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Meet your Seat Guru before flights

The Guru is brought to you by tripadvisor. The guru will tell you about all seat specification of the flight companies you choose.

This seatguru have information of 700 airplane seatmaps from nearly 100 different airlines. This guru sure are very informative in the airlines subject. For example I choose Air Asia Airbus A320.

The info showing that this is the only aircraft type in the Air Asia fleet. Single class configuration – All economy.

In flight amenities are shown in icon like this:

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— asmaliana


Doing good deeds abroad..

Last Eid Adha, I decided to make a qurban or sacrifice part of a livestock. I did it with an agent that make the sacrifice in Veal Toch Village, Cambodia. More info about the Agent EzQurban here.

Eid Adha is among main practice of Muslim around the world. More info about Eid Al-Adha in English here, some fact about Zam-Zam well here.

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— asmaliana

asian food review

Don’t just eat, take a note…you might win hotel stays

Where do you breakfast this morning? Mamak Stall in front of your office. Well, if it around Asia, you can enter the Asian food review contest.

Ever heard of koolred? I also just know about it. Setup by AirAsia as a travel social network focus on Asia. Today is 6 Mac 2011, at koolred they have a contest that ends on 22 March 2011. Contest title “Write a Food Review and win fantastic hotel stays!”

The task is simple, you eat anywhere in Asia, with the prerequisite is must be Asian Cuisine. You know Asian Cuisine, not Steak..pasta, pizza etc..

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baskin robin

Your one year supply of Ice Cream…

Uhh I automatically feeling hungry when hear a Baskin Robin..The waffle sundae and banana split eh?

Until 31st January 2011, you can get a chance to get a one year supply of ice cream from Baskin Robin. Imagine that if you can get that ice cream supply…no more staple more rice and anything..and you will be turn into a sweet tooth fairy..

What you need is just to confess.

What is the confession? Browse here

— asmaliana

trip wow1

Present your trip with TripWow

With TripWow from Tripadvisor, you can wow your friends and audience with professional looking slideshow complete with background music and map route like Indiana Jones style. All for free.

TripWow also can connect directly to your facebook, flickr or your computer to get the picture. So easy to use, the stunning special effects like you make a movie for yourself in few minutes..

Well you can do the jawdrop presentation here.

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— asmaliana