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Express bus route online

Tickets or no tickets doesn’t matter now since today is already Hari Raya and Raya holiday travelers already bought 2 way tickets month ago. But for walk in tourist/ backpackers they need to know the bus route, time and buy tickets. Traveling now is a lot easier everywhere. If you got a smartphone with Internet, more than half of your problem are solved.

Now even local express bus operator also had their schedule on website and we also can book the tickets online. Among popular Express Buss Operator that offers online route checking, schedule and ticketing are:


Transnasional, a Malaysian icon and the leader of the express bus industry, is one of the most prominent and popular household brand names in Southeast Asia region, serving more than 200 destinations, covering all major cities and towns with 1,000 daily departures across Peninsular Malaysia and Singapore. Using the latest advancement in bus technologies, design and comfort, Transnasional provides safe, enjoyable and affordable travel.

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MyTeksi your iPhone


Instead for calling Mr Taxi with your iPhone 5 and maybe you don’t know the phone number, I found out that there is an apps for booking a taxi. The will utilizing all your smartphone capabilities. Instead of using FB and whatsup, now you know another something useful.

Sadly only for Klang Valley. Yeah Klang Valley is the epitome of public transport significance and usefulness. Among MyTeksi features:

• Book immediately or up to 7 days in advance!
• Get an estimated fare before you book
• Get immediate confirmation of your driver’s name, plate number, phone number and watch him move towards you
• Watch his taxi drive towards you on the map. Call him if there’s anything wrong.

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hotel booking

Bagaimana mendapatkan best rate untuk Hotel…

hotel booking

Di hujung cuti persekolahan ini ada juga yang masih ingin untuk membawa keluarga dan anak-anak untuk bercuti. Maklumlah hanya yang mendapat cuti panjang adalah anak-anak. Ibu bapa pula tertakluk kepada kerja dan pihak pengurusan yang meluluskan cuti. Paling lama pun mungkin dapat seminggu. Kecualilah jika profesionnya adalah guru.Bila bercuti lebih dari satu hari, isunya disini adalah bilik hotel. Dalam memilih bilik hotel, kita mempunyai pilihan sama ada mahu menggunakan semua kemudahan hotel, hanya untuk tidur sahaja atau kita tidak mempunyai pilihan lagi apabila kebanyakkan hotel sudah penuh.

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Extra security for your room…

Do you feel insecure sleeping in a hotel room? Maybe you can sleep soundly if you check in at standard 3 to 5 star hotels. But when you travel in unstable foreign land or at cheap guest house in unknown and dark alley you have a reason to feel hard to sleep.

Well, sleep is most important thing when travel because you can’t enjoy a trip with tired body and sleepy eyes. All you want is a pillow. So as an extra security for your room, you can lock yourself from inside with extra mobile lock you can get in the market.

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Complete travel health information online

Did you already watch Who Killed the Electric Car? Movie? Maybe they can make another title who killed the textbooks after this. This is because nowadays Internet is our first reference and usually the first and only reference. Even teachers and lecturers often find it easy to solve their problem online. Many expert also setup their online information library for public.

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Get vaccination before traveling

Example to prove your vaccination…

Travelers who want to go to other countries usually advise to take vaccination according the visited country health situation. WHO advices travelers to check that they have been fully vaccinated against measles, rubella, mumps, diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis (whooping cough) and poliomyelitis before starting their travel. Also the World Health Organization advice to take specific vaccination in order to protect the visited country from introducing new viruses from the travelers. Example PAHO/WHO recommends vaccination against measles and rubella for all travelers visiting countries in the Americas here.

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