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Malaysia for International Film Location

It will be a proud and exciting moment when Hollywood choose Malaysia as film location. Most of us will remember the Entrapment starring Sean Connery and Catherine Zeta Jones. Film like this is the best because many of the scenes featuring Malaysia recognizable landmark like The Petronas Twin Towers and Malaysia LRT.

Other that Entrapment, I think International movies that we can remember is Anna & The King, shot somewhere in Perak. Jackie Chan film Police Story 3: Super Cop, few others Hong Kong movies, Bollywood like Yaadein and Don 2.

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Duty Free Cover Jun2011

Shop duty free in Malaysia

There are not many duty free place for shopping created by the government because you already know that duty is for our inland revenue. But the government still allowed some place to be duty free for tourist attraction especially for the International tourist. Usually we can find duty free shop at Malaysia International Airport or borders.

From custom dept. website :


Duty Free Shops were established for the first time in Penang following the withdrawal of its free port status towards the end of 1977, with the aim of allowing tourists to gain access of duty free goods in the island.

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world heritage calendar

World Heritage Calendar for download

Download here.

Although it’s nearly at the end of 2011, the calendar can look good on your space too. Plus this world heritage calendar can educated you about world heritage site around the world, month by month. This calendar is bring to you by Panasonic and UNESCO…

They also have UNESCO World Heritage Desk Diary too, with colour photos of World Heritage sites, each accompanied with a short caption….

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rain forest smart house

How to get alliance with the rainforest

A conifer forest type, pic from Wikipedia

Many of the world nature movement or society talk about rainforest. Only few talks about conifer forest. Many of these movement or society that involve in this save the rainforest agenda also not originating from a rainforest countries. In other hand, organization that originating from rainforest country don’t really talk about conifer forest.

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baltoro glacier

Unsafe but fascinating to travel…

Some of us often think country that had an Internal Crisis like terrorist, militant activities and civil war are very dangerous. Must be avoidable for tourist. Actually the country also have interesting natural places, some historic and listed as world heritage side by UNESCO.

Example, Pakistan. World know that the country have Al-Qaeda movement and recently the leader Osama Ben Laden was killed. Pakistan got diverse ecology and interesting history.

Pakistan Baltoro Glacier, longest glaciers outside the polar regions. Pic from Wikipedia.

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