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Direct Flights To Kuching And Kota Kinabalu from Melaka..

Air Asia A330- 300 1:400 Scale die cast.

For now it is still in proposal and waiting for Air Asia to unleashed the potential of Melaka International Airport.

Melaka Wants Direct Flights To Kuching And Kota Kinabalu

KUCHING, May 4 (Bernama) — Melaka wants low-cost carrier AirAsia to introduce direct flights from the Melaka International Airport (MIA) to Kuching and Kota Kinabalu to boost joint capacity in the tourism sector.

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1kg cake

Your mother bday on 9 May, FREE Mother’s Day Hi Tea and a 1kg cake

Mother whose birthday falls on May 09, 2010 entitles FREE Mother’s Day High Tea and a 1kg cake at Cafe Mahkota. Book at least 3 days in advance to grab this special offer! Terms & Conditions Apply. Call now at 06 – 281 2828 (ext. 5101/5102) or email: Cafe Mahkota to avoid disappointment…

Terms & Conditions
1.Book at least three (3) days in advance to entitle this special offer.
2.A group of at least three (3) person can entitle this offer; Paying two (2) guests FREE one (1) guests. The FREE guests must be the birthday mother.
3.Not entitled with other offer or promotion.
4.Offer valid only on May 09, 2010 – Mother’s Day at Cafe Mahkota.

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malaysia pavilion

World Expo : Malaysia Pavilion to attract 1.2 million Chinese tourist

Have you seen it in the news, Malaysia Minangkabau style roof prove to be attraction to the visitors at World Expo. The Malaysia house also compete with all aspect of Malaysia mixed culture and ethnic. I guess the Chinese there also will be amazed how the Chinese here can preserved the old Chinese culture outside their mother land and being celebrated as a National event. Next time Melaka Style house would be good for the pavilion I think. This is because the Multicultural influence of the design make it more originally from here. The Melaka traditional stair also using China Tile..:-)

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seri malaysia melaka

Mother’s Day buffet brunch at Seri Malaysia Melaka

Seri Malaysia Melaka Hotel also having a special buffet promotion in conjunction with Mother’s day. Seri Malaysia buffet promotion is on 16th May 2010 from 12.00pm to 0400pm at Jonker Cafe, Seri Malaysia Hotel Melaka. Seri Malaysia is famous for it location just along the highway. The location of Seri Malaysia Melaka is just at the Ayer Keroh highway and if you come from Ayer Keroh Toll Exit, it is situated after the Petronas Station and the Melaka Arch.

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Melaka International Air Carnival 2010

Karnival Udara Melaka 2010

There will 31 participants will participating in this event. Among countries participating are Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand and Philippines. The opening ceremony will be on 4rd June 2010 at Melaka Melaka International AirportInternational Airport and launch by Governor of Melaka, Tun Mohd Khalil Bin Yaakub. All are welcome to this aviation event, just don’t bring your kite. Will update the full schedule.

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map to the wonderland theme park

on 15th May lah Melaka Wonderland Theme Park & Resort’s open

the location…

Well you heard it, don’t ask but call the management at 06-2313333. From what the brochure at their facebook, looks like the Price for adult on weekends will be not more than RM30 and maybe 25 for children. I don’t get the real brochure yet. See ya at the opening….

**Update 27/5/2010**

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world press freedom day

May is World Press Freedom day

Now it’s May, do you know that United Nations General Assembly has been officially designated May 3 each year as World Press Freedom Day. This event will be organized by UNESCO.

World Press Freedom Day provides an opportunity to defend journalists and media organisations from attacks on their independence; to evaluate the state of press freedom around the world; and to pay tribute to those brave journalists who have lost their lives in the exercise of their profession.

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