Bridal Fair at Renaissance this 2nd of May

Need an expert about your marriage? I mean wedding plan? This event is suitable for you. Free admission. On 2nd of May 2010 (Sunday), Renaissance Melaka hotel organizing a Bridal Fair. Details about the wedding are:

Venue : Bunga Raya Grand Ballroom (Level 7), Renaissance Melaka Hotel,
Time : 11.00am – 4.00pm

So couples, what you can get at Renaissance Melaka Bridal fair are:
-Bridal Show by ‘Taipei Palace’
-Bridal Talk by ‘Star Biz’
-Peranakan Wedding Talk by ‘Baba-Nyonya Cultural Promotions’
-Fashion Show by ‘Mademoiselle’
-Beauty & Healthy Talk by ‘Slimming Sanctuary’
-Lucky Draw
and On-Site Pampering

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satay celupnyonya

Satay Celup Nyonya – Manyak Shiok Man!

Don’t ask me, I don’t eat it, somebody just said that Satay Celup Nyonya at Melaka Raya taste better that Capitol. 100 Items to choose from the chillers at get a free shot-glass of fruit-veggie juice from “Thirst for Health”, they said a good way to start eating traditional Nyonya-Style Satay Celup. So I don’t need to write more just go to their homepage, get the address and find Satay Celup Nyonya at 586 Taman Melaka Raya to order your satay celup….

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cycling at sabah

Cycling Adventure in Malaysia

Cycling at Sabah

Want to really enjoy the surroundings at the place we travel?, cycling is the best way. Put your feet at the pedal and cycle anywhere you want to go. Only your skin and the nature. Stop at everywhere you want to. In Malaysia, no need to pay toll or parking fee for bicycle. I’m not a bicycle fan so I don’t know about the best bicycle brand available but there are plenty of bicycle shop here in Malaysia.

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merlimau malay house

Japanese Student learn the Melaka way….

The group posing for a photo in front of a traditional Malay house – The Star.

Among the famous place for foreign student doing cultural exchange and live with foster family is at Merlimau Melaka. This is because village around Merlimau area provide near complete package of life in the Melaka village. It has 100 years old house that have been gazetted as a Heritage Area, paddy field, local sea fisherman / fishery area, local food industry that still use back of the house for operation and a glimpse of Melaka Sultanate History. At Pulai, Merlimau also among Melaka homestay participant.

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smoke free zone

Cigarette smoke free area at Melaka

You are entering smoke free zone…….campaign.

Now the Melaka Health Department making a new campaign of smoke free area at certain part of the Melaka city. Among the area is Banda Hilir. In Malaysia smoking is ban at certain place like the Government office, Hospitals and School. But for these campaign, it target a larger area rather tahn the building itself. The campaign is aimed to educate people not to smoke in public places. This is different from the actual gazetted area. Smoking in the gazetted can be fine. In Malaysia, if caught smoking in gazetted area you can be fine RM10,000 or 2 years in jail. Europeans regions are among serious continent in making legislation about smoking ban. They had European Public Health Alliance to gather information about smoking ban also few organization such as the European Network for Smoking Prevention (ENSP) and the European Respiratory Society on the progress of European countries in implementing anti-smoking legislation.

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pesta gendang 1

The Drums Festival Beat …

Team from the Archipelago..

Archipelago Drum festival already finished in 14th of February. I manage to see the last show. Here we are already accustomed to the Malay Archipelago drums from Indonesia-Brunei-Singapore as the instrument, dance, costume similar to what we have in Malaysia. The Philippines traditional dance also kinda similar to Sabah State of Malaysia tribal dance Kadazan. The Festival had to finished up early because of the heavy rain. I manage to capture Uzbekistan Traditional dance in a short Video. Interesting dance with a man in the middle playing a traditional percussion instrument.

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