PIKOM Pc fair at MITC – 30 Julai – 1st August

MITC PC Fair… Another round of PC Fair. Since it stop using Mahkota

Tourist willing to spend 9% more if you this…

Renaissance Melaka.. It’s a real news, and you know people, want to pay

Melaka State monorail system

After Kuala Lumpur, to date now Melaka will start to have an active

View 4000 airports database 1,400 airlines flights at Airlikes

LAX Airport… It’s very rare to see a website just focus on reviewing

70% discount on Melaka Hotels Online

Check out Agoda here for your ‘check in’ time at Melaka hotels online anywhere in the world. I think the price are quite okay and about the same when you

Wings Air start operation at Melaka Airport

This is the second Airlines operating in Melaka for the new airport. Wings Air using Brand new aircraft (ATR72-500) fly into Melaka from 9 July 2010. Schedules are Pekan Baru

Oranje will win the world cup 2010!

Ahh common guys, Paul is just a big squid…It’s 1.42am Malaysia time and I wont be awake to enjoy the World Cup. Must sleep… got important meeting tomorrow morning..more important