matta fair 2010

Malaysia’s no. 1 travel fair is back!

Don’t swipe your credit card to the anonymous travel agents that will call you anytime because MATTA Fair 2010 is back – bigger. MATTA fair is the real deal, at MATTA fair you can directly face the travel and tourism players. So you can ask them directly about the travel package, discount and offers. So, with many booth available including the Airlines companies, like firefly, Air Mauritius and Egypt Air, your can make a right decision for your travel budget.

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29th Kuala Lumpur International Book Fair

29th International Book Fair at Kuala Lumpur

From 19 to 28 March 2010, there will be a book fair. The venue is Putra World Trade Center (PWTC) Kuala Lumpur. It’s not just text book for school book fair but it’s an International Fair. So there will be many books from all sort of genre at the event. From the website I can see 6 hall at PWTC open for this event. So many books because 187 exhibitor from book publishing companies will open their booth.

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old melaka general hospital

Melaka General Hospital – most up to date in medical facilities

Yes, Melaka General Hospital got the most up to date Medical Facilities in the country at 1934. Now all the Government Hospital have been equipped with standard and modern facilities under the Ministry of Health. Why talk about hospital suddenly? Because while I’m walking at the Melaka General Hospital, I saw one abandoned building, like horror movies and it has a sign. The Sign said, “This Monument Has Been Gazetted Under The Preservation and Conservation of Cultural Heritage Enactment 1988 [enactment No. 6 1988].

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portuguese melaka town map

Town Planning for Melaka is History

Melaka Town Plan was been available since the Portuguese. Then it was continued by Dutch and the British. Many of the landscape from that era can still be recognized until now. For example, when we read the Dutch era Melaka town plan, we can Imagine where are the Street like Jonker and Banda Hilir. Despite of the rapid urban and commercial development, Melaka town area have largely retain urban style of old shophouses,religious and administrative buildings. We can see the authenticity by the original street patterns in the old Town map and present…

Melaka Portuguese Town Map…

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chinese wooden barrel

MALACCA wooden barrels

Chinese call you a “rice barrel” when they mean you are stupid. Pic and quote from

Manage to get an old article about Melaka still exist Chinese traditional wooden barrel maker at Hang Kasturi Street, Mr.Chan Cheok Tiam.

Keeping the barrel-making business afloat
Gomathy Ramasamy

MALACCA:When it comes to wooden barrels, we very often think in terms of them being used to age and store liquor.
But actually, all sorts of food — fish, meat, vegetables, cooked rice our local nasi lemak, nasi kandar and even putumayam — can also be stored and transported in them.

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travel advisory

Don’t be a Travel Scam Victim

Street Scam is another thing to think off while traveling…-Travel Advisory! How to Avoid Thefts, Cons, and Street Scams While Traveling

Travel & Tourism area are always the target of the Scam syndicate. They use many type of offers to lure your deposit into their hidden price travel package. Breathtaking travel bargains always will be interesting into your eyes. Some calling you stating from certain hotel offering like a discount card. A credit card pre-payment is a must. So when the thing just a bit confusing to you just ignore the call. Why we want to get ourselves into a tie up with a annual discount card because you don’t know what happen in the future. When traveling, you also don’t want to be at the same hotel always.

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opening by cm at KL sentral

Melaka at KL-Sentral

Opening by Chief Minister of Melaka @ KL Sentral..

Yesterday / Last weekend the whole Tourism Melaka Team was in KL-Sentral on 3 days promotion. Place such as KL-Sentral is good for such a short period promotion as it can pull the crowd fast. Also it’s the center of people from various place around not just KL but the whole country and tourist. So they can enjoy the performance before waiting their Commuter or LRT. This weekend the team will be in Johor Bahru.

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