Where to eat during Chinese New Year at Jonker Walk

Wondering where do you want to have a quick bite during the 1st day of Chinese New Year around Jonker Walk? There is one shop selling fast lunch for you here. Located at 39 Jalan Hang Kasturi. Hot Dog, the one and only in Jonker Walk. Hot dog and Banana Pancake promotion.:

Jonker Walk & Jln Hang Kasturi (2nd Cross Street)

Feb 12-16

Promotion Price:
RM 2.00

Prepared by Mr. Andrew local Malay friends and kids. All can try it out.

— asmaliana

Your festive wish list…

You can wish many good things at Amazon..

Festive month are the best reason and excuses for us to buy new thing. Go shopping are among festive activities that keep the spirit of celebration alive. You also can buy new hand bag or shoes in other month but people still fighting with the crowd during festive eve to go shopping. Everyday at the traffic jam are stressful but traffic jam at Shopping Mall are encouraging you to bargaining and walking without feeling the heat. So what are you festive month wish list?

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Cuti-Cuti Malaysia

Cuti-Cuti Malaysia Dance…

Next week will be Chinese New Year 2010 Public Holiday. Thanks to the hypermarket and 7 eleven because we are not worrying when a big festival come. If not we must stuffed all the groceries in our kitchen now because the sundry shop will be closed for a long holiday. So don’t just sit at home this weekend, let’s go cuti-cuti Malaysia!

— asmaliana


When out to Melaka New Jusco

Car Park , Full today!

We use to call it Jay Jay or Jaya Jusco but the mall prefer to call them AEON Bandaraya Melaka. Now Melaka have another Jay Jay. Located just at the side of TESCO Hypermarket. Malaccan already get used to hypermarket before this as Tesco, Mydin and Giant already making home here. With additional AEON, I think Melaka can cater the shopping needs from outside Melaka also. I don’t know about the official record, but from my naked eyes, It’s the biggest compared to other Hypermarket in Melaka both the shopping area and the parking area. I came at the 2nd day of the opening and seems no big are enough for shopaholic because happen to be massive traffic jam outside and people also park along the road.

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Little Nyonya Youth Hostel for Backpackers

Melaka Little Nyonya Youth Hostel

Just a perfect location for you to discover Melaka heritage area. Located in the Middle of the Historic Area, 5 Star Hotel and Shopping Mall. But you will feel like hidden remotely from the hustle and bustle that only few walk away. For those who give the priority for the travel and adventure itself not just luxury bedroom, Little Nyonya is the place. Price from RM12 to RM 20 per person. Not Just Plain hostel, Little Nyonya also have facilities like:-

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LTAM Can Promote Melaka Health Tourism

First time the Batu Berendam Airport was open by Duchess of Kent, on October 1952. Now the new Melaka International Airport is open by Malaysia 6th Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Mohd Najib Tun Razak. Batu Berendam Airport once written in Malaysia history where Malaysia 1st Prime Minister Tunku Abdul Rahman landing here in 20th February 1956 after successfully arrived from London negotiating for Malaysian Independence.

After 57 years of service, the Batu Berendam airport now turn into Melaka International Airport and the new terminal is located not far from the old terminal. The airport have 2 parking lot that can handle B737-400,A320 and four GAA. This new airport hope to increase the number of visitors to Melaka and investors especially the medical tourism. Read news about LTAM from Bernama:

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Melaka at Fotopedia

Ever heard of Fotopedia? Wikipedia maybe you use to heard about wikipedia. The role is the same, a web community service. Free Information. The different from Wikipedia is fotopedia provide photo for your reference and Wikipedia provide text. You can search at Fotopedia for free. Fotopedia is for all not just professional photographer. Photopedia also encourage people to upload photo as it is / naturally not edited photo by software. I search for Melaka and just found 4 picture of it. So Melakkan, start promoting the state by uploading and create a short article about Melaka atphotopedia.

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