bazaar jalan hang tuah

Bubur Lambuk and Bazaar along Jalan Hang Tuah

Bazaar Ramadhan Mega di Jalan Hang Tuah telah pun bermula sejak 9 Julai yang lalu. Semalam pula telah diadakan majlis pengedaran bubur lambuk yang telah dirasmikan oleh YAB Ketua Menteri Melaka. Suatu ketika dahulu pada musim perayaan, kawasan jalan Hang Tuah sememangnya menjadi tumpuan kerana terdapat banyak peniaga Melayu disitu tambahan pula disitu terletaknya Stesen Bas henti-henti, bas ekspress dan teksi.

Bagaimanapun pembangunan kawasan perniagaan di kawasan lain dan pembukaan Melaka Sentral mungkin menyebabkan tumpuan di situ semakin berkurangan.

Tetapi sekarang kita ada mempunyai beberapa sebab untuk melawati sekitar Jalan Hang Tuah seperti UTC dan Bazaar Ramadhan Mega. Antara tumpuan lain seperti Plaza Hang Tuah, Wima Air, Pizza Hut, Soon Seng Plaza, UiTM Kampus Bandar dan UTeM Kampus Bandar

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MyTeksi your iPhone


Instead for calling Mr Taxi with your iPhone 5 and maybe you don’t know the phone number, I found out that there is an apps for booking a taxi. The will utilizing all your smartphone capabilities. Instead of using FB and whatsup, now you know another something useful.

Sadly only for Klang Valley. Yeah Klang Valley is the epitome of public transport significance and usefulness. Among MyTeksi features:

• Book immediately or up to 7 days in advance!
• Get an estimated fare before you book
• Get immediate confirmation of your driver’s name, plate number, phone number and watch him move towards you
• Watch his taxi drive towards you on the map. Call him if there’s anything wrong.

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man peeng a car

‘Kencing’ untuk mengecas bateri henfon…

man peeng a car

Pic from The Power of Pee - MonsterScifi

Artikel ini bukanlah untuk ‘mengencing’ sesiapa tetapi telah dibuktikan oleh sekumpulan saintis di Bristol Robotics Laboratory, England. Mereka ini telah berjaya mengecas bateri henfon melalui air kencing manusia yang
dicurahkan kedalam susunan ‘microbial cells’. Kuasa elektrik yang terhasil ini mampu untuk menghidupkan henfon kematian bateri (kong) dan cukup untuk membuat panggilan ringkas juga sms.

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ice skating ring royale bintang

Book Hotel near Mutiara Damansara

In this festive holiday season, maybe the kids want to be at Kidzania. Beside there are also many good place for adults at Mutiara Damansara like The Curve, e @ Curve (formerly Cineleisure), IKEA, Ikano Power Centre, Tesco, Courts Megastore..

Hotel Nearby are :

1.) The Royale Bintang Damansara (5Star)

2 Jalan PJU 7/3 Mutiara Damansara, 47810 Petaling Jaya
Wow ! the facilities are:

-Royale ice skating rink
-Restaurants and Bar
-Meetings and Conference Room
-Outdoor Swimming Pool
-Spa and sauna
-Parking / Car Park
-24 hours CCTV & security
-Laundry services
-Limousine Transfer
-Valet Parking
-Shuttle Services

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Doing the experiment

Fun at Kidzania..

We have fun at Kidzania last month. The tickets actually already being bought during MATTA fair. So we got discounted ticket price. It’s a place for our children and For father / mothers who are young at heart. Please check the online website of Kidzania first before picking the date. Much more easier so we can know the availability since the place is kids most wanted list of travel destination.

Although the capacity if full house during public holiday, your children can still enjoy the facilities because the activities are more than 90 available. For sure it will be more calmer if we can go during weekdays plus we can stay there the whole day. Public holiday in weekend they make it into 2 session.

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medical tourism

Medical Tourism in Malaysia now listed at international site…

medical tourism

Private hospital and Medical service industry in Malaysia now listed at, an International website focus on promoting Medical Tourism. It is like tripadvisor version for Medical tourism. You can find any private hospital,specialist clinics,spas, Medical Tourism Agencies and Home Health Care Agencies. We can start by choosing a treatment and the specific country you want to go.

Treatment ranging from Anti Aging,Plastic Surgery, Chronic disease to organ transplant. So it will list all the hospital within the country we choose. At the specific hospital the info will be pictures, facilities provided,address,contacts, making inquiries and also request for quotation. Hmmm… now the medical tourism getting more competitive because of portal like this. Going like Hotel Industry near future. When all the Hospitals can offer attractive price, then the client will look for extra service like recommendation on the room service, food, nurses hospitality etc…

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red carpet

Malaysia will have the first interactive wax museum

red carpet

Wax Museum are famous around the world under Madame Tussauds. Madame Tussauds are available in 4 Continent: America, Europe, Asia and Australia. But now if we don’t have the opportunity to go Madame Tussauds, Malaysia will have it first wax museum in this August at Red Carpet@i-City. We all know where is i-city that popularizing the use of LED tree across the country..

It is not Madame Tussauds but under the brand Red Carpet. Read the news here and here. The news said when open tickets would be priced at RM80 for adults and RM40 for children. There will be a family package of RM180 for two adults and two children. 10% or purchases made online.

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