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enrich mas

50% off for enrich Malaysia Airlines

Untuk member Enrich frequent flyer programme ada potongan 50% untuk tiket penerbangan seluruh dunia melalui Malaysia Airlines. Promosi yang bertemakan “Live the Dream” ini sehingga 31 Disember untuk perjalanan antara Feb 1 hingga June 30 tahun depan. Baca Berita MAS’ Enrich members can ‘Live the Dream’. Atau layari . Anda suka MAS atau Air Asia? Jawapannya sudah tentu anda suka naik kedua-duanya kalau dapat tiket free….

— asmaliana

malaysia highland

Tourism on Wheels…

Riding at Malaysia Highlang pic from ridemalaysia

The best way enjoy the country is not just check in at 5 star hotel but to experience it on the road. We are lucky that Malaysia is a country that have quite a long stretch of road,mix terrain, good road condition and many rest / relax facilities for drivers.

Experience different adventure from State to State. There are 11 states in Malaysian Peninsula to be explored by cars, motorcycle or even bicycle. Of course the bicycle is adventurous and car is the safest. Using super bike is more stylish. All according to your needs.

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call flight

Phone call above 4,000 metres

Some Airlines have a facilities where you can make use of your mobile phone just like in the ground. So you don’t need to switch off while in the flight except maybe during take-off and landing. The technology call OnAir. Not all Airlines company have it. So if you are just falling in love with some one and must text your partner every 5 minutes then seek Airlines with OnAir Service.

Read more about OnAir here. I read that Air Asia have it. Others like Qatar Airways, Royal Jordanian, Saudi Arabian Airlines..

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virgin spaceport

Space Virgin and Astrourism

While Space travel and tourism is still virgin, Virgin Galactic will be the first to enter it. The world spaceport called “Spaceport America” is now open. It is not like a normal airport that manage by the government. So you can’t expect the spaceship will landed here in KLIA…The ship only can dock at its spaceport in the New Mexico desert…

You must go there to get the tickets. If I’m not mistaken when reading it, ticket price is RM660,000 per seat. Whoa! But the company already sold 430 tickets..There are many rich people on earth we don’t know. I’m remembering the ship ticket in 2012 movie, 1 billion euro…hahah..

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jetlag calc

Calculate your jet lag before departure

This is useful robot advisor develop by British Airways. You just key in the time you usually wake up in the morning at your time zone. Then key in the time zone of your arrival compared with your home time zone.

As the result, the system will generate an advice that played around when to seek light and when to avoid light for approx 2 days. Also meals and excercise.

Proceed here to the jet lag calc…

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