Bayview Hotel Ramadhan Buffet Dinner

Bayview Hotel are well known to Malaccan. For outsider, find Renaissance hotel and

Alternative with excess baggage

Despite of bringing all your excess into the same flight and enjoy high

388 items for berbuka puasa at Philea

If you don’t have any reason to visit Philea Resort & Spa at

Trip to Parai pool villas

You will see beach like this along the road at Bangka. If you

To Pekan Baru & Bangka Belitong

With the Pilot at the Crew, you can’t be this close to the pilot if you ride on Airbus or Boeing. I am going to the Island in Indonesia for

Over 100 local delights for berbuka puasa at Cafe botanical

Puasa is just not about waiting for berbuka puasa but the meaning of it. How it will bring goodness to our faith and health. This is a our little sacrifice

RM1 flight tickets offers

The RM1 flight tickets booking period from August 10 to 15, 2010. That is starting today. Do you believe it? I don’t believe it because I never had a change