Melaka Want to extend river cruise route

Cruising Along Melaka River through the historic city… Melaka River Cruise now easily

Hello Health at Mahkota Parade

For the those who concern about healthy activities, from 12 March to 25

Serviced Apartment to Choose in Melaka

Mahkota Hotel 1 bedroom apartment.. Which is better? Serviced apartment or hotel? Both

HOMDEX 2010 and Gendang Nusantara Festival on April

Last Year Melaka Archipelago Drum Festival, more pic at mohd azhar flickr.. Now

Breaking Coconut using 1 finger by Uncle Ho at Jonker Street

I think many of you that have visited the Jonker Walk night market every Friday to Sunday evening must have seen an old Chinese man doing some kung fu master

Bayview Hotel Melaka 2010 room promotion

The promotion is RM90 per night with 50% cash back. So how it work? The current promotion will allows Bayview Hotel guest to dine while staying at the hotel. You

What do you expect from Hotel Star Rating?

Among first thing we will ask when choosing the hotel is the Star Rating. Usually from 3 Star to 5 star hotel. Normal people don’t really know what are the