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Malaysia’s 53 years of nationhood promo – RM53 to selected destinations from Kuala Lumpur

What Airlines companies do you think can do such a promotion? Yes I know what do you thinking, it’s Air Asia.

They Quote that:

“The “Malaysia’s Favourite Airline” campaign echoes our commitment in offering low fares to the rakyat. It also demonstrates our appreciation and gratitude to our guests for being loyal to us throughout these 9 years. AirAsia has empowered Malaysians to fly and in fact we have flown 15.23 million passengers alone last year is testament that we are indeed the preferred choice amongst Malaysians,” said Kathleen Tan, Regional Head of Commercial, AirAsia.

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kings and i 1

Kings and I in Melaka

Such a small hotel but want to be a king. But they already prove it by winning the title as Malaysia’s best innovative restaurant and oriental restaurant by Malaysia Tourism for 2008/2009. It served sumptuous Thai gourmet.

So officially the best Thai food restaurant in Malaysia is located in Melaka at Kings Hotel - Kings & i Thai Restaurant. The Kings & I restaurant is endorsed by Wandee Culinary School of Thailand. They have all the certificate and it’s up to you mouth now to verify it.

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bubur lambok at philea

Bubur Lambuk give away at Philea Resort

All Malaysian know what is bubur lambuk is all about. Bubur lambuk is ramadhan favorite dishes and people can get it free or paying for it. The fasting month is few weeks ahead and we can start sniffing the aroma of bubur lambuk again. For those who don’t know what bubor lambuk, it is a porridge. A rice porridge mixed with spices,vege, nuts and meat slices.

Now you can taste a bubur lambuk from a 5 star hotel chef.

IT’s a Philea Resort & Spa bubur lambuk giveaway at Ayer Keroh. So, let’s go to Philea Resort & Spa on 4th August 2010, from 3.30pm – 6.00pm. Please ask your friends and family to come also. Look and feel the new experience of 6 star resort spa, only at Philea Resort & Spa. For more info, please log on to or you can call the reservation at this number  +606 233 3399

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a Malay website promoting non Malaysian destination

As far as I know there is only one, it’s Macau. That mean many Malaysian goes to Macau. The Macau Tourism Department website also support other languages such as Indonesian, French, German, Arab and Portuguese. Have you ever been to Macau? One thing the same about Macau and Melaka is Portuguese also came to Macau. The Portuguese landed in Macau on 1550.

Malaysia was Macau’s fifth largest visitor-generating market, which accounted for 332,529 Malaysians out of 21.7 million tourist arrivals last year. Read the news here and the Macau Tourism Website here.

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jalan tukang besi

Jalan Tukang Besi

One of the Blacksmith shop at Jalan Tukang Besi..

When you wandering around Jalan Tukang Besi, you will past this guy and please don’t take photos with him as the shirt write. Jalan Tukang Besi in English is Blacksmith Street. Why? Because In the old days, the street is like a Small Industrial Area at present time, where all the small and medium Industries are located.

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burj dubai

Your kids go free to Dubai

the Burj Al Arab

I don’t really know how Emirates really do it but they claimed Two kids under 16 fly, stay, eat and play for free in Dubai.

To get the benefit you must fly to Dubai between 14th May and 30th September 2010, of course with Emirates Airlines.

Complimentary flights, accommodation, meals and entry to Dubai’s amazing children’s attractions for two children under the age of 16 are all this exciting offers is all about.

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hole in

Melaka 1st water Reservoir

At the end of 19th century, almost all the population in Malaya (before Malaysia was exist) are using ground water or river. That’s why you see the old water reservoir here is just hole. Maybe for surrounding area or for the hi rank person at that time.

This construction was found when the government were building a road at the Stadhuys Hill (circular road from to go up and down the hill) in September 1982.

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