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Malaysia Among Top 10 Destinations for Europeans

“Your holiday budget is spared: life here is exceptionally affordable!” said the Yahoo! site.

The travel magazines list Malaysia among the affordable destination. We give the luxury title to other places like Cancun and Paris. But we still have the luxury experience at resort along white sandy beaches with crystal clear water like Langkawi island. 1.00 Euro is about 4.00 Malaysian Ringgit. So if you got 1000 Euro, that will be 4000 Ringgit Malaysia. The Europeans can stay hear longer and choose to spend on luxury accommodation or go shopping around KL. With good currency rate, must bring a bigger baggage when coming here. Malaysia also got good quality local brands like Arfa Batek, Bonia, Jimmy Choo, Bernard Chandran and Jakel.

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National Entrepreneur conference and exhibition, MITC 9-11 April

From 9 to 11 April there will be a conference at MITC and the conference are all about entrepreneurship. Organized by My Events and supported by the State Government. The Objectives of this conference are:

* To encourage aspiring entrepreneur to become better equipped with relevant opportunities, skills, knowledge in order to stay competitive globally
* To provide opportunities for networking between entrepreneurs
* To formulate new strategies and new business opportunities that hasten entrepreneur growth
* To facilitate cooperation and working together in providing solutions to business development issues

Among the activities waiting for you at the conference are:

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an open zoo concept

Trip to Singapore Zoo and Jurong Bird Park

An open concept zoo…

Last Thursday I was following the official Melaka Zoo trip to Singapore. The objectives are to learn how the Zoo in Singapore operate as a successful business entity. We all depart for Singapore by a Bus. Arrived at Jurong Bird Park first and then proceed to the zoo. Have some refreshment at the Bongo Burger.

The Singapore is professionally manage and focus to make the area as near to the Rain Forest experience. Although the animals there are not many in term of population like the Melaka Zoo,Singapore Zoo has wide variety of Species. How they present the animal for visitors are also in different perspectives, Singapore Zoo is an open concept zoo.

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dim sum

All-You-Can-Eat Dim Sum Lunch On Weekdays At Renaissance Melaka Hotel

Please call Mei Fong for more info….

Now is April and Renaissance Melaka Hotal already launch gastronomic promotion since the first day of the Month. On weekdays through out the month of April, You can eat variety of dim sum lunch at Renaissance Long Feng. Read the prezz release below:

MELAKA, April 2010 – This April, you are bound to enjoy authentic yet succulent dim sum delights at the award winning Long Feng Chinese Restaurant at Renaissance Melaka Hotel.

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luggage airport

Lost and not found…

Is it a common thing – baggage lost at the Airport? Well report said that : 25 million air passenger bags lost in 2009 .

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND – Some 25 million bags went missing in the world’s airports in 2009, costing the airline industry some US$2.5 billion, according to data released Thursday by air transport electronics group Sita.

Just over half of these bags, 52 per cent, were misplaced during aircraft transfers, while another 16 percent did not arrive at the destination on time as they were not loaded on planes, luggage tracking data showed.

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2nd PIKOM PC Fair at MITC Melaka 9 – 11 APRIL 2010

Remember the Pikom PC Fair at MITC Melaka last yer on December. Such a huge crowd from all ages. I can see an old women come in wheel chair also. Before this Melaka PIKOM PC Fair was held at Mahkota Parade. PC fair are a crowd puller in where ever the place are. But Mahkota Parade area is a bit small and crampy, also parking problem in the weekend. Thus, the shift to MITC is a succesful one. Large hall in MITC making the movement easier, this also encourage older citizen to come. Parking? No problem, and its free.

So if you got your monthly salary on 25 March, make sure don’t spend it all before this 9-11 April because you might be in deep frustration if going there with empty bullet.

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“Barrack Stay” in Port Dickson Army Camp

Barrack who? Not Barrack Obama but an Army Barrack at Port Dickson. Recently Defense Minister announce that the government will promote an army style stay at the former Port Dickson Army camp. I say this is a really niche market in the region to tap into. No other individual can do this other that the Government itself. By bringing the experience as a Military Personal to the public, I think there are many army wannabe out there that are dreaming to be an army since childhood. So this kind of Army Tourism packages can satisfied their long awaited dream.

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