Book Hotel Near Jalan Hang Tuah

So after strolling at Bazaar Ramadhan at Jalan Hang Tuah. Now it’s time

Bubur Lambuk and Bazaar along Jalan Hang Tuah

Bazaar Ramadhan Mega di Jalan Hang Tuah telah pun bermula sejak 9 Julai

MyTeksi your iPhone

Instead for calling Mr Taxi with your iPhone 5 and maybe you don’t

‘Kencing’ untuk mengecas bateri henfon…

Pic from The Power of Pee - MonsterScifi Artikel ini bukanlah untuk ‘mengencing’

Book Hotel near Mutiara Damansara

In this festive holiday season, maybe the kids want to be at Kidzania. Beside there are also many good place for adults at Mutiara Damansara like The Curve, e @

Fun at Kidzania..

We have fun at Kidzania last month. The tickets actually already being bought during MATTA fair. So we got discounted ticket price. It’s a place for our children and For

Medical Tourism in Malaysia now listed at international site…

Private hospital and Medical service industry in Malaysia now listed at, an International website focus on promoting Medical Tourism. It is like tripadvisor version for Medical tourism. You can