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Hello Health at Mahkota Parade

For the those who concern about healthy activities, from 12 March to 25 April 2010 Mahkota Parade presenting an Event about health. This health event will include talk about fitness trends, health products and beauty regimes that will keep you in the pink of health. Also some free gift to grab at the mall:

12 Mar ā€“ 25 Apr 2010 | 11am ā€“ 9pm
Daily Redemption at Guest Services Desk, Main Entrance

FREE! Mahkota Parade Face Towel with a minimum
purchase of RM80* at Mahkota Parade.
*Limited to the first 80 shoppers per day | 1 redemption per shopper per day only on a first-come-first-served basis | While stocks last.

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1 bedroom apartment night

Serviced Apartment to Choose in Melaka

Mahkota Hotel 1 bedroom apartment..

Which is better? Serviced apartment or hotel? Both better according to your matter. That’s why both of the building exist. If you are traveling alone for a short period, Serviced apartment are to big for you. Usually hotel are focus to be build in the heart of a town and we can see many serviced apartment at coastal or resort area like in the high land. This is because people like to choose serviced apartment for a long holiday or group vacation.

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HOMDEX 2010 and Gendang Nusantara Festival on April

Last Year Melaka Archipelago Drum Festival, more pic at mohd azhar flickr..

Now already the fourth week of March. How fast the time past by. So what’s big in Melaka this April? They got the drums and the sofa. On 15th of April there will be Gendang Nusantra Festival and Also HOMDEX first day opening. Homdex is the anual Melaka Furniture expo held at Melaka International Trade Center (MITC). This expo are from 15th to 18th April. Many big furniture manufacturer will participate and there will many cheap sales / promotion. Suitable for new house owner and couple planning for wedding ceremony. Other than furniture there will be electrical items, house hold goods and home improvement products.

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Breaking Coconut using 1 finger by Uncle Ho at Jonker Street

I think many of you that have visited the Jonker Walk night market every Friday to Sunday evening must have seen an old Chinese man doing some kung fu master stuff like brick breaking at the chest and the his famous coconut penetration with only one finger. He also selling his traditional chinese medicated oil at the night market. This video from youtube show him at work. It has been a long time since I go to the Jonker Walk night market, don’t know how the performance now…

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Room Promo - RM90 F&B rebate 1

Bayview Hotel Melaka 2010 room promotion

The promotion is RM90 per night with 50% cash back. So how it work?

The current promotion will allows Bayview Hotel guest to dine while staying at the hotel. You can enjoy a food and beverage voucher for RM90nett per night (Twin Share of RM45nett each) redeemable at all Bayview Hotel food and beverage outlets. This food and beverage voucher can be accumulated on a daily basis and guest can decide whether to use the F & B vouchers to dine or entertain their client. The good news is we will extend 50% CASH BACK for all unused vouchers.

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What do you expect from Hotel Star Rating?

Among first thing we will ask when choosing the hotel is the Star Rating. Usually from 3 Star to 5 star hotel. Normal people don’t really know what are the hotel Stars about. We just assume the Star rating base on the facts like Hotel Name for Example here everybody knows that Equatorial Hotel is 5 Star and Mahkota Hotel is 3 Star. Other criteria we assume are the price and the hotel looks. The price maybe can relate with the Star rating but somehow not the hotel looks.

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Sports travel & tourism fast forward growth

Malaysia Sport XIII Melaka…SUKMA.

In many occasion sports has proven can unite all sorts of people. In many ways, sports can make everyone sit in the same table, drink and watch the game. Year by year, sports has become more Global with satellite TV and up to date information on the Internet. Everyday most of us will read sports results first at the news paper before turn on to another page. For certain country like England, their local football league are watch by thousand of people around the world.

And many people dream to go to England to watch the game live. Favorite team are Manchester United, Arsenal, Liverpool and Chelsea. There are all a global brand now. In 2008, the growth of this Sport travel & tourism is US$600 billion or +10% of the international tourism market. International Sports Press Association said in it’s recent article:

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