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As far as I know there is only one, it’s Macau. That mean many Malaysian goes to Macau. The Macau Tourism Department website also support other languages such as Indonesian, French, German, Arab and Portuguese. Have you ever been to Macau? One thing the same about Macau and Melaka is Portuguese also came to Macau. The Portuguese landed in Macau on 1550.

Malaysia was Macau’s fifth largest visitor-generating market, which accounted for 332,529 Malaysians out of 21.7 million tourist arrivals last year. Read the news here and the Macau Tourism Website here.

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jalan tukang besi

Jalan Tukang Besi

One of the Blacksmith shop at Jalan Tukang Besi..

When you wandering around Jalan Tukang Besi, you will past this guy and please don’t take photos with him as the shirt write. Jalan Tukang Besi in English is Blacksmith Street. Why? Because In the old days, the street is like a Small Industrial Area at present time, where all the small and medium Industries are located.

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burj dubai

Your kids go free to Dubai

the Burj Al Arab

I don’t really know how Emirates really do it but they claimed Two kids under 16 fly, stay, eat and play for free in Dubai.

To get the benefit you must fly to Dubai between 14th May and 30th September 2010, of course with Emirates Airlines.

Complimentary flights, accommodation, meals and entry to Dubai’s amazing children’s attractions for two children under the age of 16 are all this exciting offers is all about.

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hole in

Melaka 1st water Reservoir

At the end of 19th century, almost all the population in Malaya (before Malaysia was exist) are using ground water or river. That’s why you see the old water reservoir here is just hole. Maybe for surrounding area or for the hi rank person at that time.

This construction was found when the government were building a road at the Stadhuys Hill (circular road from to go up and down the hill) in September 1982.

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The early Bulldoze in Melaka

This small machinery is a bulldozer that was used before 2nd world war to open up estates for rubber plantation in the interior of this states. Where other domestic farming still used a real bull that day.

Smaller bulldozers such as this was used to make pathways in the secondary jungle so that the workers could move about to cut down the trees and its clearance.

Chain Links track controlled its movement and 50% of petrol and 50% of kerosene generated power of its movement. See, if the old technology can adopt 50-50 fueling, why not at the present? We can put 50% petrol and 50% of other liquid for cost saving huh?

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fire engine truck1

Melaka Old fire Engine Truck

Imagine this one small truck is used on fire extinguisher operation before world war 2 until 1974.

This fire engine truck started its service in 1939, under control of Chief Police Officer of Malacca. In 1942, the British brought along this fire engine to Singapore but was transferred back to Malacca by the Japanese. After 2nd world war, this vehicle was placed under the control of Malacca municipal council.

This fire engine took part in many operations such as at Lereh, Tanjung Kling, Lee Rubber Godown in Bacang and at Banda Kaba Street.

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guided museum

Guided Tour to Melaka Museum

In Malaysia, Melaka is like Malaysia house of Museum. There are 28 museum under Melaka Museum Corporation. If you come in group for example group of a school teacher / children, better opt for Melaka Musuem Guided Tour.

Rather all of you want to read the inscription at the same time, its better someone read it for you and you can ask how many question do you want. The guided tour will start with introduction for the history of Stadhuys. It’s like a time frame Starting from how Melaka is founded by Parameswara, Islam come to the region through Melaka, Portuguese Invasion, Dutch and British.

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