air asia baggage supersize

Air Asia baggage supersize

The most crucial thing when planning a budget trip by airlines is the excess baggage fee. When you can get cheap flight tickets on a budget airways, spending more on the baggage will get you back to square one. Few technique can help to avoid extra baggage like folding and and cramping all you shirt into your hand carry bag. But hand carry weight is limited

But when traveling with families on a vacation, we can’t avoid the extra luggage, your baby strollers, husband golf set and you also want to go shopping at the duty free.

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kommuter contest

Take a journey with KTM Commuter and shoot a Contest

To all the commuter passenger, don’t just the laziness while in the coach take you further into the never-never land. While waiting for the few hours of journey, take a picture and you could win RM500. Or other 27 special souvenir from KTMB.

The theme for your photo shoot is “HAPPY MOMENTS WITH US”. Means happy moments with commuter service. So you must take the picture between the station and happy.

For full info and brochure click here.

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serambi coffe house

The Emperor Hotel Melaka Promotions 2010

Emperor Dining….

While we not usually talk about the Emperor Hotel Melaka, actually it is the tallest Building in Melaka for many years. In fact among the earliest hi rise building in Melaka.

Located in the heart of the town, easily accessible by the main road. Just at the road side of Jalan Munshi Abdullah road where the road start from the roundabout at Bukit China and connected at the end to Jalan Hang Tuah road.

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kanazawa japan

Which Railway Station in Malaysia among top 10?

Kanazawa Railway Station Japan

Hentian Putra?
-No it is not a railway its an LRT.

KL Sentral?
-No, no Train stop at KL Sentral. But it has a railway? No it’s for Commuter. Talking about KTM Commuter, they got Coach for Women, with the title ‘Ladies Only At All Times’ . You should tried it ladies….

Melaka Sentral?
-No No, Its for buses and taxis only…

The answer is Kuala Lumpur Railway Station. Travelers list it along with Berlin Hauptbahnhof Germany – The largest crossing station in Europe, North Park Cable Way, Austria – The Modern Concept Railway Station like a design studio, La Gare De Strasbourg France – A 1883 design Staion….

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dr ng yen yen

Student Discovery Malaysia programme

If you can’t bribe the parents, bribe their child….I don’t remember where I heard this quote but in business, sometimes we need to target on childhood thingy so we can get the money from their guardian. That’s why you are willing to go through another long way in a supermarket just not to past the toy section. Anything can happen when you past the toy section with the kiddy.

Now Tourism Malaysia is using this to tap into Parents in China. You know China is among Malaysia key Market for tourist arrival. The focus is not to small but 10 to 15-year-olds to visit Malaysia with their parents.

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eye on malaysia

The Eye Spin

What is the relation between The Wonderland and Eye On Malaysia? It will have the same boss. Well, with this positive direction. We will soon see the eye spinning again. Until then you can always try the smaller version of the Eye.

From NST:

Eye on Malaysia to spin again

MALACCA: The Eye on Malaysia, which came to a stop early this year due to a legal wrangle, is likely to start spinning again soon.

Chief Minister Datuk Mohd Ali Rustam said this followed successful negotiations with the owners of the 62m-tall observation wheel, Fitraco NV of Belgium.

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melaka zoo

School Holiday, check out Melaka Zoo

Click image to enlage

Melaka Zoo have provide many fun activities for visitors along this week as the Malaysia School Holidays already started until 21st June.

Among the activities your kids can participate are coloring contest for kindergarten, Kuiz for Primary and Secondary Students, gift for lucky visitor and more animal show.

The entrance fee to Zoo Melaka is really cheap, only RM8.00 for adult and RM4 for children. Surely will not burden your pocket for the whole family trip.

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