Melaka Tourist Arrival 2009 – 8.9mil – 19% up!

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Followed by increasing in Malaysia tourist Arrival 2009, Melaka also received great number of tourist arrival in 2009. Local tourist was the biggest contributor last year with 7.2 mil local tourist visiting Melaka last year. 6 times the number of Melaka population itself. From ASEAN country, as usual, Singaporean are number one contributor followed by Indonesia and others. Total of 485,970 (not including Malaysia).

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What Happening around Banda Hilir from 13th to 14th Feb

Going anywhere today? I’m still at home not knowing where to go next. If you are planning to go Banda Hilir, Menara Taming Sari and Dataran Pahlawan have activities that you may want to visit. Today 13th Februari 2010, Menara Taming Sari will host SUKMA XIII Carnival Opening. The SUKMA XIII Carnival activities will be a one day program. Among the activities are:

-Coloring and Sand Art competition for kiddy — 9.00 to 10.00am
-Sepak Raga Demo — 10 to 11am
-Magic Show — 10-11am
-Limbo Rock — 11-11.30am
-Demo from Malaysian Security Forces — 15.00 16.00pm
-Paramedic Demo — 15.30 to 16.30pm
-Teh Tarik Demo — 16.00 to 16.45pm
-Poco-poco exercise — 5.00 to 5.30pm
-Met With Melaka Athlete and Coach — 5.30 to 6.30pm
-CM arrival and official Opening / closing — 20.00 to 21.00pm
-Artist and Fashion Show — 21.00 to 24pm

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Show Me Malaysia and grab RM10k

Guys at Malaysia dot com are conducting an short essay bout travel and living at your places. Anywhere on Malaysia. The Best guided tour from your write up will be awarded cash. From 10,000, 2500 and 1000. How do they judge your writing? Well, they don’t judge your writing or using lectures from university. The winner will be from online votes. Write up must be approximately 800 words in length, and should guide the reader through a point-by-point trip of the region you’ve selected. Entries must be received by:
12:00PM, June 30, 2010 . So, start showing them the Malaysia!.

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Melaka Wonderland Theme Park Open in April 2010

After the good news for Ladies already happen (big Jay Jay open), now here is the good news for your kids – Melaka Wonderland Theme Park will be fully operation in April. This RM45 mil theme park also equipped with ‘tornado’ game, first in South East Asia Region. The opening date will be starting 15 April.

Melaka Wonderland Theme Park in 23 acre land expected to be much bigger then Sunway Lagoon. Other than tornado, it will have wave pool, lazy cum crazy river and many more water base game attraction. A Hotel with 168 room also will be build at the theme park and the construction will be started after Chinese New Year Celeberation.

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Where to eat during Chinese New Year at Jonker Walk

Wondering where do you want to have a quick bite during the 1st day of Chinese New Year around Jonker Walk? There is one shop selling fast lunch for you here. Located at 39 Jalan Hang Kasturi. Hot Dog, the one and only in Jonker Walk. Hot dog and Banana Pancake promotion.:

Jonker Walk & Jln Hang Kasturi (2nd Cross Street)

Feb 12-16

Promotion Price:
RM 2.00

Prepared by Mr. Andrew local Malay friends and kids. All can try it out.

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Your festive wish list…

You can wish many good things at Amazon..

Festive month are the best reason and excuses for us to buy new thing. Go shopping are among festive activities that keep the spirit of celebration alive. You also can buy new hand bag or shoes in other month but people still fighting with the crowd during festive eve to go shopping. Everyday at the traffic jam are stressful but traffic jam at Shopping Mall are encouraging you to bargaining and walking without feeling the heat. So what are you festive month wish list?

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Cuti-Cuti Malaysia

Cuti-Cuti Malaysia Dance…

Next week will be Chinese New Year 2010 Public Holiday. Thanks to the hypermarket and 7 eleven because we are not worrying when a big festival come. If not we must stuffed all the groceries in our kitchen now because the sundry shop will be closed for a long holiday. So don’t just sit at home this weekend, let’s go cuti-cuti Malaysia!

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