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It’s June and Jom Makan Durian!

Although you can find Durians almost all year round in Malaysia, it’s original

Last Weekend Activities

It’s Tuesday already and my exhaustion on Weekend activities don’t fully recovered yet.

Are you fit to fly?

With the advent of affordable air travel, more and more people are travelling

JCO donuts at Jusco Melaka

Now we how 2 option of commercially made donuts. Its JCO. How do you spell it? Jay….Co or Jay Cee Ooow? Before this, donuts lovers goes to Big Apple donuts

Melaka Air

just my imagination…:) In the early days, airlines are started by the nation. Malaysia Airlines System flew proudly in the air promoting Malaysia to the world with the symbol of

Enjoy Shopping in Malaysia – Free 112 pages guide

It say: Tis’ The Season to Shop and give! Download the colorful Malaysia Shopping Guide by Tourism Malaysia here. Or you can flip it online. Can save your ink cost