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Durian Orchard owner, you can call Tourism Malaysia Now

Can’t taste it? You sing it..

Why? Because our King of fruit will be featured in Malaysia Tourism Promotion Campaign. Tourism Minister Datuk Seri Dr Ng Yen Yen said that Tourism Malaysia will introduce “durian trail” package. Malaysian sure like to eat Durian and now the world are learning to feel the taste.

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We can see partial Lunar Eclipse today

No matter where you are in Malaysia, look at south east and if the sky are clear you can see the moon eaten by the dark side….partially. Remind me of the New Movie Twilight Saga: Eclipse. National Space Agency (ANGKASA) said that we can view the moon activity from 8:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.

Even if we can see it through our naked eye, the outer space will be more clear if we can use a telescope. So National Space Agency (ANGKASA) will be organizing a Partial Lunar Eclipse Observation Program at the National Planetarium. Public are all invited.

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Vote for New World’s 7 Wonders

Guess you all already know that our Sipadan Island did not make it to the final.

The 28 finalists are: The Amazon, Angel Falls, Bay of Fundy, Black Forest, Bu Tinah Shoals, Cliffs of Moher, Dead Sea, El Yunque, Galapagos, Grand Canyon, Breat Barrier Reef, Halong Bay, Iguazu Falls, Jeita Grotto, Jeju Island, Kilimanjaro, Komodo Park, the Maldives, Masurian Lake District, Matterhorn/Cervino, Milford Sound, Mud Volcanoes, Puerto Princesa Underground River, Sundarbans, Table Mountain, Uluru, Vesuvius and Yushan.

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How to make money on Tourism

A Trishaw rider can earn good income in peak times…

Doing business in tourism industry means direct to the consumer activities. It’s all about consumer experience and feelings. So in tourism business, a good personalities with lot of smiles does help.

Tourism business is a big industry and the chain will affect from an individual, retail, wholesale, large companies to the nation itself. When the the country are politically stable, strong solidarity and bless with good mother nature, naturally tourist will start to flock in. Domestically and Internationally. Malaysia is one of the lucky country and we can start a tourism business even right now.

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Hypothermia after trying to get a free flight…

Well believe it or not..Its not Ripley it’s life.. Maybe he desperately want to see some one in London and the tickets sold out..or no money to buy tickets..or no International passport..British officials are set to quiz the man that in the clinics after clinging at the plane landing gear from Vienna. Must be some desperate reasons. I don’t see any part of the air plane we can clinging on safely other than the landing gear.

Read it :

Stowaway ‘frozen stiff’ after Vienna – London flight

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ds najib at philea

PM said : special niche market to develop tourism

Prime Minister at Philea last Saturday…

Prime Minister was here last weekend to open the Philea Resort & Spa and also closing ceremony for Sukan Malaysia. XIII. For the tourism site PM also stating few points about how it gonna be in 10th Malaysia Plan.
In 10th Malaysia Plan the government had approved allocation for a further extension of the ‘Melaka River Cruise”.

PM Said that Malaysia was among only three nations in the world to record an increase in tourist arrivals for last year. I can’t get the exact data but I do got this data for 2010 from Internet:

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Courtyard at Hereen Street

How about the experience of having a courtyard at historical road and China Street. Feel classic and 1950s huh?This one boutique hotel can give you the experience. Rated 4 to 5 star at tripadvisor such as “A little Gem, A-” , “Best of the best hotels in Melacca” , “Lovely staff compliment the beautiful hotel…” etc…etc. and many more satisfaction comment from the guest.

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