Antenatal Talk at King’s Hotel Melaka

image from cartoonstock. First of all what is Antenatal? Here’s the scoop: Occurring

Melaka Hari Ini Open day today…

Melaka Hari Ini Newspaper… From 12 to 14 March, Melaka state government daily

Malaysia’s no. 1 travel fair is back!

Don’t swipe your credit card to the anonymous travel agents that will call

29th International Book Fair at Kuala Lumpur

From 19 to 28 March 2010, there will be a book fair. The

Melaka General Hospital – most up to date in medical facilities

Yes, Melaka General Hospital got the most up to date Medical Facilities in the country at 1934. Now all the Government Hospital have been equipped with standard and modern facilities

Town Planning for Melaka is History

Melaka Town Plan was been available since the Portuguese. Then it was continued by Dutch and the British. Many of the landscape from that era can still be recognized until

MALACCA wooden barrels

Chinese call you a “rice barrel” when they mean you are stupid. Pic and quote from Manage to get an old article about Melaka still exist Chinese traditional wooden