fit to fly

Are you fit to fly?

With the advent of affordable air travel, more and more people are travelling to foreign destinations. While the novelty of visiting a new place is exciting, the spread of diseases is something to be aware of as the world becomes smaller and more interconnected.

Now is the information edge and it is not hard to find any data about places that we want to go. When going vacation abroad with whole family, very important to get ready with all information about the disease that originated from that particular country.

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— asmaliana


JCO donuts at Jusco Melaka

Now we how 2 option of commercially made donuts. Its JCO. How do you spell it? Jay….Co or Jay Cee Ooow? Before this, donuts lovers goes to Big Apple donuts at Dataran Pahlawan. Having a donuts at JCO and I can’t really tell the taste differences.

But I like the mini donuts that available only at JCO. Small round dough with no hole in center. 24 pieces for RM18. Can eat it all once. No need for big mouth. Children love it too. So get it at JCO donuts located at New Aeon Jusco Melaka.

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melaka air

Melaka Air

just my imagination…:)

In the early days, airlines are started by the nation. Malaysia Airlines System flew proudly in the air promoting Malaysia to the world with the symbol of wau bulan. A traditional Malaysian kite from east coast of Peninsular Malaysia. Then, the air started to be fill with private airlines company.

Now Melaka also want to brand the state in the air. With strong heritage background, the state plan to create Melaka air to make the most of the new air port. Having an airlines and an airport can give an advantage.

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malaysia shopping guide

Enjoy Shopping in Malaysia – Free 112 pages guide

It say:

Tis’ The Season to Shop and give!

Download the colorful Malaysia Shopping Guide by Tourism Malaysia here. Or you can flip it online. Can save your ink cost to print it. Really flip it like a book, zoom out and in. The Malaysia shopping guide have very comprehensive contents. From Shopping Maps, Duty Free Shopping, Brand Culture, Arts & Craft, Shop Around Malaysia and Cuisine.

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Got any ideas about Melaka International Airport?

I knew that all Malaysian travelers are aware about the Melaka Airport at Batu Berendam. Now, the airport is known as Melaka International Airport and until now, it only have Riau Airlines, flight from Pekanbaru, Indonesia. But, Melaka needs more airline coming and land in Melaka. We have all the facilities and the state government really passionate about this airport.

The state government will give support for the airlines that want to operate in Melaka. So, any airlines company interested at Melaka International airport? You can give the ideas, how to make this thing happen. A new business model for this airport. Again a little information about the airport.

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martha with CM

Martha Stewart Visiting Melaka

Martha Stewart with Melaka Chief Minister enjoying the food at Cafe Botanical

If baking, cooking and gardening are your passion, you must know Martha Stewart very well. Martha Stewart is an American business magnate, television host, author, and magazine publisher. Women should read about Martha at his website and learn tips on getting healthy and great recipes that promote balanced diet. She sure looks stunning for women that born on 1941.

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ng yen yen

Have any ideas for tourism Malaysia? Sent it to Creative box..

Yes I know you have a lot of thinking when it comes to tourism. Not just creative or crazy idea, but any suggestion or comment to improve the industry also can. You can send all the tips and tricks using 2 method. 1) Go to the Tourism Ministry office, fill in the form and put it at the receptionist. Or you just log on to the ministry website here and start writing.

This creative box have been launch since 30 April 2009 to make a room for all individual to express their creativity for Malaysia tourism Industry.

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— asmaliana

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