Shopping with out a list

You can’t go to fitting room in online shopping..

Yesterday I’m going out to one of the hypermarket to buy milk for the children. The milk only around $30.. but I end up spending about $300. Instead of buying just milk when I’m on my way to the exit entrance, I accidentally saw a new boutique and have a look. As a result I’m buying 3 type of clothing (design) and 2 scarf. And I’m happy with it. That is what happen when you go shopping without a list but with extra cash or credit card. If you bring along the list also, as a women you can’t resist the temptation of buying other than the list because:

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— asmaliana


Dedicate love at Body Shop Malaysia and you could win..

Guys, this is one opportunity for you to show how romantic you are to us ladies. You guys have before 28th February to do the task. The dedication can be in 3 format, Video, photograph or in writing. Just make the judge from body shop impress by your true and pure heart and you could win the new fragrance Love Etc.

Although the contest is exclusively for valentine, but you still can participate before 28th February. Beside, you just don’t express you love in 14th Feb rite? Love must be nurture everyday till the end…Happy Ending.

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— asmaliana

List of Melaka Hotel, Chalet and Resort 2009

Here I’m uploading just plain data of Melaka Hotel, Chalet and Resort 2009 in excel format. As of 2009, so you can update it yourself if have any new hotel contacts or added new hotel, chalet and resort in Melaka for 2010 and so on. In my list, it has a total of 197 lodgings in Melaka that consist of Hotel, Chalet and Resort. The total rooms are 10731 rooms. You can download it here. Have a nice day and happy updating!…

Traveler January 2010 Gold List 681 World’s Best Places to Stay Top Hotels, Resorts, Cruise Lines

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Play the game and win RM10,000 Aussie adventure…

When I go to the graphic background written Play and Win RM10,000 ultimate Aussie Roadtrip. Why RM? Is the games build only for Malaysian? Maybe the website can detect where you surf the Internet from and convert the price money according to the country currency. My assumption are wrong because the game is actually open for Malaysian Resident age 18 and above.

But that is not the main issues here. The issues are how to outrun the others and if can’t win the RM10,000 at least get their weekly prizes like:

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— asmaliana


Equatorial Melaka offers you RM88

Unsatisfied Chef….

From 1st January – 31st December 2010, You can stay at Equatorial Melaka from RM268++ per room per night and get RM88 credit daily to spend at any of Equatorial food and beverage outlets. Credit may be accumulated and unspent credit will be refunded at 50% in cash upon check-out. Too good an offer to miss? Wait till you discover the rest of the package!

Offer is available on a limited number of rooms only. Please check availability on reservations page, here.

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— asmaliana


Old Days – Stadhuys Complex & Christ Church

A picture of history. Christ Church and Stadhuys.

All the building are still available in the present time. Just we don’t know what were the building colors actually in that day. No traffic jam. Only have horse, and four people. All with bear foot. If we look at all the 4 people judging by their clothing, I can say at the horse maybe a Malay or a Chitty, Chinese wearing hat and a Chinese boy. Of course that day it was not a place for tourist. Its an administrative building in a town center. I don’t know the exact date of the picture but we can guess from which period. Looks like no Victoria Fountain and the Clock tower already exist. Clock Tower was built in 1886 in honour of a successful Chinese tycoon named Tan Beng Swee. Victoria Fountain was built in 1904 by the British in commemoration of Queen Victoria’s 60th anniversary of coronation. So we can say the picture was between 1886 and 1904. 19th Century.

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— asmaliana

“Dirtiest Hotels” rating can be Dirty Trick?

From now on, slowly we are affected by the power of Internet. If we want to buy anything or go anywhere, first thing is we will google for info and review it before we proceed. 20 years ago, we just go to the owner or location and ask. Now we ask a little but read more. Somehow the review and readings from the Internet affected our judgment.

There are some review website in the Internet that have huge number of visitors, million everyday specific for the subject matter. For example website for Travelers. Of course the website is not an official body to make any remark on any tourism products or hotel but when it has high traffic of users, many people will make it as a reputable source. Even daily newspapers also digging at such site to get some news scoop.

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— asmaliana

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