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Don’t just eat, take a note…you might win hotel stays

Where do you breakfast this morning? Mamak Stall in front of your office. Well, if it around Asia, you can enter the Asian food review contest. Ever heard of koolred? I also just know about it. Setup

Cheap flight to Singapore

Ok… I’m living in a country that everyone can fly. But if I want to go to the neighboring country Singapore, do I have another option for a budget flight?. Well, although they are Lion, they also

Don’t go to coffeeshop for coffee

Source from Because in Amsterdam coffeeshop is a licensed seller of cannabis products. Which means it is not served coffee at all. Cannabis is narcotics or drug. Only Amsterdam approved it for recreational used. Instead, if

Book a flight using facebook

Looks like facebook is for all. Back then you can’t imagine you mom or your old boss will sign up for myspace. Myspace things is only for teenagers. On the other hand, facebook, although not the early

Authentic Tourist Attraction

Royal Selangor Pewter… What is your favorite brands? Is it available here? Thanks to the global trade economy, you can get any brands from the rest of the world here. An authentic products for certain country can

Travel fair at Malaysia Airlines

For those who want to cut the budget short but still don’t want to go on a bus or hitch a ride on a fisherman boat, check out Malaysia Airlines Travel fair now. Period of booking from

Be Our Guest!

Malaysia honored guest with celebrity like treatment. Your face will be spread out in place like: The Kuala Lumpur International Airport: On Local Television: At the Hot Air Balloon around KL: — asmaliana