Medical Tourism in Malaysia now listed at international site…

Private hospital and Medical service industry in Malaysia now listed at, an

Malaysia will have the first interactive wax museum

Wax Museum are famous around the world under Madame Tussauds. Madame Tussauds are

Bazaar Ramadhan at other places…

A flea market just for food! Malaysian know very well about bazaar Ramadhan.

Malaysian can visit Russia easily in future

For now only Russian can visit Malaysia without Visa for certain period but

Bazaar Ramadhan Mega @ Jalan Hang Tuah

Kepada Warga Melaka seperti Biasa Ramadhan seperti tidak lengkap jika tiadanya bazaar Ramadhan. Tak payahlah kita menganalisis kebaikkan dan keburukkan adanya bazaar Ramadhan. Yang penting kita lakukan yang terbaik dalam

Buka Puasa Steamboat

So we missed the bubur lambuk give away from Philea, how about steamboat dinner for ‘buka puasa’?. We can try it at philea Resort & Spa Melaka. The title is

Governor Residence is the Boutique Hotel

The Kahaani.. What is the meaning of ‘Kahaani?’. I don’t know and I think it’s not Malay or from this archipelago. Once a Melaka Governor Residence now a luxury boutique