What’s Cooking at Mahkota Now?

As we all know, February approaching with special day to celebrate. Which do

Kids Tourism

Sometimes we are going out because thinking about the children happiness. After five

Malacca Hotel Seven Promotion

Hotel Seven… You know where is Laksamana Cheng Ho Street? Don’t know? Probably

Malaysia Mystery Shopping

The Fashion Hound Murders Something mysterious are surrounding all the shopping complex around

Cheng Ho Guest House

You know Cheng Ho? The great voyager from Ming Dynasty. Apart from the Cheng Ho Cultural Museum, he also have Guest House business here, The Cheng Ho Guest House. Of

Melaka Chinatown’s newest guest house

Yeap, I think you already know where is the famous Melaka Chinatown . Somewhere in Jonker Street and Harmony Street. The best area for walking. As you walk,you will not

Sky and Land adventure

A Via Ferrata, wow I’m afraid of height already..more pic here. While I’m browsing the web about Mt. Kinabalu, I stumble upon this website that provide a package for climbers.