LTAM Can Promote Melaka Health Tourism

First time the Batu Berendam Airport was open by Duchess of Kent, on October 1952. Now the new Melaka International Airport is open by Malaysia 6th Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Mohd Najib Tun Razak. Batu Berendam Airport once written in Malaysia history where Malaysia 1st Prime Minister Tunku Abdul Rahman landing here in 20th February 1956 after successfully arrived from London negotiating for Malaysian Independence.

After 57 years of service, the Batu Berendam airport now turn into Melaka International Airport and the new terminal is located not far from the old terminal. The airport have 2 parking lot that can handle B737-400,A320 and four GAA. This new airport hope to increase the number of visitors to Melaka and investors especially the medical tourism. Read news about LTAM from Bernama:

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Melaka at Fotopedia

Ever heard of Fotopedia? Wikipedia maybe you use to heard about wikipedia. The role is the same, a web community service. Free Information. The different from Wikipedia is fotopedia provide photo for your reference and Wikipedia provide text. You can search at Fotopedia for free. Fotopedia is for all not just professional photographer. Photopedia also encourage people to upload photo as it is / naturally not edited photo by software. I search for Melaka and just found 4 picture of it. So Melakkan, start promoting the state by uploading and create a short article about Melaka atphotopedia.

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Prime Minister Visit to Melaka on 4th Feb 2010

Today is a big day for the people of Melaka because Prime Minister YAB Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak will make a one-day working visit. Melaka Chief Minister YAB Datuk Seri Mohd. Ali Rustam said Melaka will try to set a record by serving dinner to 50,000 people and it can be largest dinner function to the people in round table formation (about 5,000 round table). At that night, Prime Minister also will officiate the Dataran 1 Malaysia / 1Malaysia Square, an area of 50 acre land that will be the largest beach recreation center in Malaysia. Before that, Prime Minister also officiate the Melaka International Airport in the morning.

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Gong Xi Valentine at Zest and Olio

Now is the perfect time for searching festive menu on upcoming celebration. As we all know this festive season will be once a year and it will be good if we can spend a little bit on fine dining for our families and love one. Make a reservation early can be very helpful as you can get best sitting and available table. Renaissance Melaka hotel can help you with the menu. Read this:


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Melaka Terompah

Gees Terompah, pic from berita harian.

Terompah is a word for sandal made out of wood. The closest example is the Japanese sandals. Just the Japanese sandals your wear it like a slippers, you know you got to wear it between you big toes. But terompah you just sheath your feet in it. There is one terompah maker in Melaka than has been featured on local newspaper. It’s Gees Original.

Gees Original produce and selling terompah. The terompah made by Gees Original have many design motives from original Baba Nyonya Style just red terompah to modern contemporary. The shop in Jalan Hang Kasturi are full with colorful terompah. They have terompah with cartoon and people face too.

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Kuala Lumpur is on 31 places to in 2010 – NY Times

Wallpaper City Guide: Kuala Lumpur

They said its about die-hard foodies, for shopaholics and Fashionista. Further more Kuala Lumpur is among the coolest and friendliest cities. The clash of ethnic and different race make KL the center of attraction. Although at your can shop anywhere at your town, you can’t get the shopping experience like in big Metropolitan Kuala Lumpur. Everyday is a megasale at Kuala Lumpur. Just think of hand bag, you need more than one days to go to all shopping mall, concept store and boutique there. It’s about a broad choices. Read here at New York Times.

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