tiger airways cheap fair

Only 9-Cent to Malaysia from Singapore, until tomorrow

Pick your pocket and go fly…

You know the tiger? Where the place from which no tiger originally exist but name after a Lion and lion only live in Africa.

To celebrate Tiger Airways 2 top awards for for size and growth. Bigger than any other Singapore Airlines company in number of passenger but very low price.

Available for booking at Tiger Airways website only between 15 to 21 July 2010, the seats are for travel between Singapore and Tiger’s Malaysian destinations – Kuala Lumpur,Penang and Kuching. Booking period from 15 to 21 July 2010 on a first-come, first-served basis.

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mitc pc fair

PIKOM Pc fair at MITC – 30 Julai – 1st August


Another round of PC Fair. Since it stop using Mahkota Parade as a venue, PIKOM seem doesn’t stop using Melaka International Trade Center. Well don’t need to say much about PC Fair, it is has been the recognizable ICT event in Malaysia for all ages.

When you went to PC Fail, usually you feel must buy something like a mouse because you can’t get the price at your local computer shop. So you know where is MITC, just headed there this 30th to 1st August.

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rennaisaince melaka

Tourist willing to spend 9% more if you this…

Renaissance Melaka..

It’s a real news, and you know people, want to pay less but expecting above the par service. The key is quality customer service.

One survey reveal that :

-Twenty seven percent feel businesses have not changed their attitude toward customer service.

The survey also said that people have the tendency to give a good review and share it with others. So with more people using the Internet to read a review before choosing a place to go, it will be bad if the place got many bad reviews.

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Melaka State monorail system

After Kuala Lumpur, to date now Melaka will start to have an active monorail system. As the aim to reduce traffic congestion at Bandar Hilir Area, actually it focus more on enhancing tourist activities along the Melaka River that past through Heritage Area.

You can see it clearly at its based station in Taman Rempah / the River Cruise first ticketing counter – grey colored.

Spanning 1.6km, the 24-passenger monorail runs from Taman Rempah in Pengkalan Rama to Kampung Bunga Raya Pantai in the heart of the city.

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lax airport

View 4000 airports database 1,400 airlines flights at Airlikes

LAX Airport

It’s very rare to see a website just focus on reviewing an Airport. For hotels, there are tons of website in the Internet. But since the increasing demand of Budget Airlines and many people can afford to take a flights, now there many talks about Airport.

The Airport will be the first building tourist will experience before continuing the journey to the particular country. A 5 star treat from the airport citizens will bring a good start. Minor subject that also will bring good response from tourist are like baggage handling, ground transportation and nearest hotel for transit.

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70% discount on Melaka Hotels Online

Check out Agoda here for your ‘check in’ time at Melaka hotels online anywhere in the world. I think the price are quite okay and about the same when you come to Melaka and contact the hotel directly. The best part is you can get few discount or in their language best price guarantee. With best price guarantee, you will pay the lowest price possible that Agoda can get you.

If after booking, you can show Agoda other online Hotel booking showing lower price, get back to them and they either will match the rate or give the lowest. But must be done within 48 hours.

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wings air 2

Wings Air start operation at Melaka Airport

This is the second Airlines operating in Melaka for the new airport. Wings Air using Brand new aircraft (ATR72-500) fly into Melaka from 9 July 2010.

Schedules are

Pekan Baru (PKU) 1025 Melaka (MKZ) 1215
Melaka (MKZ) 1245 Pekan Baru 1235

Daily flight from Pekan Baru – Melaka – Pekan Baru but with Wings Air you can Connect to Jakarta : Depart Pekan Baru at 1440 and Arrive Jakarta (JKT) 1620.

Price for one way Melaka – Pekan baru is RM214.

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