Hotel have a Secrets?

Hotel Secrets from the Travel Detective: Insider Tips on Getting the Best Value,

AEON Melaka will be open on Feb. 5

We all just can’t wait to go shopping with Jusco card ready. Melaka

Gudang Quayside now have a web

What’s in the warehouse? Maybe the most functional warehouse we ever seen. The

What’s Cooking at Mahkota Now?

As we all know, February approaching with special day to celebrate. Which do

Kids Tourism

Sometimes we are going out because thinking about the children happiness. After five days of work, some of us just want to laying down at home watching DVD’s or baking

Malacca Hotel Seven Promotion

Hotel Seven… You know where is Laksamana Cheng Ho Street? Don’t know? Probably you know where is Hang Li Poh well, Sam Po Kong Temple or Bukit Cina(Cina Hill). Then

Malaysia Mystery Shopping

The Fashion Hound Murders Something mysterious are surrounding all the shopping complex around Malaysia and the mystery could be cause of you!. Have you ever taught to be a mystery