April 18, 2021



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  1. saye pengetue sanggar bathin galang kabupaten kepulauan meranti riau indonesia, yang merupekan sebuah kabupaten baru di riau, ingin mengikuti pesta gendang nusantara di melaka, tapi macam mane supaye kami bisa ikut ye, kami sudah banyak sekali mengikuti acara dipropinsi riau seperti riau hitam putih international music festival dipekanbaru, parade lagu dipekanbaru, dumai exspo, riau exspo, parade tari daerah dipekanbaru dan banyak lagi kegiatan yang kami ikuti semoge kami bisa di undang ditahun 2011, bisa menghubungi kami di nomorrhandphone 08127618505, sekian terime kasih wassalam,

  2. hye.my name is farhanah.now im taking archi at uitm.would u help me wth sme info on detailing of traditional malacca house.seeing your Malacca Trademark Staircase entry already help me a lot. but im asking if you got other info that cn help me more on my research. thanks

  3. Hi,

    Since you are sharing about melaka tourism, i am interested to know if there is best time to visit kampung portuguese? i mean i can see portuguese dancing and singing.

  4. Hi, I’m Hafizah. A Tourism student from Politeknik Merlimau. I found that your website is really interesting and contains good information about Tourism Melaka, in specific.
    I just want to ask you more about Pulau Melaka in details. I hope you are willing to share about the information of the island. Especially the section that have abandoned pilings nearby the main entrance.
    Hope to hear from you soon.
    Thank You

  5. Hi Could you help me get a package deal to travel to Pulau Besar complete with a tourists guide….Is here anyone you could recommend. Thank you

  6. hi there,

    how can i get there from melaka sentral?. i tried to search the web but too less information given. hope someone could help me out.

  7. Pulau Besar can be access from Anjung Batu Jetty about 25km from Melaka Sentral. To reach Anjung Batu you can take a Taxi from Melaka Sentral or a Bus that goes to Muar. From Anjung Batu Jetty to Pulau Besar you have to go by boat and the tickets sell at the jetty. Boat ride about 15mins…

  8. Dear Sir or Madam,

    Good day!

    I am writing to you from a Travel agency in Iran, We are pleased to bring our brief resume and information as bellow.
    Spilet Alborz Travel & Tour Company, Registered by tourism and cultural heritage organization in Iran on 2006 , Company Number: 271160, Permit Number: 126-1111. We are specialist in performing various tours especially Eco tourism, Mountaineering, skiing, ski mountaineering, Desert riding, Trekking cultural & historical tours.
    Our outgoing tours perform in various countries such as: Nepal, Pakistan, Turkey, France, Switzerland, USA, China, Kenya, Tanzania, Zanzibar and etc.

    We are studying to expand our activities in more countries especially in Malaysia in the field of BIKING in Malaysia and Singapore; hence, we need your cooperation to obtain more information about the Biking tour and your highlights the tour.

    We would like to have around 10-12 days biking about 70 to 100 Km biking per day, including sightseeing in the cities for totally 2 weeks. Also would like to start our tour biking from Kuala Lumpur and end to Singapore.

    You are kindly requested to bring your packages & offers for about 14 days in details with your highlights in Kuala Lumpur and Singapore. We have many clients looking forward to bike and visit Malaysia and Singapore.

    Kindly consider the bellow items in your suggested package and offer:
    • We would like to use guesthouse or campsite between the cities, but in the cities to use three* hotel during the tour.
    • A van to escort the team in order to carry the luggage.
    • A local tour guide to be needed.
    • Full board meals.
    • Transfers in the tour.
    • Highlights to be visited.
    • Alternatively, the items, which you can offer for having the better organization.
    • Advise the route map and the road situation such as road incline and etc.
    • We are going to operate the tour in Dec or Jan, how is the weather in the mentioned month?

    I will appreciate to bring your package and offer ASAP. Kindly specify the prices separately.

    We hope to find an opportunity to have a long-term business relationship with mutual benefits and looking forward to receive your feedback at your earliest by return.

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