Melaka Tourist Arrival 2009 – 8.9mil – 19% up!

World Geography of Travel and Tourism: A Regional Approach by Alan Lew.New: $49.45

What Happening around Banda Hilir from 13th to 14th Feb

Going anywhere today? I’m still at home not knowing where to go next.

Show Me Malaysia and grab RM10k

Guys at Malaysia dot com are conducting an short essay bout travel and

Melaka Wonderland Theme Park Open in April 2010

After the good news for Ladies already happen (big Jay Jay open), now

Where to eat during Chinese New Year at Jonker Walk

Wondering where do you want to have a quick bite during the 1st day of Chinese New Year around Jonker Walk? There is one shop selling fast lunch for you

Your festive wish list… Widgets You can wish many good things at Amazon.. Festive month are the best reason and excuses for us to buy new thing. Go shopping are among festive activities

Cuti-Cuti Malaysia

Cuti-Cuti Malaysia Dance… Next week will be Chinese New Year 2010 Public Holiday. Thanks to the hypermarket and 7 eleven because we are not worrying when a big festival come.