New Year Ride

I’ll started the New year with a bicycle ride around heritage area!

Is it to late to to say happy New Year 2010? 2010 resolution and year target make the first week of 2010 as busy as last week of December 2009. As always the target will be higher than the previous year. To cater new target of course with upgraded facilities and new updated products. Now with many air travel companies are competing for low cost flight, maybe it will encourage traveling. Well,welcome 2010!.

— asmaliana


Fine Dining at Zest

Look Out the Busy Road from Zest Patio.

Food will still a food no matter how it looks, shape, types or smell. The objective of food is to keep us alive. Some says that “You are what you eat”. Means if you eat noodles you are a Chinese and if you eat Tandoori you are an Indian, am I right? I think it is more about your degree of healthiness. So what about fine dining? With cash in hand you almost can eat anywhere you want. Save time and energy for cooking. For fine dining it is more than just the eat at the restaurant. You want the service, the presentation and surroundings. Some hotel willing to spend million just to give extra boost to the surroundings for fine dining. One of them is Zest Renaissance Melaka Hotel.

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— asmaliana

Hang Tuah Jaya Celebration

Hang Tuah Jaya City Council Celebration 2010.

Hang Tuah Jaya Celebration

Dear all, starting from 1st Jan 2010, Melaka will have four district which are consist Central Melaka, Alor Gajah, Jasin and the new district is Hang Tuah Jaya. Most of the Hang Tuah Jaya area are Ayer Keroh until to Melaka Sentral (Peringgit), Batu Berendam, Durian Tunggal and Bemban. Its like the Mini Putrajaya in Melaka.

In conjunction with this Hang Tuah Jaya City Council Celebration, Melaka State Government will organized a lot of activities for these 7 days celebration in the new district. The main celebration is announcement of the new district on 1st Jan 2010 at Melaka International Trade Centre (MITC), Ayer Keroh, Melaka. This event will start at 9.00am and officially launch by the Melaka Governor, Tun Mohd Khalil Bin Yaakob. All the Melaka people are invited. Congratulation to all the Melaka people and also to the Melaka State Government itself.

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— asmaliana


Have a Shot at Melaka International Bowling

Archery Carnival at MIBC…

Friends asking you for bowling but you feel don’t want to play or you are pampering your nails? At Melaka International Bowling Center you have an option to shoot the bulls eye. You can try archery here. Yes MIBC have an archery range / compound. But it is not like the Olympic size archery compound. It is more short and indoor. Archery Carnival at Melaka International Bowling Center can be your first grab of the bow to feel the sport before you go pro or what else we can do with the skill huh? Try it only RM19 per game as the post is written. Maybe you want to read some archery manual here.

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— asmaliana


Merry X-Mas at Melaka

Christmas Recycle Tree at Dataran Pahlawan

Christmas in Melaka are more merrier than other states because of the Portuguese descendants. Also the hundred years old church that still functional here. Miss Tourism International World Final Contestant also will be visiting Melaka from 25 to 26. They will be having a city tour and dinner at Bayview Hotel. Will post some photo of them after this.

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— asmaliana

Melaka Tourism Challenge 2009

Melaka Tourism Challenge 2009

Melaka Tourism Challenge 2009

Planning your holiday? Why not, you are invited to join the Melaka Tourism Challenge 2009 which will be held on 27th December 2009 at Taman Rempah, Pengkalan Rama, Melaka. This event organized by Melaka River and Coastal Development Corporation with other related agencies such as Melaka Museum Corporation, Menara Taming Sari Berhad, Zoo Melaka, Eye on Malaysia, Kraftangan Melaka, KEMAS and others.

Please feel free and grab this opportunity to beat their mini treasure hunt. Who knows, you are the lucky winner for that day. Just find another two your good friends and be in one group. I suggested, your group must be expert in kayaking and treasure hunt. Just find their clue and answer the questions. Just simple as ABC. The first winner will be winning RM5,000, second prize RM3,000 and 3rd price RM1,000. So, what are you waiting for? Grab this opportunity.

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— asmaliana

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