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Where to find a 5 star spa?

By asking the taxi driver? phone directory services? They can easily point you a 5 star hotel but a spa? I think can’t. At the moment people still don’t match Spa for a star rating.

People from Tourism Ministry already starting to give ratings for spa. The ratings ranging from 1 to 5. Of course higher the better. So you can browse here at the Ministry of Tourism official portal to find the stars…

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Foreign hand for local spa

Tourism Minister said don’t rely on foreign therapist, instead try do more training to Malaysian who are interested in this industries like setting up an internship program.

Well the Minister got the point, if a travelers just finished traveling from Bangkok then drop by at KL for a spa treatment. Suddenly the guys still got a hand from Thailand in KL. So the experience will be not so exciting.

Health & Beauty From the Rainforest: Malaysian Traditions of RamuanHealthy Living Books)

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1 day after birth…

Mamas got a brand new baby!!. 3.56kg and healthy. To date no name chosen yet and it’s a girl.

So I’m off duty now…please don’t call Mr. Boss at the office hahaha. I choose 3 month maternity leave. So for after birth mother out there, what’s up? Well, as far as the baby grandmother concern, the first 2 month will be a strict diet regime with recovery process full with traditional herbs.

Of course …modern mom now they got a lot of readings from the Internet to defy the mother principle, but how about we call it a draw. Both are good. Beside we wont be here right now because of them and their traditional method.

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Laman Sari Spa Front End

Taman Sari Spa @ Jonker Street

Taman Sari Spa 'Laman'

This is one of the Malay traditional Spa I know that are using non chemical product, only herbs and spices in Malay daily life and cooking. One and only Malay concept traditional spa at Jonker Street Area.

“The Authentic Malay Legacy in Wellness & Beauty” is their motto.

Introducing the Pupur Spa from the treasure of authentic traditional Malay therapy. A special blend of local Herbs from the secret recipe of ancient Malay herbalist. A new experience with aromatherapy pure essential oils blended with therapeutic virgin coconut oil.

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