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Statistik Kedatangan Pelancong Ke Negeri Melaka (Jan.-April 2014)

Prestasi Januari – April 2014 1. Bagi tempoh empat bulan pertama pada tahun 2014 ini, seramai 4,121,854 orang pelancong telah melawat Melaka berbanding 4,128,365 orang pada tempoh yang sama tahun 2013; mengalami penurunan sebanyak 6,511 orang atau

Senario Kedatangan Pelancong Ke Negeri Melaka Bagi Tahun 2012

Prestasi Kedatangan Pelancong Ke Melaka 2012 Bagi tahun 2012, seramai 13,711,134 orang pelancong telah melawat Melaka berbanding 12,144,962 orang pada tempoh yang sama tahun 2011; meningkat sebanyak 1,566,172 orang atau 12.9%. Kenaikan ini didorong oleh peningkatan pelancong

We are not in a very happy country…

Actually it is not that bad,Malaysia ranked at about 82 I think at the Happy Planet Index. The happy planet Index (HPI) rank 151 countries across the globe by three component measures – life expectancy, experienced well-being

GPI Map 2011 – Malaysia 19th place

GPI map online here. Just want to re-freshen back the info about our Global Peace Index. GPI 2011 shows that Malaysia is the safest country in South East Asia and 19th safest country in the world. Read

What is the most expensive place to visit?

pic from wkipedia. USNews Travel already listed 15 places which are the most expensive among other places in the world. The writing is based on UBS Wealth Management Research economists study. So the information are conducted by

More than 20 million visitors anually

You guess what is the most visited tourist attraction on earth? Disney Land? Egypt Pyramid? According to, it will be Times Square, New York City, USA. They have summarized about 51 most visited tourist attraction. So

Do more meetings and get higher rank

But this matter can’t apply for yourself at the office. If you just do meeting and meeting but don’t do what you supposed to do or what your boss ask, you will be kick out of the