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No booking for Air Asia until next Monday…

No, no online booking, no booking at their sales offices, counters or through call centre. Mobile, kiosk and what ever involved booking system will not available for Air Asia for 3 days starting Friday / July 9.

Why? Not because they are celebrating the Spain world cup team win again German or partying because of early bonus but a system upgrade.

So tomorrow if you are using Air Asia they will process your check in manually like old town buses 20 years ago. Don’t forget to bring cash as Air Asia only accept cash of any ancillary product at the check-in counters, including excess baggage fees, during this period.

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HIM_Thai Food Flyer

‘A Taste of Thailand’ at Holiday Inn Melaka

Thai Food is common here, you can get it at every street and corner in Malaysia. The most popular is Tom Yam or Tom Yum. Sea food Tom Yum with big shrimp is my favorite or the tom yum goong. As the Tom Yum are popular among Malaysian, some companies create a tom yam paste for fast cooking at home.

But a Taste of Thailand at Holiday Inn Melaka is not common tom yum because it is cooked by the Siamese itself Chef Thanongsak. Well you can taste the authentic thai tom yum by just going to Holiday Inn Melaka From 9th July 2010 to 16 July 2010.

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datuk ali unesco

2nd Aniversary of Melaka UNESCO World Heritage City

7th July have past and Melaka still hold the title with no complaint from UNESCO. 2 Years now. Did you go to the ceremony? Yeah suddenly the Heritage area zone at Jonker Walk, Harmony Street until Jalan kota crowded with folk wearing fez, coat, big belt, riding a Raleigh and use paper umbrella.

They were trying to remember the era around 1824 when Munsyi Abdullah was around. Among VIP are State Governor and Chief Minister. Along this month of July there will be activities everyday to commemorate the the Anniversary.

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banana boat

It’s hot now and apply your sun protection correctly

The usual choice of protection…

We are going to the beach at Port Dickson this weekend. Shanghai is hot, but here the weather you can’t predict. Once very hot but suddenly the rain pours. But I guess 70% the sun will shine this week.

I’m browsing about sun block products and found this tips,

I was wrong, usually when arrived at the place where the Sun shine brightly, I will put the sun protection cream. Dermatologist said that we must apply it 20 minutes before arriving at the scene. The longer period you spend outside, you must put the cream everywhere at your body even if you are wearing bathing suits or clothes.

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Just back from Shanghai World Expo…

Shanghai Evening…

I’m just arrived from the State working visit to China and among the place that we go is Shanghai World Expo. Well wait until I sort all the picture from the camera and upload it to the blog. Can’t find much Internet there and the hotel wifi is not cheap. I think Shanghai is among well known People’s Republic of China city among others because it’s usually features in Movies like Shanghai Knights and Shanghai Noon.

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call abroad

How to call China from Malaysia?

Or how to call anywhere in the world from Malaysia from your phone or mobile phone. The problem is just how to use the code. Just use this website, how to call It’s really easy, you don’t have to make all the typing and searching, all the country are listed, just set from where your base (country) and the your destination. Then walla!. You got the number…They got few tips too on calling abroad such as using the mobile phone..

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cheng ho

Reproduction Admiral Zheng He Treasure Boat..

Pic from cultural china..

Now another history will be setup at present time at set sail to the open sea. It’s the Admiral Zheng He Treasure Boat. Yesterday Melaka Chief Minister visited Nanjing Dragon Treasure Boat Development Co Limited to see the progress of the RM46 million Replica Ship that when finished will sail across the world and make its first stop in Melaka.

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