Escape!- Latest Holiday Packages at Renaissance Melaka Hotel

Riverview from Renaissance Melaka Hotel Renaissance Melaka Hotel now introduced three all new

National Craft Day Celebration 2010

Now we are still in the National Craft Day Celebration month. This craft

KL Lifestyle goes Online

Flip it and can print it at The idea of page flipping

Seeking for the Best Budget Hotel in the world

Costa Lanta, Koh Lanta Thailand, Budget category but luxurious look… When it comes

Roadshow Jom ke Melaka!

Melaka Chief Minister when opening the 100days until Sukan Malaysia XIII. Want to go to Melaka but doesn’t have the time yet? Fret not because Melaka will come at all

Hotelier Business Simulation

Hotel Giant large Scale Simulation.. Usually we think computer games are just for kids and we will be mad at them when they are just playing computer games all day

Photo Shoot with my kid

Maa I’m like a model! Last Saturday my friends want to take some of the scenic Melaka view to be captured on photo. My friends also offered to shoot the