How to call China from Malaysia?

Or how to call anywhere in the world from Malaysia from your phone

Reproduction Admiral Zheng He Treasure Boat..

Pic from cultural china.. Now another history will be setup at present time

Durian Orchard owner, you can call Tourism Malaysia Now

Can’t taste it? You sing it.. Why? Because our King of fruit will

We can see partial Lunar Eclipse today

No matter where you are in Malaysia, look at south east and if

Vote for New World’s 7 Wonders

Guess you all already know that our Sipadan Island did not make it to the final. The 28 finalists are: The Amazon, Angel Falls, Bay of Fundy, Black Forest, Bu

How to make money on Tourism

A Trishaw rider can earn good income in peak times… Doing business in tourism industry means direct to the consumer activities. It’s all about consumer experience and feelings. So in

Hypothermia after trying to get a free flight…

Well believe it or not..Its not Ripley it’s life.. Maybe he desperately want to see some one in London and the tickets sold out..or no money to buy tickets..or no