Melaka Sprint Race 2010

Starting on 27th March 2010, the straight road at Eye On Malaysia Melaka will be roaming with engine sounds. There will be a car race here. The race will be available through out the year. Race date are:

-27th March 2010
-29th May 2010
-7th August 2010
-25th September 2010
-4th December 2010

The category for the sprint race are:
– Class A ( Turbo Open OTR)
– Class B (VTEC & MIVEC OTR)
– Class C (2000 NA OTR)
– Class D (1.5 NA OTR)
– Class E (1.3 Turbo OTR)

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Malaysia Home Ministry is expected to increase scrutiny of foreigners….

Although Malaysian Airport not yet using the full x-ray body scanner, The Home Ministry is expected to increase scrutiny of foreigners who enter the country at main entry points .

Sunday March 14, 2010

Increased security scrutiny at entry points
KOTA BARU: The Home Ministry is expected to increase scrutiny of foreigners who enter the country at main entry points in the country to stem a rise in the number of drug trafficking cases.

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path to dutch harbour cafe

Dutch Harbour Cafe Melaka – also nice to enter at the back

This is among restaurant in Melaka that you can enter both from the front entrance and at the back. The back entrance also as nice as the front entrance. Seat at the back and you can enjoy dining just at the lazy Melaka River. By the restaurant name, you can guess that this restaurant serve Dutch Food. Yes they serve Dutch food. You can browse the complete Dutch Harbour Cafe menu here.

Dutch Harbour Cafe Melaka located at Stadhuys Shop lot at Banda Hilir along Jalan Laksamana. From Town center you can use Jalan Bendahara. Let say you start from Renaissance Hotel Melaka. Go Straight at Jalan Bendahara until the first traffic light. Than you can see Public Bank on your left and a parking lot on your right. Just go to that parking lot and park there. From the parking lot just walk because the Restaurant is just few blocks away.

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MELAKA from the Top – Dennis De Witt

When talking about the Eurasian in Melaka, we always highlighted the Portuguese. Seldom we exposing the Dutch descendants. Actually the Dutch Descendants here are a minority within the minority. Not like the Indo-Dutch Eurasians from Indonesia that known to exist and exposed in the country film / modeling industry. One of the Melaka Dutch Descendants, Dennis De Witt, actively creating an awareness about the Melaka Dutch Descendants Existence by writing few books.

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avon eterna magic

‘Tunai Impianmu’ and win RM1k with Avon Eternal Magic

Everyone knows Avon, I remember Avon since I was kid. For most, Avon can be your first perfume before moving on. Now Avon introducing new perfume called Eternal Magic. The perfume is inspired by Monaco Princess Roses ( Princesse de Monaco Rose ) that said hard to find. Never heard of that rose before.

Avon Eternal magic is available now at all 179 Avon boutique. In conjunction of the new perfume, Avon have a contest and you can win RM1000 cash and a Hi Tea with Avon products ambassador Fazura. The contest end at 31st of March 2010. The contest must enclosed with the perfume box and a cute pose of you with it. The question at the contest form are very the easiest. So find your contest form at Avon Malaysia website here.

Princesse de Monaco (Rosa Hybrid Tea) – Bare Root Rose

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Antenatal Talk at King’s Hotel Melaka

image from cartoonstock.

First of all what is Antenatal? Here’s the scoop:

Occurring before birth. Prenatal or antenatal development is the process in which an embryo or fetus (or foetus) gestates during pregnancy, from fertilization until birth. Often, the terms fetal development, fetal development, or embryology are used in a similar sense.

So preggy mom, mothers or mothers to be can attend the program organized by Pantai Hospital Ayer Keroh. Pantai Hospital are among the chosen private hospital in Melaka. More infor about pantai hospital here. Here’s the detail about the Antenatal talk:

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Melaka Hari Ini Open day today…

Melaka Hari Ini Newspaper…

From 12 to 14 March, Melaka state government daily newspaper Melaka Hari Ini (MHI) is conducting and open day (Hari Terbuka MHI) at their main in Rumah Media Melaka / Melaka Media House. Many prize awaits the visitors like hotel voucher, hampers and electrical gadgets. With only RM1, you can participate in the lucky draw.

This MHI open day also have many booth and stalls that sell local products, local fruits, food and merchandise. Federal Agricultural Marketing Authority (FAMA) is the main sponsor also will open their booth offering fresh fruits from the farm, flowers and will do a lempok and char kury teow sauce making demonstration. Lempok is some sort of traditional fruit jam.

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