Got RM181,which country you can fly?

Or which oversea vacation destination you can fly. With Malaysia Airlines system you

Melakans, don’t throw away your garbage yet..

The unused garbage always have a value to the creative one… Because you


Try checkout this website, some SUKMA Malaysia (Sukan Malaysia XIII) will end

Air Asia baggage supersize

The most crucial thing when planning a budget trip by airlines is the

Take a journey with KTM Commuter and shoot a Contest

To all the commuter passenger, don’t just the laziness while in the coach take you further into the never-never land. While waiting for the few hours of journey, take a

The Emperor Hotel Melaka Promotions 2010

Emperor Dining…. While we not usually talk about the Emperor Hotel Melaka, actually it is the tallest Building in Melaka for many years. In fact among the earliest hi rise

Which Railway Station in Malaysia among top 10?

Kanazawa Railway Station Japan Hentian Putra? -No it is not a railway its an LRT. KL Sentral? -No, no Train stop at KL Sentral. But it has a railway? No