping it’s movement. Local culture is maybe the cause of no traditional dance here that tapping heel tip. Local folklore said that if you tapping the heel excessively you’ll get a very ‘hard’ digestive problem. Want to know more about this kind of dance movement? Book your ticket in the end of this December at Holiday Inn for Crazy with feet show.

Crazy feet is the largest and most famous tap dance formation in Switzerland with International Acclaim. Having appeared in over 50 television shows on German, Austrian and Swiss Television. The specialty of choreographer and soloist Angelo Borer is the usual choice of music to which he has choreograph different tap dance productions. So you think tapping with feet can’t do modern music? You’ve got to buy the tickets because they can do ABBA, Samba, Rossini, Tchaikovsky, Vanessa Mai, Carmen and the newest production the world famous Sirtaki ‘Zorbas dance’ . Wow I also don’t know what I’m writing.

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