world wedding festival

World Wedding Festival 2010 at Dataran Pahlawan

One company come out with an Idea to promote wedding as tourism attraction and to boost industries related to it. For example this event can be the opportunity to promote Melaka as honeymoon destination. So they decided to organized World Wedding Celebration (WWF 2010) that will be held on 5 to 11 December 2010.

This event will involve 34 couples that consist 14 couples from throughout Malaysia, 10 from the corporate and 10 more from other countries. On the Wedding, about 360 expo booth available to promote weddings equipment in and from foreign companies.

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mahkota hotel cooking

What’s Cooking May – June 2010 at Mahkota Hotel

It’s already May so if you have not went to Cafe Mahkota, Bay lounge or Pizza Terrace, you already miss the Melaka Cendol Special and South African Ostrich Meat Promotion. But what’s cooking promotion is until June. So let see what’s cooking at Mahkota Hotel for May and June:


a)Taste Vietnem with Mahkota Chef’s Specially Made popular Vietnamese dishes. – Vietnamese Cuisine Special
Promotion – May 3 to 15 (Also past already)

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eye on malaysia

Eye On Malaysia Melaka Open 1st June 2010

After Closing it’s operation since February 2010, Eye on Malaysia will be back on rotating this 1st of June with new management The Eye Sdn. Bhd. Now its fully a private entity under the new management. Will be waiting for the new fee and package to enter EOM by the new management.

News from Utusan Malaysia:

Eye On Malaysia dibuka 1 Jun

MELAKA 19 Mei – Kemelut Eye On Malaysia yang ditutup operasinya sejak Februari lalu berakhir apabila perkhidmatan roda gergasi itu dibuka semula kepada orang ramai bermula 1 Jun ini.

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2003 Miss Tourism intercontinental

Miss Tourism Intercontinental pageant 2010 at Miri

Remember Miss Tourism was here few years ago? Hope the contestant are successful in their carrier and continue to promote Malaysia as a tourism destination. There is another Miss Tourism Pageant in Malaysia that is The Miss Tourism Intercontinental, based at Sarawak to boost Sawarak as tourist destination. By having an International Miss Tourism Pageant, it will involve media and sponsor that will highlight the host state to the masses.

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Allentan Trufaces at Melaka Art Gallery

One of Allentan painting…get it here.

Do you know Mr. Allentan? A painter and an artist? I don’t know too.

But if you are an art lover and can enjoy seeing abstract painting, you can know Allentan better by visiting Melaka Art Gallery here at Banda Hilir. Starting from 18th May, 89 Allentan painting will be displayed at Melaka Art Gallery. The Solo exhibition is named Trufaces.

About Allentan:

allentan is a Malaccan born self-taught artist who expresses his emotions through his art, often using human relations and psyche as his main theme. Its uniqueness is the representation of his perception of human emotions. It all started as a personal journey in 2002 to re-explore his passion for painting. His collection was initially never meant to be exhibited in public but was actually a legacy to his family and close friends. He calls these paintings “TrueFACES.”

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vivid sydney

Play Jigsaw and win trip for 2 to Vivid Sydney!

Sydney is among the best city on earth to visit. I have visited Sydney once in 2005 during Asia Pacific Incentives & Meeting Expo (AIME). The weather is just nice not to cold and hot. The city is clean and many effort for greenery.

Now Malaysia Airlines have a good price ticket for Sydney. MAS partnered with and you can have a chance for a free Vivid Sydney experience for you and your friend on Malaysia Airlines!….

Just Play the jigsaw puzzle at

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Bunting Melaka sprint race

Another Sprint Race this 29th May

It’s a hard cash for enthusiast. The 2nd series of Melaka Sprint Race is back. 29th May. Same Place at the Eye on Malaysia straight road. New revised category that are:

– Class A ( 2WD Open OTR)
– Class B (2WD Turbo Open OTR)
– Class C (VTEC/ MIVEC Open OTR)
– Class D (1.8 NA OTR)
– Class E (1.5 NA OTR)

Winners get cash prize from RM800 to RM150 (fourth place). Hope all the crowd can really take care of their safety since the road is not originally a race track. Please stand behind the barricade. Remember also don’t park your car blocking others or at the housing compound. The traffic can issue summons for this act.

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