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PM said : special niche market to develop tourism

Prime Minister at Philea last Saturday…

Prime Minister was here last weekend to open the Philea Resort & Spa and also closing ceremony for Sukan Malaysia. XIII. For the tourism site PM also stating few points about how it gonna be in 10th Malaysia Plan.
In 10th Malaysia Plan the government had approved allocation for a further extension of the ‘Melaka River Cruise”.

PM Said that Malaysia was among only three nations in the world to record an increase in tourist arrivals for last year. I can’t get the exact data but I do got this data for 2010 from Internet:

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Courtyard at Hereen Street

How about the experience of having a courtyard at historical road and China Street. Feel classic and 1950s huh?This one boutique hotel can give you the experience. Rated 4 to 5 star at tripadvisor such as “A little Gem, A-” , “Best of the best hotels in Melacca” , “Lovely staff compliment the beautiful hotel…” etc…etc. and many more satisfaction comment from the guest.

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Proton Savvy and modenas kriss prize maybe yours

If you come to the Sukan Malaysia XIII 2010 closing ceremony this Saturday 19 Jun at Hang Jebat Stadium. The closing will be done by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak.

Apart from Proton Savvy, 4 Modenas Kriss motorcycle and assorted prize worth RM180,000.00 are up for grabs.

As of for today, Terengganu State lead with 42 gold medal and Melaka at the 7th place with 30 gold medal. So guys, you can start praying and put on you lucky charm for this Saturday Closing…

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melaka broadband

Cheap broadband for Melakans…

For Melaka citizens only, State government partnered with TM to bring cheap Internet connection for you. Online Registration is open now. With 5 package to suit your budget. The cheapest package is RM38 and the speed is 384kbps. The highest is RM88 with 4mb speed. All got free modem. All also come with unlimited used. The difference is just the speed.

Zero fee for installation and activation. Me? I already using TM net service since dial up 1515 era. Remember? Got a package for free laptop too. Users may select a netbook from Komputer 1Malaysia from only RM38 per month or Hewlett Packard (HP) netbook with minimal additional fee.

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Got RM181,which country you can fly?

Or which oversea vacation destination you can fly. With Malaysia Airlines system you can fly to Bandung, from Kuala Lumpur daily flight. RM181 all inclusive fares.

So what are interesting about Bandung:

-Got Mount Tankuban Perahu, an active volcano.
-soak your feet into the crater lake hot springs.
-Shop till you drop, or till you credit card blocked at Jalan Dago or Jalan Dumas factory outlet.
-Taste and pluck their strawberries at Ciwidey, a lake surrounded by tea plantations.

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barangan terbuang

Melakans, don’t throw away your garbage yet..

The unused garbage always have a value to the creative one…

Because you could win RM3000. Research & Development Unit, Melaka Chief Minister Office will organize a competition that based on used and recycled items. With all the disposal, you must create a souvenir. You must send the proposal of your invention at the department. Recycled and used items are like glass bottles, news papers, wire,tin cans or boxes.

The closing date of the proposal supposed to be closed tomorrow 18 Jun 2010. But you can talk to Ms Nur Hidayah at 06-2326694. You can fax your design to 062320024 or email to phykasso@yahoo.com. Your complete / finished invention must be presented at Dataran Sungai Melaka (Melaka River Square) on 23rd June 2010 from 8.00 to 10.00 pm to be judged by the jury.

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