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Don’t be a Travel Scam Victim

Street Scam is another thing to think off while traveling…-Travel Advisory! How to Avoid Thefts, Cons, and Street Scams While Traveling

Travel & Tourism area are always the target of the Scam syndicate. They use many type of offers to lure your deposit into their hidden price travel package. Breathtaking travel bargains always will be interesting into your eyes. Some calling you stating from certain hotel offering like a discount card. A credit card pre-payment is a must. So when the thing just a bit confusing to you just ignore the call. Why we want to get ourselves into a tie up with a annual discount card because you don’t know what happen in the future. When traveling, you also don’t want to be at the same hotel always.

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opening by cm at KL sentral

Melaka at KL-Sentral

Opening by Chief Minister of Melaka @ KL Sentral..

Yesterday / Last weekend the whole Tourism Melaka Team was in KL-Sentral on 3 days promotion. Place such as KL-Sentral is good for such a short period promotion as it can pull the crowd fast. Also it’s the center of people from various place around not just KL but the whole country and tourist. So they can enjoy the performance before waiting their Commuter or LRT. This weekend the team will be in Johor Bahru.

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Deluxe Room

Escape!- Latest Holiday Packages at Renaissance Melaka Hotel

Riverview from Renaissance Melaka Hotel

Renaissance Melaka Hotel now introduced three all new holiday packages for travelers especially during this school holiday. Bookable online, the holiday packages include cultural city break, relaxing spa holiday or an intimate romance get together.

Renaissance Melaka Hotel – An Ideal Getaway in Melaka

MELAKA March, 2010 – At the Renaissance Melaka Hotel, we have packages to help you take a break from your daily hectic schedule and spend quality time with your family.

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craft fetival

National Craft Day Celebration 2010

Now we are still in the National Craft Day Celebration month. This craft festival take place fom 24th Feb to 24th March 2010. But the sales, exhibition and demonstration are from 24th Feb to 8 March at National Craft Complex Jalan Conlay (Conlay Street).

Until 9/13 March to 24th of March, few shopping complexes and hotel are participating the craft sales and demonstration. The Shopping Complexes are:

9-24 March 2010 (10am – 10pm)
-AEON Alpha Angle, KL
-Great Eastern Mall, KL
-Pasar Seni,KL

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kl lifestyle

KL Lifestyle goes Online

Flip it and can print it at

The idea of page flipping online Magazine is good in the time of high speed broadband era. Free is more preferable. Some time we just stick to one preferable magazine and just borrow others because just wanna read certain section and also your room are full with old magazines and can fall into you at any time. Until you are not kinda financial freedom situation, better save every dime at the bank for future happenings. So for those who like to read monthly KL Lifestyle, now the mag is available online. Can flip it too. Have sound and you can print your preferable page. A magazine quality design and print.

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costa lanta

Seeking for the Best Budget Hotel in the world

Costa Lanta, Koh Lanta Thailand, Budget category but luxurious look…

When it comes to Best Budget Hotel in the world, the word ‘budget’ also reflects on which country that you want to stay. For example in timesonline UK world best Budget Hotel in the world winner is THE PLACE AT THE BEACH, CAMBER, EAST SUSSEX. It said that The Place at the Beach hotel rates is around £80. About RM460 in Malaysian money. For £80 in Melaka for example you can get a room at the Renaissance Hotel Melaka and Renaissance Melaka Hotel is a 5 Star Hotel here.

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ali rustam jom ke melaka

Roadshow Jom ke Melaka!

Melaka Chief Minister when opening the 100days until Sukan Malaysia XIII.

Want to go to Melaka but doesn’t have the time yet? Fret not because Melaka will come at all Major cities in Malaysia through the Jom Ke Melaka! program. This road trip will start on 5th of March. First destination is Kuala Lumpur and the place is KL Sentral. Jom ke Melaka program also in conjunction of Sukan Malaysia XIII Melaka 2010.

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