How to make money on Tourism

A Trishaw rider can earn good income in peak times… Doing business in

Hypothermia after trying to get a free flight…

Well believe it or not..Its not Ripley it’s life.. Maybe he desperately want

PM said : special niche market to develop tourism

Prime Minister at Philea last Saturday… Prime Minister was here last weekend to

Courtyard at Hereen Street

How about the experience of having a courtyard at historical road and China

Proton Savvy and modenas kriss prize maybe yours

If you come to the Sukan Malaysia XIII 2010 closing ceremony this Saturday 19 Jun at Hang Jebat Stadium. The closing will be done by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib

Cheap broadband for Melakans…

For Melaka citizens only, State government partnered with TM to bring cheap Internet connection for you. Online Registration is open now. With 5 package to suit your budget. The cheapest

Got RM181,which country you can fly?

Or which oversea vacation destination you can fly. With Malaysia Airlines system you can fly to Bandung, from Kuala Lumpur daily flight. RM181 all inclusive fares. So what are interesting