Classic Style at Bibik Neo Restaurant

In Malaysia, you can’t get as many Peranakan / Baba Nyonya (Straits Chinese) Restaurant as in Malacca. This is because Melaka has the root of the Baba Nyonya Heirloom. Usually Baba Nyonya Restaurants are family business. The owner maybe the 5 or 6 generation and will adopt their ancestor recipe into the cooking. You also can see the family pictures in it. The owner will be very friendly and welcoming you to the restaurant.

The restaurant also will be modified according to classic Chinese shop houses 100 years ago. You can see the wooden elements crafted like the wooden door and window. Bibik Neo is one of the many recognized Baba Nyonya restaurant in Malacca. Well bibik is a call similar like an Aunt. Baba Nyonya word for it is Bibik. Neo is the person Name.

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Emily Travellers’ Home

Emily Travellers' Home

An old charming Heritage House for a genuine travelers, that’s what all the guest described Emily. You might forget that you are in the middle of a town or the hustle and bustle of the surrounding. Why? Because the fish pond and the rabbit make you feels like in a peaceful village. Not to mention the lovely room with creatively decorated wall making it more like a home. Read all the wonderful review of Emily at Tripadvisor homepage.

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Athlete Home at Sukma Melaka Hotel

Just at The SAS Highway…

If you driving along the Krubong Highway towards the Hang Jebat Stadium, you’ll find a building next to it. Looks like an apartment huh? Actually it’s a Hotel. Build for the purpose of Melaka as a Host of Malaysia Games 2010 (SUKMA 2010) on 10-19 Jun. Basically the Athlete will sleep here. It will be convenience for them as the sport center, Hang Jebat Stadium is just next to it.

The hotel is Hotel Permaisuri Sukma and operates by the Owner of MITC Ancasa Hotel. When the day is not a sport days like Malaysian Games,It is open for public. Rate is about RM140 per room. The hotel capacity about 66 room. This is second Athlete base accommodation other than Saujana Asahan.

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MPHTJ Lets Green Up Run and Treasure Hunt

In conjunction with the new formation of Majlis Perbandaran Hang Tuah Jaya (MPHTJ/Hang Tuah Jaya City Council), an activity aiming to educate community in the new area that the route now is in new territory. Before this it’s in Melaka Historic City Council territory.

Treasure Hunt:
Date: 9 January 2010 / 7.00am
Start at : Botanical Cafe Parking Lot (Ayer Keroh Recreation Forest)
(Participation Closed)

Lets Green Up Run
Date:10 January 2010
Route : Start at MITC Compound – Bukit Beruang – Lebuh Ayer Keroh
End at: Botanical Garden

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Melaka 12 Premier Event 2010

Download here.

Let see what’s big in 2010 at Melaka. The biggest National event at Melaka in 2010 will be Malaysian Games XIII where Melaka is the host this year. The list of Melaka premier event are:

1) Raptor Watch Week 2010
Date : 12 & 13 March
Venue :Tanjung Tuan / Ilham Resort

2) 13th Gendang Nusantara Festival
Date : 10-16 April
Venue : MBMB Square

3) Sukan Malaysia ke XIII
Date : 10-19 June
Venue : Hang Jebat Stadium

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New Year Ride

I’ll started the New year with a bicycle ride around heritage area!

Is it to late to to say happy New Year 2010? 2010 resolution and year target make the first week of 2010 as busy as last week of December 2009. As always the target will be higher than the previous year. To cater new target of course with upgraded facilities and new updated products. Now with many air travel companies are competing for low cost flight, maybe it will encourage traveling. Well,welcome 2010!.

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Fine Dining at Zest

Look Out the Busy Road from Zest Patio.

Food will still a food no matter how it looks, shape, types or smell. The objective of food is to keep us alive. Some says that “You are what you eat”. Means if you eat noodles you are a Chinese and if you eat Tandoori you are an Indian, am I right? I think it is more about your degree of healthiness. So what about fine dining? With cash in hand you almost can eat anywhere you want. Save time and energy for cooking. For fine dining it is more than just the eat at the restaurant. You want the service, the presentation and surroundings. Some hotel willing to spend million just to give extra boost to the surroundings for fine dining. One of them is Zest Renaissance Melaka Hotel.

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