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Melaka Flotilla

Vote For Melaka Flotilla Magic of the Night 2015!


Flotilla from our historical state, Malacca with the tagline ‘Incomplete Visit Melaka Without Cruising Melaka River’

Flotilla from our historical state, Malacca with the tagline
‘Incomplete Visit Melaka Without Cruising Melaka River’.

Let’s vote for your favourite boat to win the Most Popular Boat Award.
Results will be announced on 31 May 2015, Sunday.
Like and share as much as you can!

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sao tome

Finding out world bank notes…

Sao Tome notes, ever heard of it?, pic from

A traveler need money changer to exchange the notes to the desired country banknotes. Before that usually we find out the exchange rates first on the Internet to get roughly estimate about current rates. We seldom think about the notes design and appearances.

Of course they are people who appreciate bank notes from around the world and they follow updates about world bank notes. This people not necessarily bankers or finance guy, this is some kind of hobby. Ebay is common place for banknotes collectors to find rare and old notes around the world. The website got plenty of world banknotes updates from enthusiast.

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mystery hotel

Book a Mystery Hotel this holiday?

This mystery hotel I’m talking about is not about a haunted or a ghost hotel. If you go to AirAsia Go website, you can book a Mystery hotel at the website main page.

So the mysterious things is you don’t know what are all those hotel name. They just give you the hint about location. AirAsia go said that you should their mystery hotel package because you can get a 5 Star hotel with 3 Star Hotel rate.

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world heritage calendar

World Heritage Calendar for download

Download here.

Although it’s nearly at the end of 2011, the calendar can look good on your space too. Plus this world heritage calendar can educated you about world heritage site around the world, month by month. This calendar is bring to you by Panasonic and UNESCO…

They also have UNESCO World Heritage Desk Diary too, with colour photos of World Heritage sites, each accompanied with a short caption….

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Earth’s city lights

Original and bigger picture here.

Look at the Earth’s city lights. Scientist from NASA use this city lights data to map world urbanization. I can see Japan like have lights throughout the country. At Malaysia peninsular, city lights are more dense at southern region and almost no light in central Malaysia. Of course it’s the jungle mainly in Pahang. Many of the central region in the world you can see almost no lights..More of the NASA image catalog here.

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Look for the best flights via KLIA

You might want to checkout flyklia website. I bet many of you don’t really aware about the web existence, but it has a technology that can update all airlines schedules and fares, including full service carriers and low cost carriers.

Start from KLIA to anywhere in the world. Just type for search. For example when I type the word Kuala Lumpur , the searchbox will automatically detect the ‘Kuala Lumpur Kuala Lumpur Intl. (KUL) Malaysia’. I type New York for testing and I choose ‘New York (JFK,EWR,LGA) NY United States’. Opt for one way and hit the search button.

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