Hot Air Balloon Ride at Dataran Pahlawan

Hot Air Balloon at Dataran Pahlawan

Hot Air Balloon ride is something new here. Maybe we never have a change to see hot air balloon fly over our roof if we don’t find it. We know that the kind of big balloon exist mainly on television. People in Melaka, now you can feel it yourself at Dataran Pahlawan Melaka!. Just located at the Dataran Pahlawan Field. But as to make it fly are impossible with the terrain and uncertain weather. So the ride just go up as tall as the Menara Taming Sari(Melaka Gyro Tower).

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Get a Certificate at the World Longest & Busiest Straits

What is the World Longest Straits? The Answer is ‘The Straits of Malacca’. And The State of Melaka get the privileged because the 500 miles long sea is name after the State. Not any part of peninsular Malaysia or any part of Sumatra, Indonesia Island. This is because here at Melaka where everything begin,the old major port,the conquest, the war and the spread of Islam.

You can get the certificate by special arrangement from Tourism Promotion Department if you plan to visit the straits from Pulau Melaka at Straits Mosque. The certificate is RM10(about $2.8USD), Signed by Chief Minister of Melaka YAB Datuk Seri Hj. Mohd Ali bin Mohd Rustam. You can visit the straits anywhere from Johore State to Perlis State but it is more special through Melaka!

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Big Family? Rent A House…

So you are going to Melaka with a fleet of family delegation. The risk of check in at hotel other than your money shrinking heavily from bank account is all your family members will be scattered at all floor. Mother and father at 12, grandma and grandpa at 8, brothers at 3 and you at 5. A lot of energy to gather the fleet again. Mobile communication will play the important part.

The solution is Rent A full house. Among shortest distance from Melaka Town or the Heritage site One Residence Stay at Taman Pertam Jaya, Padang Temu Melaka. From your house only few minutes to Banda Hilir or any places from Bukit Cina (Chinese Hill) to the Bus Terminal. Why must you rent this house? Below are few points you should consider:

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World Heritage sites in panography – 360 degree imaging

World Heritage Sites..Search your site..

I don’t know if you already know about this website but at 1001 wonders, you can get World Heritage Tours at your finger tips. The best thing is the experience on viewing the picture are more Interesting than Flickr!. You view the picture and an imagine as if you were really there!. I try to search Melaka and yes they have 360 degree picture of some of Melaka heritage site. For once my head get dizzy while watching the Stadhuys complex spiraling at the computer screen. Depending of your screen, the wider the better. Registration is very simple and straight forward. At present I can’t see any option of adding your own picture. I think the pictures are chosen by UNESCO committee. So be seated in front of your computer and start browsing World Heritage Tour.

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Mahkota Hotel Melaka Year End Festive Package

Year end are the season for offers and package. So Mahkota Hotel Melaka having their year end festive package too!

Year End Festive Package,
From RM388net for 2 days / Night Stay at Mahkota Hotel,
With Buffet Breakfast and Xmas eve or
New Year Eve buffet dinner for 2 person.

*terms and condition apply
*package based on twin sharing basis
*package is non commission able and applicable for direct booking to the Mahkota Hotel only.

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Jalan Tukang Emas, 75200 Melaka

Jalan Tukang Emas / Goldsmith Street.

There are Street in the Heritage zone that often symbolized harmonies between all major races in Melaka. The streets are Goldsmith Street (Jalan Tukang Emas) and Temple Street (Jalan Tokong). Why? Because along Goldsmith Street and Temple Street are locations of the age old worship place of different faith. Kampung Kling Mosque (1748) and Sri Poyyatha Vinayar Moorthi temple (1781) place side by side at Goldsmith Street. Cheng Hoon Teng Temple (1600s) is at Temple Street.

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Laman Sari Spa Front End

Taman Sari Spa @ Jonker Street

Taman Sari Spa 'Laman'

This is one of the Malay traditional Spa I know that are using non chemical product, only herbs and spices in Malay daily life and cooking. One and only Malay concept traditional spa at Jonker Street Area.

“The Authentic Malay Legacy in Wellness & Beauty” is their motto.

Introducing the Pupur Spa from the treasure of authentic traditional Malay therapy. A special blend of local Herbs from the secret recipe of ancient Malay herbalist. A new experience with aromatherapy pure essential oils blended with therapeutic virgin coconut oil.

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