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Tickets or no tickets doesn’t matter now since today is already Hari Raya and Raya holiday travelers already bought 2 way tickets month ago. But for walk in tourist/ backpackers they need to know the bus route, time and buy tickets. Traveling now is a lot easier everywhere. If you got a smartphone with Internet, more than half of your problem are solved.

Now even local express bus operator also had their schedule on website and we also can book the tickets online. Among popular Express Buss Operator that offers online route checking, schedule and ticketing are:


Transnasional, a Malaysian icon and the leader of the express bus industry, is one of the most prominent and popular household brand names in Southeast Asia region, serving more than 200 destinations, covering all major cities and towns with 1,000 daily departures across Peninsular Malaysia and Singapore. Using the latest advancement in bus technologies, design and comfort, Transnasional provides safe, enjoyable and affordable travel.

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The Best Asam Pedas in Melaka


Recently we hear about which State produced the best Asam Pedas…Melaka or Johor? Some say Asam Pedas is originated from Muar then came to Melaka.

So…The best asam pedas in Melaka is……….up to you the readers and food lovers. It’s very subjective. My opinion also will be protested by others because we all have different taste. Like Malays always said ‘Hair is the same black in color, but our heart can’t be the same’. Apart from commonly known Asam Pedas restaurant like:

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air jando pulang

Kenikmatan Air Jando Pulang

Nampaknya kita perlu pergi ke Kuala Pilah sendiri untuk merasai Air Jando Pulang yang jarang-jarang kita dengar tetapi amat popular dan banyak penggemarnya. Dengar cerita air ini adalah Campuran Air Kelapa Muda, gula enau dan juga buah kabung. Wah pada bulan puasa ini dengar saja campuran air ini sudah membayangkan minuman yang menyegarkan. Walaupun bahan pembuatannya nampak mudah, apa yang membuatkan ianya eksotik adalah susah untuk didapati ditempat lain selain di Negeri Sembilan.

gula enau

Gula enau asli digunakan sudah tentu rasa dan aroma yang special!

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rizuan yeoh

Restoran Cina Muslim di Melaka

Chinese Muslim restaurant not to be confused with Baba Nyonya or Peranakan Restaurant. Chinese restaurant is purely Chinese food but Peranakan have a Melayu influences. Chinese Muslim is Halal because the owner is Muslim. Similar like a Mamak Restaurant. But Peranakan is not Muslim, usually Muslim can eat at Peranakan restaurant because they don’t served pork and hired a Muslim worker.

Compared to Mamak restaurant, Chinese Muslim Restaurant are very few. For example in Melaka there is one Chinese Muslim Restaurant that have many review on the Internet also highlighted at TripAdvisor – The Mukmin Jaya Seafood Restaurant. Located at Limbungan.

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beauty with brain

Our skin enviromental protection in haze and dry…

beauty with brain

Pic from Women And Cosmetics During World War II

Our daily environments in the haze, sunny and dry condition like now is like a war for our skin. War against allergens, dust, UV, bad bacteria and pollution. Let see type of products we can use in this skin battle:

Number One:(Click to order)
Shills Aqua Skin Moisturizing Spray

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Book Hotel Near Jalan Hang Tuah

So after strolling at Bazaar Ramadhan at Jalan Hang Tuah. Now it’s time to look the nearest hotel. Jalan Hang Tuah once an Importance city center because before this it was the center for public transportation and government office. Now Melaka have new public transportation hub at Melaka Sentral and government administration now mainly located at Ayer Keroh, MITC @ Hang Tuah Jaya.

But Hotel along Jalan Hang Tuah also a good location to choose because from there all other tourist attraction like Jonker Street, Banda Hilir and UNESCO heritage area are near and we can even walk. Hotel recommended :

1)BEST WESTERN Wana Riverside Hotel (3 Star)
No.2, Jalan Munshi Abdullah, 75100

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