Melaka Chinatown’s newest guest house

Yeap, I think you already know where is the famous Melaka Chinatown . Somewhere in Jonker Street and Harmony Street. The best area for walking. As you walk,you will not feel the heat as old shop houses will bring your imagination back in the past. As a living museum, the difference maybe new paint and technology. But the truth is, place that you are standing still serve it’s owner like 200 years ago. Look at all the classic furniture and picture of the heirloom.

When browsing the shops at Melaka China Town, seek for Tang House, if you are lucky they still have a room for you. A classic, a history you know like airwell, pitched roofs with Chinese tiles, and detailed brick work but they work with modern need. You think all in the house is a relic, fret not because it also has computers, as well as wifi for the guests and individual air conditioning. Hey you can cook too. They have a modern kitchen for guest. A true for travelers friendly guest house. For more info and rates just open the web address here.

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Sky and Land adventure

A Via Ferrata, wow I’m afraid of height already..more pic here.

While I’m browsing the web about Mt. Kinabalu, I stumble upon this website that provide a package for climbers. Oh before that, read the news about our highest peak got a certificate from Guinness book of Record. Of course not the highest peak in the world lah, but the world’s highest via ferrata. Via ferrata? What is that? Sound Italian huh? A via ferrata according to the official website is a device that help us getting to the mountain top. Now it’s consider a save sport for all but still have the element of exteme in it. Made up of a permanent network of iron rungs, rails and cables, this made it accessible to anyone and not just experienced climbers. More about Mt. Kinabalu Via Ferrata here.

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Melaka Calendar of Events 2010

Former Malaysia Prime Minister Tun Dr. Mahathir Muhamad with Melaka Chief Minister Datuk Seri Mohd Ali Mohd Rustam on Former Prime Minister visit to Melaka last year.

Hi guys, I have put Malacca calendar of Event for the whole year of prosperous 2010. Link at the left sidebar. Welcome to Melaka, many nice place to see and the security agencies here are very serious safe guard the tourist. So guys, please help yourself, it’s on the left sidebar. And I feel like to have a pantun. Here is the official one:

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Bukit Serindit Motel

motel bukit serindit

Seldom we talk about Motel here in Melaka. Actually there are few motels and one of them is Bukit Serindit Motel. Owned by Melaka Historic City Council, the motel have 4 types of room that are Single, Family, Triple Sharing and a Dorm. Before we go through the Bukit Serindit Motel, lets discuss about Motel 101.

What actually a Motel? Why we don’t just call them a budget hotel? By reading few article from the net, I can tell that major features of a motel will be mainly about the building design. A motel, usually far away from the city and at the roadside. The building structure will not be like a hotel that have one tall building. Motel most likely just 2 floor and the building shape are U or Square.

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Melaka January 2010 Event

Well, is already half of the January 2010 and we are still alive. Thank god for that. So how’s you all doing so far? On track huh? Here are summary of tourism activity at Melaka in January.

Melaka ‘Light-Up’ Celebration
Date: January – February 2010
Venue: Jonker Walk
Organizer: Jonker Walk
Tel: +606-284 8282
Fax: +606-282 8929

Hari Pengisytiharan Majlis Perbandaran Hang Tuah Jaya
Date: 1 Januari 2010
Tempat: Melaka International Trade Centre ( MITC )
Organizer: Melaka State Government
Tel: +606-232 3653
Fax: +606-232 4764

Bhogi Festival
Date: 14 January 2010
Venue: Kampung Budaya Chitty Melaka
Organizer: Chitty Melaka Cultural Association
Tel: +6012-601 5111
Fax: –

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Fenix Inn Melaka, Budget Leader

A research stated that in recent recession, budget hotels have felt the effects of the recession significantly less. Well this is because their price are already low and they still can have the profit. Most expensive / 5 star hotel can’t simply cut their price to very low because the service is premium. But now the 4 to 5 star hotel also have created a value package, not to cheap but will encourage people to use their premium service with competitive discount and added value.

For budget Hotel, their presence will continue to be relevant. Sometimes people just want to sleep and spend most of their money when awake. While a businessman trying to save all the hard earn money by not having a coffee that worth like a plate of a fast food. So even they have money, the choices are budget hotel. Just focus on the Agenda, traveling or doing business. No need over price bed or food.

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