saya nak cuti mas traveller

Saya nak Cuti With Mas Traveller

Saya Nak Cuti !!!

Have you seen this program on Astro Ria Chanel on Wednesday 10.00pm? I only watch Saya nak cuti With Mas Traveller once. The program come with a contest and you could win 2 flight tickets with Malaysia Airlines to destination featured in the episode. But to enter the contest you must register with Mas Traveller website first.

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save live donate blood

Bayview Melaka want your blood!

Bayview Hotel Melaka is organising a Blood Donation Campaign in collaboration with Hospital Melaka. No need worry because your blood will be taken by the guys from Melaka General Hospital not Hotel guys. Support this event and you can save lives. Spread the word to make the campaign a success.


As part of its community service project, Bayview Hotel Melaka is embarking on a blood donation drive jointly organised with Hospital Melaka on Tuesday, 25 May 2010.

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fire fly

Firefly chartered flight begining May 28 and after that Air Asia

Which air hostess do you find more capturing? firefly or Air Asia?

The first flight will be from Melaka to Medan. When building an airport, It will not be easy as like building a bus stop or a taxi stand. An aircraft does not simply land here and there to take a passenger and go. The airlines company must consider many things and strong support from the government is a must in this industry. They airlines also have bigger ‘margin’ to think.

As a state that rely mostly on tourism sector, easy access is important factor to Melaka. The flight can boost regional tourism market. Of course from a budget airlines. The tourist from Indonesia for example can cut cost the traveling expenses by flying directly to Melaka by a low cost carrier. Not to mention time saving. Even for a small state, Melaka have more that 200 hotels. Everything than bringing in the crowd will be helpful for the product owner.

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samsonite passport cover

New Malaysia Passport 1 hour

Samsonite passport cover will do…

Malaysian Immigration Department has done it again. From 1 day to 2 hours and now to an hour. Before this Malaysian can get new passport for just a hundred ringgit – valid for 2 years. So the only things that will slow your process to get a new passport are traffic jam, no parking and long ques. More about the news below:

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Contact for Pulau Besar Hotel

The island from the sea..

Many have asked about want to try out the thrill at Pulau Besar (Great Island of Melaka). You can refer my post for Pulau Besar here. The hotel available in Pulau Besar is D’Puteri Kurnia Resort. The contact is:

Tropika Selesa Sdn. Bhd,
Peti Surat No 365 Pejabat Pos Besar Melaka,
75460 Melaka.
Tel : 06-2955899
Fax : 06-2938753

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time hotel melaka

You might want to consider Time Hotel Melaka…

Time Hotel Melaka

…when staying around Melaka Raya. Just walking distance to Equatorial Hotel, Dataran Pahlawan and Mahkota Parade Shopping Mall. Walking distance also to restaurant and bars around Melaka Raya. Melaka Raya is the center of pub, bars, cafe and karaoke in Melaka. Here you can find the list with address and map, although not complete, but enough for your jump start.

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