Busking Around at Dataran Pahlawan

If you love performing arts, then you will like this event. It’s hard to find a true full time buskers (street performer ) here in Malaysia. Maybe because the money is not worth the value of their performance or in certain place there are no suitable pitch (buskers place for performing their talents) . So rather than busking around they might selling fruits to earn more money. Except for streets in Kuala Lumpur where there are a lot of people in the street, more chances for their performance to get notice. Also the hot weather here not encouraging for the youth to start busking on the open air. Culture and Weather reason I guest.

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Hotel have a Secrets?

Hotel Secrets from the Travel Detective: Insider Tips on Getting the Best Value, Service, and Security in Accommodations from Bed-and-Breakfasts to Five-Star Resorts

Found the article here. So now hotels have a secret or actually an Internal management info or tips on how we behave when traveling at some of the hotels. I take some of the article that I like:

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AEON Melaka will be open on Feb. 5

We all just can’t wait to go shopping with Jusco card ready. Melaka Chief minister said that members of the public need not be afraid about their safety when they visit the shopping complex once it opens it doors. Well, we must have faith with our CM. Read the news from Bernama:


Bernama – Monday, January 25
MELAKA, Jan 24 (Bernama) – The AEON Jusco mall in Jalan Lagenda here, which was damaged in a gas explosion last month, will be opened on Feb 5.

Melaka Chief Minister Datuk Seri Mohd Ali Rustam said the state Fire and Rescue Department was satisfied that all safety procedures had been adhered to by the company.

AEON Jusco management gave an assurance that the incident would not recur, he told reporters after visiting the RM500 million mall here today.

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Gudang Quayside now have a web

What’s in the warehouse? Maybe the most functional warehouse we ever seen. The warehouse are actually a Seafood Restaurant plus Keyside Sanctuary Spa and an array of local products gallery / shops. You will definitely met this Gudang as the Quayside is strategically located near the Bastion middleburg and on the way to Dataran Pahlawan / Banda Hilir Area. Justl browse their newly setup web for details here.

Inside The Gudang Quayside – Gallery / Shops

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What’s Cooking at Mahkota Now?

As we all know, February approaching with special day to celebrate. Which do you prefer most? Valentine or Chinese New Year? Okay I leave the answer to you. Until March 2010 Mahkota hotel have special menu addition within the time period. So you must catch up with the due date or the menu will not be available anymore. So What’s cookin? Among it are:

Melaka Nyonya Popiah Promotion
January 18 – 29 2010,
12.00noon – 10pm
Are craving for some nyonya popiah?
RM12.00++ per portion (Ala Carte)

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Kids Tourism

Sometimes we are going out because thinking about the children happiness. After five days of work, some of us just want to laying down at home watching DVD’s or baking some cookies. Then how about the kids? If they are still not going to school, everyday at home making them bored and sad. They are really want to going out. As a parent, it is the best time to be with them and the same time making them happy. Although physically we want to take a rest, the kids derive our heart to go out traveling or going some where else other than home.

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Malacca Hotel Seven Promotion

Hotel Seven…

You know where is Laksamana Cheng Ho Street? Don’t know? Probably you know where is Hang Li Poh well, Sam Po Kong Temple or Bukit Cina(Cina Hill). Then you can find this hotel. A new building just at the main road. Hotel Seven is quite new here, in business last year. Strategically located for food hunter as nearby are location of many local food stalls, hawker and push cart. Just out of the lobby you can find variety of local foods such as Hainan chicken rice ball, satay, roti canai, famous Teochew’s Bah kut teh, etc.

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